The Regulations Surrounding Online Casinos in Santa Clarita Valley

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One thing revelers love about the US is gambling. From the prestigious reputation of Las Vegas as one of the world’s most famous gambling destinations, it is expected that gambling laws are the most welcoming in the US. 

However, the opposite is true. Gambling regulations have only recently started taking shape among many US states. However, online gambling rules remain a puzzle across states’ borders. 

Being one of the most prominent United States nations, California is expected to have a more commercialized gambling environment. However, the lack of local online casinos leaves question marks. So, what are the online gambling rules in California that affect Santa Clarita Valley?

Gambling Regulation

Gambling regulation in California is shared between the California Gambling Control Commission (CGCC) and some game-specific entities such as the California Horse Racing Board in charge of horse racing. Also, The California Lottery is in charge of lotteries. 

However, the CGCC is in the overall regulator.

The California case law defines gambling as any activity inclusive of a prize apportioned on an event of chance or in trade for consideration. Gambling is prohibited under Article IV of the California Constitution, with the exception of state-regulated lotteries and tribal-operated casinos.

Other legal forms of gambling include horse racing, bingo, and card rooms. The Gambling Control Act defines the legality of gambling activities.

Online Gambling

When it comes to the online scene, the law prohibits establishing a commercialized online gambling business. However, no regulations prohibit punters from wagering on foreign online casinos of choice. This has come in handy in the previous year during lockdown when physical casinos closed down due to the pandemic. 

Sites like jackpotjoy login, which offers over a hundred popular online games, have been a personal favorite for most punters across the states. Many Californians opt for overseas casinos, especially because many other US states either prohibit or have greyed-out laws regulating online gambling. 

Your only obligation as an online gamer is to ensure you bet on a registered casino, either physical or online.

Stay Safe Online

With the options limited to foreign online casinos, many punters go for European-based online casinos like UK Casino. However, operating a gambling business within the Californian borders remains out of scope.

In the absence of the government’s protection, online Santa Clarita punters stand higher risks of exploitation. Apart from losing your hard-earned cash, your financial information is also at stake when wagering on these sites. Therefore, ensuring you wager on reputable registered online casinos is the only way to stay assured.

You could scan through the internet, testing the waters in different casinos, but a better option is always at your disposal – third-party review sites. They find a reliable foreign operator for you and bring you top casino choices with the best terms and odds.

How Likely are the Laws to Change?

It is almost impossible for Califonia to legalize online gambling anytime soon. The opposition outweighs its support. Online casinos no-doubtedly offer more convenience than land-based houses, especially during the pandemic. 

With the existing non-profitable platforms already drawing some considerable traffic from fun-players, land-based casino operators, tribal casino owners, and card room stakeholders, they feel threatened by an online gambling future. Therefore, they are less likely to drop guards or give in to the fight against their establishment.

For a bill to be passed, it has to be approved by two out of three legislatures. Voters must also pass it on ballots.

What of Online Sports Betting?

With the minimal chances of online gambling, California’s focus now shifts to sports betting legalization. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act declared sports betting illegal in 1992. After the Supreme Court gave the go-ahead for states to legalize sports betting in 2018, many neighboring nations are now taking advantage of the untapped American market to boost their revenues. Hopefully, California will want to capture its population by also legalizing it in fear of being drained by legalizing neighbors.

However, in 2020, Senator Bill Dodd and Adam Gray, an assemblyman, proposed the ACA 16, which was to be voted on in 2020, but it failed. Another bill proposed by Dodd was pulled down due to the unmatched rivalry from native tribes casino operators.

Considering the need for such a bill to be voted, the earliest changes could be implemented on online sports betting is 2023.

Final Word

Despite the current limitations to the legalization of online gambling, 2023 is distant enough for a complete turnaround of the peoples and legislator’s views. Considering that the effects of coronavirus pandemic will be hard to mitigate immediately, California might learn from its neighbors if gambling boosts their economies. 

Nevertheless, the lack of regulations does not mean you should compromise your online gambling experience. Registered casinos are the only online destinations assuring you transparency. 

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