15 Best Sites to Buy Spotify Plays, Followers & Streams

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Irrespective of what we want to display to the world, at least one social media platform caters to all of it. For people that love music, Spotify is the best platform. Be it an upcoming musician or a cover artist or a superstar, Spotify should be the platform to focus on. The more followers your account has, the more people play your created playlists or listen to your songs (also called Spotify Plays). Thus, Spotify plays, followers, and streams are important for your Spotify account. However, earning these likes, followers, and streams are difficult but are important to help you gain a reputation as an artist. So, how can you shoot to fame in a short time? You could opt to buy Spotify plays, streams and followers.

There are hordes of websites and third-party services on the web, which can be confusing to navigate. Most of these sites turn out to be fraudulent or do not provide the results you want to see. To help you save time and your precious money, we have drafted this article containing the names of the best sites to buy Spotify plays, followers, and streams. Unlike most sites, these sites use real accounts instead of spam tactics or bots to help you get the engagement you deserve. So, without any more delay, let’s just jump right into it!

Best Sites to Buy Spotify Plays


Thinking about marketing and promotion services? Viralyft is the right site for your requirements. With timely delivery of high-quality services at affordable rates, Viralyft is one of the best sites to buy Spotify plays, likes, or followers that you will ever come across. The site employs a team of digital marketing experts that are not only experienced, but also have in-depth knowledge of the various platforms and their algorithms.

Thus, the marketing and promotion strategies they develop will never fail you. The best part? Their team of experts is available 24/7 to help you with your account’s marketing irrespective of the time. To support the marketing team, Viralyft has customer support in place whose priority is to solve any and all problems that you face. This is why Viralyft’s extensive list of clients report to be satisfied with the results they receive.

Pricing: With seven affordable packages to help you buy Spotify plays, Viralyft has got you covered. Starting at prices as low as $4.99 for 1000 plays and going upto $750.00 for 500000 plays, Viralyft’s service is what your account needs to help boost it. In case you want to buy Spotify followers, Viralyft has four packages for you. The cheapest package is priced at $9.99 for 100 followers and $149.99 for 5000 followers.


Irrespective of the social media platform you need help with, GetViral acts like a shop for all social media services. With dedicated 24/7 customer support, GetViral’s customers have reviewed their services and claim to be 100% satisfied with the results. In case the service you buy does not get delivered to you, GetViral provides you with a full refund without asking any questions.

Why? Because they believe that their reputation cannot be built by disappointing their clients or by not providing them with the services they demand. The best part of availing GetViral is that they customize the social media campaign for you, after taking into consideration your needs/requirements and social media analytics. Thus, you could be assured that GetViral’s services and social media campaign would not fail for you.

Pricing: GetViral offers seven extensive packages to help you buy Spotify plays. The starter package offers 1000 Spotify plays for $6.99 and the highest amount of Spotify plays you could order is 500000 at just $750. Similarly, the four packages to buy Spotify followers are priced at a reasonable rate. Starting at just $9.99 for 100 Spotify followers and catering upto 5000 Spotify followers at $149.99, GetViral is one of the best sites to buy Spotify services.


Do you want followers that value you and constantly engage with you? Then, ViewsExpert is the right choice for you. With a vast network on every social media platform that they utilize to bring attention towards you and your brand, it is ensured that the followers or likes you get are from real accounts that are genuinely interested in the content you produce or upload.

Irrespective of the social media platform you need help with, Viewsexpert provides its excellent services at a very affordable rate. The focus is on providing you/your brand with exposure that might take quite some time otherwise. In case you don’t trust digital services and are just starting out, ViewsExpert would be a good option. With the use of traditional marketing strategies, the site ensures that you get the best without any such risk. 

Pricing: All packages on ViewsExpert come with fast-delivery and high-quality accounts are used to provide you the best. With seven available packages for people that want to buy Spotify Plays, ViewsExpert has got your needs covered. Starting at 1000 plays for $4 and going upto 500000 plays for $745, you can take a pick according to your budget and needs. Similarly, the packages to buy Spotify followers are affordable and there are four options available. The packages start at $9 for 100 followers and go upto $148 for 5000 followers.


SocialPackages is a site that focuses on providing services for your account’s growth on Instagram. With 24/7 live support and refill guarantee, SocialPackages always takes care of customer satisfaction and guarantees that you will always get the best service possible. The site does not use spam accounts or bots and never asks for your sensitive information keeping your security in mind.

The company’s clients always say that they always take care of your privacy and data security, and will always take measures to provide you with the service you deserve.

