Guide to play online lottery

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Online lottery has become more popular among the young generation. it is convenient to play on smartphones. Online lotteries involve a sign-up process providing details of yourself. Also, you should give the method of payment details. To play the online lottery you don’t need to wait for an opening hour and visit the shop.

Who can play the online lottery?

Both national and international games allow playing online lotteries. You can participate in any lottery game from anywhere around the world, except India. Online gambling is largely prohibited in India including online lottery. It is important to understand your local laws before going to check your luck in online games.

Two kinds of online lottery

  • Online lottery agent
  • Lotto betting sites

Online lottery agent:

The person who purchases lottery tickets on your behalf. Their task is to enable you to participate in international games like Powerball, mega millions, euro millions, Lotto max, etc. most lottery agents will scan the tickets and send a copy to you for proof. Before making the payment just check out the handling fee. There are lot more like online lottery, baccarat free credit and more.

Lotto betting site:

Lotto site assures safety and security and doesn’t scam. Your payment details are encrypted under Geotrust 128 SSL bit security. It ensures all traffic between the web browser and site is completely secure. The player can place a bet only on official lottery games. Of course, you will get real money as well. But you should make sure that the website has a good payout record. And make ensure that the player receives their prices.

Best online lottery sites:

  • The lotter
  • Lotto agent
  • Lottoland
  • lottoGo
  • lottosmile
  • winTrillions
  • BuyLottoOnline
  • Mater prize home
  • Multilotto

How to play the online lottery:

To play various types of lotteries on online lottery sites is incredibly easy. You don’t have to waste time going to a local vendor. All You need is in your hand can securely purchase tickets within seconds. 

  • Go and visit one of the featured lottery sites that have SSL encryption and a security logo.
  • Complete the sign-up process. It is usually free but, most sites are allowed you to do this step later.
  • Pick the game you want to play
  • Select your number or pick it either manually or randomly.
  • Choose the number of draws you want to participate in. Don’t miss every single draw.
  • Click to buy and purchase the ticket.
  • Complete your payment option.
  • Wait for the result.

How does it work:

The standard play is with one pool of consecutive numbers, out of which must predict several of them to win. Lotteries normally get their prizes from ticket sales. If the prizes are not claimed the progressive jackpots are increased after each draw. They also offer a smaller prize for matching some of the numbers and these have fixed values. If you win the progressive jackpot, the amount to the next draw will be reset automatically. Incase more players win the jackpot at the same time; the prize money is split evenly.

Game types

Lottery syndicates:

It is a group of people who buy tickets from a joint account and divide the winnings among themselves. Then they divide the prize money as a proportion as per the contribution. A syndicate group is made up of friends, family, relatives, or even office colleagues. It can increase your chances of winning at the same time you intend to share your winning.

Scratch cards

They are very popular in gambling due to their low cost and opportunity to win instantly. If you want to take a break from lottery games, they offer virtual scratch cards. It is played by clicking on designated areas to reveal the information. It is used to determine the card prize value.

Online lottery payments and payouts:

The online ticket lottery differs from the traditional lottery. Online lotteries accept deposit and withdrawal money safely via Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.  And some sites accept Bitcoin transactions.

Payout: after winning the multi-million prize you get a jackpot in a lump sum or as an annuity. Both options guarantee the lottery payout. Lotteries payout around 50-70% of stakes back to players. The lump-sum is the one-time payment. It distributes the full payment after taxes are collected. Current tax levels for a $500 million win are a bit over the $275 million in a lump sum

In an annuity, they paid the prizes in annual installments. In large lottery jackpot games, they paid over 20 or more installments. The advantage is they guarantee a large income for the next few decades. Current tax levels for $500 million will land you around $300 million over 29 years.

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