Horse Racing Betting Strategies To Look Out For

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Horse betting is one of the most popular forms of gambling within the betting market. There is no doubt about it. With huge events that we evolve our sports calendars around, such as the Royal Ascot, The Grand National, there are many sports betting strategies that have been developed, for punters wishing to hit lucky when they participate. Therefore, we thought it would be best now, being the fact that horse racing season is very much upon us within the next few months, to introduce to you some of the best betting strategies available out there to pick up for yourself. 

We had a look at and found a list of great horse betting offers that you can claim, once you have picked up the basic strategies from us that you need to know. So, make sure you follow through on our tips and tricks from the beginning to the end.

Take advantage of the bookies 

Bettors who have an edge about them, will always know that place terms for each-way betting is not always something to the bookmaker’s advantage. For those in the know, you can easily exploit this information for yourself and stack the odds in your favour. Some each-way bets can be great when you find them in races where there is a highly strong favourite. Usually this will make a second or third favourite have a small chance of causing any chaos or upset, yet there still can be a likelihood that they will come in ranking 2nd or 3rd place however. Within races such as these, the field will often have super large prices and cause havoc to bookmakers when a race is being showcased. Of course, your question now will be a why, right?

Finding favourable odds

Bookmakers will not be able to make the place odds any different to the win odds, so if there is a favourite that has the odds of 1.6 for example, the second favourite will need to have odds of 5. The third runner up could then have odds of 11. Meaning the favourite does have a low price, but so does the second favourite, with odds of 5.

If you happen to place a bet on a betting exchange where the odds would be separated for the placing and winning odds, you will most likely find that you would find odds of 1.45. Therefore, odds of 1.8 would therefore come out at very good value for you, the punter, wouldn’t they? You would have a horse with 69% chance of placing the price of one, and therefore have a 55% chance.

Each way betting is a strategy that prevails, when you know what to do of course. Usually this is not one beginners will know of, without looking further into it. Finding the bookmakers weakness and exposing that, is one way of going about making your profit in horse racing. 

Use bonuses and incentives 

You have probably heard of this before, so let us say it again. Whenever you join any bookmaker online, even if you happen to join days before huge events like the Grand National for example, you have the use of promotions and bonus that can aid your cause. Bonuses will allow you to expand your bankroll, which ultimately is perfect, as you will be able to wager at a higher amount and bring back a higher return if you happen to be successful! 

Promotions are continuously the go-to of anyone new to betting, and therefore if you are looking to enhance your strategy, enhancing your bankroll is certainly a way to go about it! Find a good online bookmaker and you are pretty much ready to tackle anything that comes your way pretty much.

Points racing betting strategy 

Another betting strategy that we thought to mention, is the points system. This option should help you improve the likelihood of selecting a winner, as you rate the front-running horses on the day of the race. This system will allow you to basically keep an eye out for the horses that are on their best form, leading up to the big race you are betting on. It involves you scoring the horses over the last three races which have occurred leading up to the horse race you wish to bet on.

It goes via a point system, meaning that for every win that the horse has managed to win, you give it 5 points. 3 points will go to the horse that managed to get second place within the race, 2 points for the runner up in third place, and of course there will be a 1 point award for the horse that manages to get the 4th runner up spot. You will need to then add up the points via a strict rigid system which is expanded on down below.

For winning over a course, 2 points will be added to that horse. For a horse that has won over distance measures, the following 3 points will be awarded. For a horse that has nabbed both the distance and course, that provides 4 points. If the horse has been beaten by a favourite, award it 2 points. Finally, there are 3 points that are given to the horse if it is in the first three of gambling.

Is there a winner?

The largest number of points that you can record from this method is 24 points. When you have worked out the point score for the horses, you will be able to figure out the post rating for the horse and compile a table with the list of odds based on the total score of 24. This should help you figure out what bet you wish to take based on previous races, and if there is any risk that you will deem as necessary.

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