Is the US set for a big boom in iGaming?

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When a country relaxes a law and regulation that has been in place for a while, it is only natural to expect a positive boom to happen.

Of course, the iGaming industry is one such sector that has seen a huge boom in recent years in the United States of America, as the country has decided to allow each individual state to make a decision about whether they will allow online gambling and sports betting to take place within their borders, rather than provide a blanket ban via the use of federal laws.

However, with more and more people looking to find the best casino reviews to read as they look to take advantage of a newly legalised activity, is the US set to have another big boom in the iGaming industry, considering it has already grown at an exponential and astronomic rate?

More US States continue to legalise online gambling

Of course, there are already a handful of US states that have already allowed for online gambling and sports betting to take place, with the likes of Nevada having already been established for a long time. More recently, states such as Delaware, New Jersey, Mississippi, West Virginia, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Arkansas, New York, Iowa, Oregon, Indiana, New Hampshire, Illinois, Michigan, Montana, Colorado, Washington D.C, Tennessee, Virginia and North Carolina all allow some form of gambling – if not all – to take place.

Those keeping count will realise that out of the 52 States, a total of 22 allow for iGaming to take place in some form, with many of them still having not gone the full way; thus allowing for even more opportunity and potential for the industry to continue to boom.

States continue to consider moving to allow it

However, there are also a number of states that are considering allowing some form of iGaming to take place, with Washington, Maryland, South Dakota, Louisiana and Wyoming having already started to make moves to implement it.

Furthermore, a vast number of the states not to have been mentioned yet, including highly-populated states such as California, Florida and Texas are all thought to be moving closer to legalising the iGaming activities but have made slower progress than others.

Only Idaho and Wisconsin are yet to show their hand on the matter yet, whilst it looks rather unlikely that the iGaming industry will boom in Utah as the State is anti-gambling and has it written into their state’s constitution.

More players

Of course, with the potential of some of those aforementioned populous states – California, Texas and Florida being among many – the iGaming market still has millions of people that it can reach, should the legislation be relaxed as it is expected.

According to figures in 2019, California has almost 12% of the country’s total population with an estimate of 39.5 million residents, whereas Texas (29 million – 8.74%) and Florida (21.5 million – 6.5%) coming in second and third respectively.

With around 90 million people in those three States alone, there is plenty of opportunities for the iGaming industry to continue to boom in the near future.

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