Online Games with Dragons: The Marketing Success in the USA from 2016 to 2021

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Online games with dragons have caused a great sensation for years and they continue to intrigue gamers from across the continents. These creatures are usually perceived differently in various cultures. To the Chinese, they are gallant creatures that symbolize strength and power while the Western cultures perceive them as evil disastrous creatures. This explains why they are associated with various heroics in Chinese films and are the villains in Western movies. 

It is difficult to tell whether dragons existed or they are fictional characters created by artists. They are used in movies, films, books, and most importantly in our context, online games, and video games. Several games are inspired by these creatures. They are quite popular in Eastern-themed games. Dragon-themed games are available for online PC as well as Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS, and even mobile gaming.

These creatures have been used in games for years. It began way before the era of online games when kids used to imitate these creatures in their games. Their valiant nature as portrayed in various popular movies is admirable and this explains the motivation behind such actions.

The development of dragon-themed online games dates back to the 1980s when the Dragon Slayer was created. It was the game version of the film, which caused a spectacle in its time. Even though this game is nothing compared to the modern games that are currently available, it set a precedent that inspired the recent creations. Another old dragon-themed video game is the Atari Adventure

Dragon-themed online games are usually based on certain movies or films. Modern games are getting more and more intriguing. They have an exciting storyline that usually brings out a humans vs. dragons scenario. The players get to talk to other characters in a bid to stop the raging dragons trying to take over the planet. They usually get special weapons that they can use in their heroic quests. Let us take a look at some of the most popular dragon-themed online games of recent times:

How to Train Your Dragon

This is an interesting game that can appeal to all kinds of gamers. It is based on animation by the same name. The gamer gets to play as a Viking dragon trainer who is attempting to catch dragons. You can play this game on your PC, smartphone, or tablet straight from your browser or via downloadable apps. It is one of the few dragon-themed games that can be played by the younger players comfortably. 

Dragon Age

The Dragon Age series of games are also marvellous games that you should try out. The first one was Dragon Age: Origins that was released in 2009. It was later followed by Dragon Age 2 and Dragon Age: Inquisition. Due to its great success, a fourth version is expected to come in 2022. This game has an amazing storyline and diverse gameplay options that create more room for adventure. Each sequel has been an improvement of its predecessor and the last one, Dragon Age: Inquisition comes with spectacular graphics and high mobility that is certainly worth experiencing. 

7th Dragon

The 7th Dragon is another classic dragon-themed online game. It has amazing gameplay with different classes, namely Princess, Healer, Fighter, Mage, Knight, Rogue, and Samurai. It takes you to Eden, a world that is under the control of these fierce creatures. The player aims to kill all the dragons in an attempt to save the human race. It was also quite successful thus it deserved a sequel. You can try the 7th Dragon 2020 and the 7th Dragon III Code: VFD, which are equally intriguing. 

School of Dragons

This game has a similar inspiration as How to Train Your Dragon. It is another excellent game that you can play with your young ones without any worries. The storyline is just the same as the film, you are a Viking trainer attempting to train and catch different dragons. The game is quite interactive and has a simple gameplay that can be quite appealing. The popularity of this game is linked to its excellent features as well as the success of the film that inspires it. 


This is another game with a dragon theme. Even though the dragons are not the main creatures of the game, they create a perfect twist that increases the gaming entertainment to a significant effect. The game is based in an area referred to as Ancaria that has been invaded by dragons. The player aims to beat all the dragons and reclaim the town’s glory. These creatures appear differently depending on where you are fighting them from and this makes it quite interesting.

These are the main games that have been quite popular among Americans. You can try one of them or their sequels for an amazing experience. 

Dragon Themed Online Slots

The dragon theme has also become popular in the online casino realm. Nearly all software providers have tried to create a dragon-themed game and the stiff competition has forced them into making stellar games. Most of these games usually have a Chinese theme, which is never complete without these creatures. They are a symbol of power, strength, and wealth, which appeals to punters. Some of the most remarkable dragon-themed slots include the following:

  • Dragon’s Myth
  • 5 Dragons pokie
  • Dragon Kingdom
  • Red Dragon Wild
  • Dragon Wins
  • Double Dragons
  • Dragon Stone
  • Dragons Inferno
  • Dragons Awakening
  • Dragons and Magic
  • 50 Dragons
  • Imperial Dragon

These pokies have great graphics, cool sound effects, and a range of bonus features. They can lead to significant winnings if you play with tact. The dragons usually dominate the game and can be the symbol to watch out for if you are targeting the big wins. There is no reason not to try these games for free or real money in the top casinos.

Dragons have become common in online games and slots. They are associated with prestige in some cultures, which makes them quite lovable. They are also worthy opponents when portrayed as villains. You will love to play a dragon-themed game.

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