Preparing for a Scrum Master Exam? Here Are Some Tips

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The Scrum method has gained popularity in various industries such as marketing and financial services in the past few years. It is a part of the Agile style of project management and has been used in software development for many years. In this method, short periods called sprints are used to get a project done in pieces. Scrum teams are led by Scrum masters, who are professionals with expertise in Scrum and know how to apply it to their team as well as the organization. 

To become a Scrum master, individuals need scrum master training which can be obtained by pursuing CSM® (Certified Scrum Master) certification. It is a certification offered by Scrum Alliance, a globally recognized body. This scrum master training certification course gives a boost to your resume and makes you stand out among your peers. It gives professionals the confidence required to implement the Scrum framework effectively in their organizations. To become a Certified Scrum Master, you would first have to take the two-day CSM® course taught by Certified Scrum Trainers (CSTs). After attending this course, you will have to take the one-hour online CSM® test that consists of 50 multiple-choice questions. To receive your CSM® designation as well as a two-year membership from Scrum Alliance, you will be required to score a minimum of 74% on the CSM® test. This certification can be renewed every two years. 

Here are some tips to prepare for the Scrum Master exam – 

  1. To be eligible for the CSM® exam, it is mandatory to complete the two-day workshop as your instructor will notify Scrum Alliance regarding your eligibility based on your attendance. 
  1. Out of 50 multiple choice questions, you need to answer 37 questions correctly to score 74% or higher. You will receive your results immediately on completing your test. 
  1. The Certified Scrum Master test is based on the latest edition of the Scrum Guide and Scrum Alliance learning objectives. You can refer to these guides while preparing for the test. 
  1. The test is for one hour, and it cannot be paused in between. You will also have one free retry if you don’t pass the exam on your first attempt. You will be able to see which questions you couldn’t get right. 
  1. After passing your test, you will need to create your profile on and accept the Scrum Alliance licensing agreement. Once you have accepted it, you will be able to download your certificate, which is valid for two years from this date. It can be renewed every year after that. 
  1. After obtaining your CSM® certification, you can go ahead to obtain the Advanced Certified Scrum Master (A-CSM®) certification. 
  1. To prepare for the exam, you can take free practice tests that are available online. You can use The Scrum Guide as the official study material. Pay attention in your two-day workshop, take notes and keep the Scrum Guide handy. 

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