Biometric Face Recognition in Everyday Life

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Biometrics is a method of recognizing and identifying living organisms and it is based on measurable physical and behavioural characteristics of a person. The technology includes, but is not limited to: fingerprint characteristics, face shape, hand shape, iris, handwriting, keystrokes, speech, and even finger, hand or wrist vein patterns. Thus, biometrics can be used to prevent attempts of unauthorized access to ATMs, personal computers, cell phones, alarm systems, jackpot slots casino, etc. It is worth dwelling on biometric face recognition and the application of the method in everyday life.

Description of technology

Biometric identification is much more convenient than currently used access cards, PIN codes and passwords. For example, facial recognition allows a player to safely use an online casino.

Most importantly, the methods currently used actually identify a number, card or password, not a person. Authentication in this case is in no way associated with the person, it is associated only with the device. Well-chosen face recognition almost completely eliminates the need to remember a password. However, it should be noted that biometric identification methods can be used both separately and together with other options (passwords or PIN codes). It also prevents fraudulent attempts.

The information processed and transmitted in these systems is completely inaccessible to third parties. By storing only a mathematical record of the trait in the repository, it is impossible to recreate this biometric characteristic. For example, contrary to popular myths, systems do not store fingerprints, but only specific dots present on those fingerprints. With access to such a database, it is possible to determine where these points lie, but it is impossible to construct a graphic pattern of fingerprints identical to the lines of a given person.

The face recognition system is convenient. Without reducing the level of security, users of the system do not need to carry any special cards with them, remember complex passwords, etc. Moreover, these methods are suitable for protecting both strictly protected resources (for example, a casino) and individual PCs.

Why are the leading jackpot slots casinos choosing biometric facial recognition

Biometric methods are currently one of the fastest-growing areas of IT. The growing volume of information processed means that ensuring high-quality access control is becoming an important issue. It is both about controlling access to rooms, and about the logical management of users using certain data or programs. Traditional methods based on the use of magnetic cards, processor cards or password systems have too many disadvantages to meet modern security requirements when using online pokies. Firstly, a magnetic or microprocessor card can simply be stolen. Secondly, fraudsters can spy on the password or simply guess it (most users use banal passwords such as name, date of birth or car registration number).

These problems do not exist with biometric control. The biometric reader bases its work on the unique characteristics of the body, individual for each person. It is worth emphasizing that from the point of view of costs, card systems are not the most profitable: after all, in addition to the reader, you also need to buy, often a significant number of cards. Moreover, magnetic cards need to be replaced periodically! Many problems can be avoided with solutions in which the verification is performed by a computer.

Key benefits

The face recognition system is more and more included in everyday life. Many users have appreciated its benefits.

Technology advantages:

  1. This technology allows you to confirm that the user is authorized, and not only receives a password or identifier (card, token).
  2. Provides a high level of security.
  3. There is no need to remember passwords, change them, carry ID cards with you, etc.

Which industries are this technology used in:

  1. Wherever the recording of employees’ working hours takes place.
  2. For banking security.
  3. In companies for which it is important to ensure an adequate level of security of premises and or IT systems.
  4. Online gambling.
  5. In production.

Biometrics are increasingly used, for example, to log into mobile devices to use jackpot slots at casinos. Government agencies that want to make life easier for citizens by introducing biometrics are also showing increasing interest in it.

Face recognition

Facial biometrics is a fast identification method. It uses measurements of specific personality characteristics. For example, the distance between the eyes and the nose is analyzed. An eigenface method is also being developed, which groups faces based on how well they match the generated models. This method is used, for example, in new passports.

The use of the properties of the eye is also associated with facial biometrics. This method is becoming more and more popular, because during our life the structure and appearance of the organ of vision practically do not change. Currently, two methods are used: scanning the iris of the eye and the retina.

The iris, as an integral part of the face, is one of the unique human traits. It has more dots than fingerprints. This identification method is used, in particular, in the latest smartphones. When scanning the fundus of the retina, an image of the network of blood vessels of this organ is created. It is then analyzed in terms of characteristic points. The retina has a unique blood vessel system that is unique, so checking in this way gives confidence in the person’s identity.

Facial recognition is an ideal addition to your existing surveillance system to improve security and / or improve the quality of customer service for the best online pokies.

Biometric facial recognition in online casinos

New technologies have become part of our life. Most of them are focused on improving comfort and safety. Therefore, modern decisions on the application of facial recognition techniques in online casinos and bookmakers are justified.

Why is it done on online platforms:

  • To prove your age. You can only visit casinos upon reaching the age of eighteen. And in some countries, the border has been raised to 21 years. Identification allows you to cut off underage clients.
  • To ensure the security of transactions. The operator is obliged to track the correct receipt of the winnings to the specified account, which is confirmed by biometric face recognition.
  • In order to combat gambling addiction. The technique allows operators to save users from addiction. Thus, a person’s funds are saved and families are saved.
  • To identify the scammer. Thanks to the face recognition system, customers previously caught in fraudulent activities will not harm the institution and other players.

Biometric facial recognition will improve the life of an ordinary person and prevent crime. Choose it for authorization if you prefer a safe and convenient game. Everyone will be able to find an advantage for themselves because of which it is worth switching to this method. An indisputable fact is the uniqueness of the method and the security of you and your data. With great certainty in the near future, technologies will develop undeniably rapidly. And the biometric face recognition system will be improved as much as possible, and perhaps this process will soon become even invisible to humans.

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