Pricing: There are eight extensive packages to help you buy Spotify plays. The packages start at $3.00 for 500 plays and go upto 500000 plays for $747.00. To buy Spotify followers, SocialPackages offers four packages, starting at $9.50 for 100 Spotify followers and going upto $149.00 for 5000 Spotify followers.


Fastlikes.io is a website that focuses on Instagram mainly. That said, it also caters services for all other social media platforms, including Spotify. The company has built a great rapport with its clients who vouch for the services they provide. With definitive privacy and security policies, Fastlikes takes measures to protect your data and keep you safe from hackers or their likes.

The site employs a team of experienced people that have expertise in social media and digital marketing. Thus, Fastlikes guarantees that it will provide you with services that will not only achieve the results you aspire about, but will definitely help exceed them.

Pricing: There are seven available packages for people who want to buy Spotify plays, starting at $6.99 for 1000 plays and ranging upto $750.00 for 500000 plays. To help you buy Spotify followers, Fastlikes has four packages that start from $9.99 for 100 followers and range upto $149.99 for 5000 Spotify followers.


If you want to grow your social media accounts with the help of organic reach, Famups is the most viable option for you. With an expert team that constantly comes up with innovative and unique ideas to help your social media get the support it needs, Famups is the best bargain that you could get within your set budget. From sticking to the schedule of your digital and marketing plans to running promotional ads for you, Famups is a site that utilizes the advantages of organic growth to the fullest.

With customers vetting them for their exceptional services and delivery method, the site has successfully claimed a position in this list for the best sites to buy Spotify plays. Famups has a 24×7 dedicated support team to take care of any issues that you might face, and their team of marketing experts who are available round the clock via email (the response time is under 8 hours for the email). If you want to witness the benefits of using the organic growth method within a budget and with guidance, Famups would definitely be the right choice for you.

Pricing: You can choose between eight existing packages and buy Spotify followers. The cheapest package is at $3 for 100 and on the pricier side, the packages go upto $140 for 50000 followers. If you want to buy Spotify plays, you again get a choice between the eight existing packages. The packages start at $6 for 1000 plays and go upto $140 for 50000 plays. 


Do you want effective engagement and an audience that connects with your content? SidesMedia helps you do just that. With a huge network of accounts, SidesMedia makes sure that the accounts that follow you are actually interested in the niche your content belongs to, and actively engage with your account.

This makes sure that any and all engagement you get is real and you don’t have to face any risk whatsoever. SidesMedia develops algorithms that make sure that the service you buy is retained and the delivery of the service is done gradually so as to increase your engagement and not raise any suspicion.

Pricing: The Spotify packages start at as low as $3. SidesMedia offers packages to help buy Spotify plays and followers. The Spotify plays package starts at $3 for 1000 listeners and go upto $59 for 50000 listeners. To buy Spotify followers, you have to choose between the eight available packages which start at $10 for 500 followers and go upto $89 for 10000 followers. All these packages come with a promise of delivery within 1-2 days, and are delivered using active and high-quality accounts that help increase your engagement quite effectively.


StreamDigic is a site that focuses on platforms that revolve around visual, audio, and graphic content, such as Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud, and Spotify! The site employs a team that develops and utilizes strategies that are a perfect mixture of their guidance and promotional services. Irrespective of the service you want, StreamDigic will always bring professionalism to the table, and customer satisfaction is their topmost priority.

The process of availing any of their service is easy too and happens in just three quick steps. If you want to see the results quickly and have no time to spare, StreamDigic is still the right choice for you. Generally, the results of the services you avail start showing within minutes and the complete packages are delivered within 12-24 hours, making it easier for you to save time and get the promotion you need. Another reason StreamDigic is sought after is that they offer special discounts and promo codes to their regular customers. Thus, the better the rapport, the more the money you save.

Pricing: StreamDigic offers packages that are targeted in different ways. There are five packages to help buy Spotify plays and each of them are for a different purpose. To buy Spotify followers, you can choose the number of followers you need and StreamDigic will show you the price that you need to pay. The Spotify followers package starts at just $6.90 for 100 followers and you can choose a number upto 10000.


With more than 5 years of experience, FollowersUP has been providing vetted social media services to its clients who report 100% satisfaction. The site does not ask for any of your personal information such as passwords. All you need to provide is the URL where you want the services delivered, email address and choose the package you want.

The best part of FollowersUP is that it also provides Auto Likes subscription. All you need to do is pay a subscription fee and you will get continuous likes delivered to your account. FollowersUP also makes use of real accounts instead of spam accounts or bots, giving its users the engagement and audience they truly need.

Pricing: The packages for Spotify plays start at $9 for 1000 plays and go upto $119 for 20000 plays. There are four packages to buy Spotify followers that start at $3 for 100 followers and move upto $89 for 10000 followers. All of these packages have a warranty for lifetime and have an average delivery of 2-3 days.


