Does the House Always Win? The Design Behind the Game

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Yes, the house always wins. So why do so many still keep chasing that big win? The answer is more complex, of course, than a simple “yes” at the beginning and it definitely doesn’t mean that individual players can’t come out on top. The house always wins – in the long run. You are still able to take home jackpots, win poker tournaments and cash in. How does this intricate network work? What’s the strategy that will increase your chances of winning? Let’s break down the design behind every casino and learn about their strategy before you come up with yours.

Why do you stay and play?

You’re not the first one to say “just one more round, one more spin” while the hours fly by and you lose track of time. However, it’s not only your determination to win that’s keeping you nailed to the chair. These establishments have been carefully designed to make your stay as pleasant as possible so that you have no reason to leave. 

No matter how much the interior design conventions evolve, the concept stays the same. No windows, i.e. natural sunlight and a controlled lighting system confuses the concept of time for the sole purpose of making you stay. In the majority of casinos there’s no way of telling whether it’s midnight or noon. 

A comfortable player is a continuous player. Newer casinos do thorough and extensive research and analysis of the players who frequent their establishment and manage the design according to their preferences. The Wynn casino in Las Vegas, for instance, has broken tradition and let in natural sunlight in their high-limit slots section. Upon discovering that the most loyal slot players were female, the casino substituted their dim-lit clubhouse atmosphere with a sun-bathed “garden conservatory” which was more inviting to their lady visitors. 

Apart from that, there is a real feast for your senses – fast music, red lights and fragrant aromas, complimentary rooms for high-rollers, all of which heighten the level of excitement. You’ll never go hungry or thirsty while you’re sitting at your lucky table or slot machine, on the most comfortable chair, never giving up on your dreams. 

Is it possible to beat the system?

Casino establishments are all about security. Besides the high-quality service, this is their number one concern. However, it is possible to cheat the system sometimes. The industry makes more than a hundred billion dollars each year, but it loses millions per year to cheating schemes, according to the Worldwide Casino Consulting. 

Dishonest dealers have been known to rig the games in various ways, including using tiny cameras to take pictures of cards at baccarat tables. Another thing is the “false shuffle” scam in which dealers used sleight-of-hand to keep cards together in the deck and cooperating with players who then tracked them. 

Cheating at slot machines is a very interesting segment. While online casino slots leave no room for this, there are certain strategies that might work on land-based ones. If you’re wondering how do you trick a slot machine you’ll definitely find some neat strategies to read about online, from attaching your coin to a string to calculating algorithms in order to find the winning combination. But think about it – is it really worth the effort, the prison sentence and the embarrassment? Casino heists don’t end as they do on the big screen and there will definitely be severe consequences.

Casino dealers and other staff are specially trained to watch for signs of foul play, there are numerous cameras in every spot imaginable sometimes with face detection. There are even radio frequency tags installed in chips, alerting security if someone is holding more chips than they have won or if they are missing from the table. 

The house makes the rules 

Casinos write the rules. Gamblers play by them. That’s an advantage in itself, for the casino, of course. But, the rules differ slightly in different states. Blackjack card counters are allowed to play in the state of New Jersey, by law, while they are banned from casinos in the state of Nevada. In Holland, for instance, many casinos use continuous shuffling machines which put dealt cards back into the deck after each hand to prevent card counting. 

All casinos have a “house edge”. This is the profit the casino gets from each bet. Although it’s not the same everywhere, lottery-type games have the worst odds where the house has about 35%. The odds are better in card and dice games. In blackjack, for instance, the house has around 1% to 2% advantage for skilled players and about 20% for beginners. 

Whatever the case may be, casinos are businesses, and have made the rules to their advantage. With a little bit of research, you can check the odds and hone your skills in games that will enable the most probable win.

Final thoughts

The house always wins since the house has to turn a profit to stay afloat as a business. Above all the strategies and information offered above, there is one thing that will definitely enable you to come out on top – quilt while you’re ahead. Although it’s easier said than done, it’s a full-proof plan to success. 

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