How Online Sports Betting Operators Use Technology

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There was once a time when placing a sports bet meant either taking a trip to a land-based sportsbook, attending a racetrack, or making a phone call. However, due to the introduction of the internet and the continued advancement in technology, it is now possible to have a sports wager in the comfort of your own home or by using a mobile device if you are out.

The use of the internet and mobile technology has witnessed the biggest change in sports betting we are likely to see in our lifetime. Going back just 30 years, it seemed strange to think it would be possible to sit at a home computer and within a few clicks of the mouse place a bet on an NFL, NHL, MLB, or NBA game. Not only that but it is also possible to have a wager on sports and leagues from around the world, whatever the time of day. Soccer is a good example and if you are based in the US, you can still place a bet on a soccer game from a league in Norway.

Live sports betting is another recent introduction to the online gambling world and is huge business. Not only do we have the opportunity to bet on a sporting event from a computer or mobile device before an event begins but also during the event. Thanks to the real time transfer of data, online sportsbooks can now update their odds to match what is happening in a sports game, such as a baseball game. That makes it possible for them to change their odds in an instant and adjust them to match the progress of the game.

Mobile phones have developed to become more like mini-computers and cameras. Thanks to the introduction of smartphone technology, we can install applications on our mobile device and there is a great selection of sportsbook apps available in the United States. These can be installed directly from the brands website and the Android or App Store. You will even have the opportunity to bet in-play using sportsbook apps plus watch the action unfold live thanks to live streaming services.

We have seen a rise in cryptocurrency gambling in the last two years and it is now possible to have a wager on a sporting event using Bitcoin. The blockchain technology being used by cryptocurrencies means increased privacy for sports bettors in comparison to standard payment methods and they are also cheaper to run for the betting operators.

However, out of all the technological advancements being used by sports betting operators, geolocation seems to cause most problems. Due to the current regulations in the United States, each state is responsible for legalizing online sports betting, which means in some states it is legal to bet on sports online and in others it remains illegal. Online sports betting companies use geolocation technology to stop people who reside outside the legal zones from accessing their website or app.

Unfortunately, there have been instances when those who are living in a legal sports betting state have not been able to access a sports betting app. This is due to geolocation technology issues but there is software available, such as GeoComply, which can help solve the problem.

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