PlaysWiz is a site that is dedicated only to Spotify and Soundcloud services, and helps you get the recognition you deserve as an artist. To get you some more audience and improve product and content awareness, PlaysWiz has affordable packages that help you generate revenue for the art you produce.

To effectively improve your audience and engagement on Spotify, PlaysWiz broadcasts your music and sends out ads to help them gain a new audience base that connects to it. PlaysWiz is relatively new to this social media service marketing aspect but nevertheless has gained quite a reputation. The company attributes this to the excellent team they have and the hard work they put in. Providing guidance on every step of your social media journey and setting up a customer support service that is available 24/7, PlaysWiz has surely managed to gain an audience with its innovative and unique approach.

The site implements crypto protocol, meaning that no one can intercept your connection when you are on the site. This makes sure that any possible chance of getting hacked is eliminated.

Pricing: PlaysWiz has an extensive array of services for Spotify. They provide services for – Spotify plays (for any single song), Playlist plays (distributed equally on the tracks), Album plays (equal distribution for each constituent track), Podcast plays, Targeted plays, Monthly listeners, and Free plays. These packages start at $8.90, $54.90, $54.90, and $11.90 respectively. You can choose the targeting choice for each of these packages and you need to provide the necessary URL after which you would be directed to the payment gateway.


ArtistBooster is a site that focuses only on growing the accounts and audiences of artists. With over 9 years of experience, the expert team at ArtistBooster develops promotion services that not only further their client’s account’s engagement but also help them in reaching and gaining new audiences.

The site has been managing the accounts of a number of clients that bear witness to the growth their account and engagement has gone through. They have an experienced team of digital marketers who have an in-depth knowledge of how the music industry works and is perceived by the audience/viewers. The site aims to achieve exponential growth for their clients so that they build a connection and become their go-to. The experience and the knowledge they have, helps their clients outsmart their competitors and gain an edge in this current industry.

Pricing: ArtistBooster has three packages when it comes to Spotify promotions. The package to buy Spotify plays comes in two types- Regular and Premium. The Regular Spotify package helps you buy more streams and gets your music promoted. The Premium service lets you target your audience and has a higher payout than the Regular one.

The Regular package starts at just $4 for 500 plays and the Premium package starts from $2000 for 250000 plays. The package for Spotify followers starts at just $38.50 for 100 followers.


SocialViral is a site that focuses mostly on providing Instagram growth services but also provides high-quality services for nearly all other social media platforms. The company values customer satisfaction above all else and takes immense care when developing their services that they do not put their client’s account in harm’s way.

SocialViral feels that their customers are precious to them and build their brand’s reputation. When dealing with social media, time is crucial and delay in any service or content posting can greatly affect your account’s statistics and engagement. SocialViral acknowledges this and gets your service going right away. Unlike other companies, the quality of their service is not traded off when making a quick delivery. The company provides 24/7 customer support and only employs real and active accounts when providing its services to you.

Pricing: To make it easier for you to buy Spotify followers, SocialViral offers nine extensive packages that start from $1.49 for 50 followers and range upto $275 for 50000 followers.

In the case you want to buy Spotify likes, the company offers eight packages starting at just $5.99 for 1000 plays and going upto $139.99 for 50000 plays.


Want to avail the services of a company that knows the nitty gritties of the music industry? GetMusicPlays is the best option you can get. With a team of experts in digital marketing and years of experience in the music industry, GetMusicPlays offers you the best packages that technology can support and at affordable prices.

In today’s music world, talent is not the only thing you need to have a successful music career. You need likes, streams, fans, followers, and an audience that supports and engages with you. GetMusicPlays realizes this and makes every attempt to develop services that focus on getting you the engagement that matters!

From Spotify to SoundCloud to Google Play, GetMusicPlays has got your music career and music accounts covered. The best part is that you can select the delivery period you want. In case you want your complete service to be delivered within one day, GetMusicPlays will distribute it evenly throughout the day.

Pricing: GetMusicPlays has a strict limit of 1000-2000 plays per day as any amount more than it can raise the algorithm’s suspicion and get your account flagged or shadow-banned. There are five packages available to help you buy Spotify plays. The lowest cost being $4.89 for 3000 Spotify plays and the cost can go upto $89.75 for 50000 Spotify plays.

The packages for buying Spotify followers start at as low as $5.20 for 1000 Spotify followers and range upto $84.50 for 20000 Spotify followers.


