How Has The Gambling Industry Grown In Popularity

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Standing as one of the world’s largest industries, betting and gambling is hugely popular worldwide, with everyone and their mother seemingly interested in trying to predict how the future is going to play out to beat the bookie. It can even be amongst friends as you try to outwit each other, even if it is just for a laugh.

The figures

You cannot understate just how large the gambling industry really is, with some countries seeing astronomical figures being both online and in casinos. They are worth $261 billion in the United States, and more than 1.8 million people are employed in some way or another, whether as hosts, croupiers, or even just managing the online games. With these mind-boggling figures, it is little wonder why it is so popular as people try to get involved in any way they can. With much of the world being in stop-start lockdowns for much of the last year, online casinos have become one of the more popular methods as people look for some respite from the stresses going on in the rest of the world. Working with some of the latest figures, it is believed that 1.6 billion people gambled in 2020, whilst at least 2 billion people would have admitted to being involved in gambling or betting at some point in their lifetime. These figures alone show how popular gambling is now becoming whilst online slot machines provide another avenue for people to have a bit of leisure time.

Why is it so popular?

It is unsurprising that gambling online has become so popular as with people being cooped up for so long; it has offered a form of escapism as they try to escape everyday life stresses. With the ease of access provided by the internet and the digital age, it has never been simpler for someone to start a gambling account or even to just have a one-off flutter. With deposit limits, you can set how much you feel comfortable with and essentially control how much you spend. This isn’t all negative though, as just being able to put a bet on can give you a sense of positivity, especially when you get your prediction right. With the abundance of chat rooms on these online casinos, there can be a sense of camaraderie as you are amongst people similar to yourself, and you can also benefit from a social standpoint as it offers a sense of community. At you can get exactly that and more as you look to inject some fun into your everyday life.


First and foremost, having a bet is meant to be about having fun, so remember to exercise caution as there is nothing worse than getting in too deep trying to win, as that could leave you feeling worse as a result. Just enjoy the ride as you never know when it might end but remember, it’s just a game.

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