Venium focuses on building your brand’s digital presence and reputation by providing its high-quality services. Irrespective of the social media content and platform you want your services for, Venium has an extensive list of affordable packages for you. The method of promotion that Venium is unique and well ideated. The company has built a huge network of clients on the web that it partners with, to market your content and promote it on their websites and applications.

This way you not only get real followers but also get an audience that connects with the content you produce and upload. Venium has premium partners who deliver your services to you and take care to maintain the quality at every step. With more than 10 years of experience and a lifetime guarantee on all packages, Venium is undoubtedly one of the best sites to buy Spotify plays or any other social media services for that matter. Venium has a strong customer support team in place that is available 24/7 to take care of any issues the clients may face and provide them with a smooth experience.

Pricing: Venium charges $4.99 per 1000 plays, $4.49 per 1000 followers, and $3.99 per 1000 monthly listeners. With complete assurance that only real followers will be used and that it will improve the ranking of the client, it is quite obvious that Venium provides the best quality service at very affordable rates.


Do you hate it when your brand or identity gets treated similar to others? Well, GetRealBoost hates it too! With a team of experts that builds packages specifically for the client, taking their account analytics and goals into consideration, GetRealBoost is a site that will treat your brand or identity as unique and will take measures to further it and boost your engagement. Express all your concerns, needs, hurdles, and requirements to them and sit back and relax as they build a promotion just for you, to help your brand gain the attention it needs. Don’t have the time to wait for them to build something for you? Don’t worry.

GetRealBoost also has a wide variety of pre-made packages available that you can always purchase. Their clientele boasts of reputed companies that have only good reviews to provide, making them one of the best sites to buy Spotify plays, followers, or likes. GetRealBoost is proud of the diversity their team displays in not only their skills but also in the walks of the life they belong from. 

Pricing: There are nine available packages for buying Spotify plays. These start at just $6 for 1000 plays and can go upto $210 for 50000 plays. To buy Spotify followers, the clients have to choose between nine extensive options that start at $14 for 1000 followers and range upto $135 for 50000 followers.


Why Buy Spotify Followers or Streams or Likes?

Spotify is currently the leading music streaming app with 356M users worldwide among which 158M has subscribed to Spotify premium. The latest trends show that the number of premium users have been increasing and it is projected to keep growing. Consequently, growing on Spotify would prove to be useful as it has such a large audience base. Growing and making a mark in the Spotify world gives you a chance to convert millions of people as your audience and help you reach the global scale.

This could help you generate revenue, create your own community wherein you could sell products that have your brand all over it, and do some concerts or music tours. Buying Spotify followers, streams, and likes helps you with your engagement, which is really important to get the Spotify algorithm to boost your account so as to reach new audiences. When your music has a lot of streams, people would be tempted to give it a try and boom! You get new additions to your valued community. Thus, buying Spotify followers, streams, or likes helps to build your credibility as a musician and could work wonders for you when trying to gain a new audience.

How to successfully avail Spotify services?

Just like we discussed before, to grow on any social media platform you need credibility and buying these third-party services provides you with just that. However, there is one thing that you should keep in mind – unless your music is really good, these benefits would not last long. Moreover, a number of sites use fake accounts such as bots or spam accounts to provide these services, which could get your account banned and you lose credibility.

Not what you want, right? Hence, it is important to go through all the terms and conditions, privacy and security policies, and package details of any site whose services you want to avail. Proceed with caution to stay safe from fraudulent companies and get the best out of your investment. 

Now, coming back to the topic, availing any Spotify service from the listed sites is a child’s play. We will outline some simple steps that you could follow, to successfully purchase the third-party services. Avoid wasting your time and go through the guide below to get yourself familiar with the process.


  • Select the Site – The internet has a number of websites that provide third-party services and promotions for various social media accounts. A number of these sites are fraudulent and can put your account at risk. Thus, this list would help you choose a good site for your needs and at affordable rates.
  • Go through the details of every package – The site contains the details of every package including the price and the specifics. Go through each of them and understand the specifics before investing in any of them. Analyze which package suits the best to your needs and budget and invest in it.
  • Enter the URL of the song, playlist, or album – Copy the URL of the song, album, or playlist where you want the package delivered and paste it on the space given. Then, click on the Next button after which you will be redirected to the payment gateway. 
  • Complete the Payment process – Pay the amount by using your choice of payment option like Credit card, debit card, or UPI ID. Some sites also accept cryptocurrencies. Check the payment method before proceeding. After completion, you will receive a confirmation text and need to wait for the delivery.


Growing on social media is hard enough but with these sites it could be relatively easy for you. Getting high quality services developed by experts could literally transform your social media presence. Utilize this list of the best sites to buy Spotify plays, streams, likes, and followers, and see the transformation of your account right before your eyes!

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