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The world of academics can be an arduous place. Especially for college level students, managing everything at once may seem challenging from time to time. It is very easy to get lost in the everyday hustle-bustle of academic requirements that some students even forget to enjoy their college days. Most people recount their school and college days as some of the best times of their lives. Surely, being swamped under great academic pressure isn’t something they would term as ‘fun’ later in their lives! Fun is when you go out with your friends on a Friday night to a theatre or go to an adventure park on your summer break. Pulling all-nighters in college for the sake of meeting deadlines isn’t something to be reminiscent of later in your life. 

Just like academics is an integral part of any student’s life, taking relaxing breaks from time to time and extra co-curricular activities are also extremely important in maintaining a healthy mind and body.

Recent studies have indicated the increasing stress levels among students. About 40% of college students in the U.S. admit to feeling inadequately rested five out of seven days a week due to academic pressure. One in every four American students admits to poor academic performance, low grades, and withdrawal of admission due to persistently increasing stress levels. 

Students need to blow off some steam from time to time and sometimes resort to ways to lower the pressure. For this reason, they can resort to some of the best and most trusted online essay writing services online which will not just deliver the best within short deadlines but would also leave you feeling rejuvenated due to less pressure. Wishing ‘someone would do my homework for me’ isn’t just your wish anymore, it’s already turning into reality with these online essay writing services listed below.  

Best Sites to Do My Homework


With an extremely prolific team of writers, vouches for maximum customer satisfaction in just a nick of time. Their team of trained writers can deliver an essay even with a 3-hour deadline! Now that’s something every student can make use of to vanquish every deadline they ever had!

Getting started with EssayFi is just as easy as a pie. Just log onto their website, register yourself with your mail id with a small message about the type of work required and they’ll get in touch with you. Their services range from school-level essay and speech writing to research-oriented elaborate thesis writing. And not just that, it’s up to you to bid on the writer of your preference from a plethora of trained and experienced writers. Most of them are graduates or even hold a Ph.D.! 

As if we’ve not gloated enough! Apart from value for money, great content, and timely delivery, EssayFi takes care of a few more extra things to make your experience as a customer more memorable. When it comes to things like plagiarism, EssayFi knows how unforgiving the world of academics can be. 

Papers are doubly checked and are thoroughly proofread by a diligent team of editors and the payment scheme is truly a metonym for simplified and trustworthy! You only pay once your services have been delivered at your doorstep and will never be asked for a penny higher than the market rates. 

Another great reason to choose EssayFi is their round-the-clock 24*7 support team working tirelessly towards any concerns you might have from time to time. 

Sounds too good to be true? At EssayFi, you can check out some genuine testimonials and reviews by happy customers which will definitely have you saying “EssayFi, do my homework for me!


Next time when you’re drowning in the pool of academic assignments and wonder, “I wish someone could do my homework for me,” remember the name ‘Gradeup’. Gradeup might just be your one-stop solution to all the deadlines you might be encumbered with. 

With over 450 prolific writers, Gradeup specializes in various kinds of writing such as creative, academic, and non-word assignments. School and college students can not only avail great essays in no time but they can also avail some great offers and discounts on the services rendered. 

Other aspects which make Gradeup a class apart are delivering plagiarism-free content and appropriate pricing. Gradeup claims to never have faced any issue when it comes to plagiarism, making it a reliable place to catch up on all your impending assignments. As students are generally thrifty when it comes to expenses, Gradeup has accurately priced its services while being mindful of the economic quotient of their customers.

The list of good things goes on and on!. Apart from top-grade quality of services, Gradeup also provides unlimited revisions. Once you create a private account, you can then collaborate with your writer, update them from time to time about your requirements and pay only when you’re completely satisfied. Whether it’s a half-written essay or an essay to be written from scratch, Gradeup can help you out in all sorts of ways to outshine other students in your class!


There’s a surfeit of sites on the internet claiming to be the best at essay writing services but few realise how much of a sham they can be. Some won’t deliver on time, others may not be mindful of plagiarism or are just concerned with filling up their coffers! In this vastness of impersonators, it is important to find someone who lives up to their promises. Nohomework is just the right place if you’re looking for some original paper writing at prices within the industry average. NoHomework is your easy standby option for whenever you get those Monday blues and wonder “I wish someone could do my homework for me.”

Nohomework comprises talented qualified writers, most of them with undergraduate, graduate, and even research-level degrees. It doesn’t matter whether you want a school level essay or a college-level research paper, the writers at Nohomework are well versed in various niches and deliver in just no span of time. 

NoHomework doesn’t just concern itself with timely completion of essays but also provides additional services like the ability to get an essay cross-checked, proofread the essay unlimited times, and make add-ons and omissions through getting in touch with the writer directly. That and much more at very practical industry appropriate prices.    

Another great feature about resorting to Nohomework is its agile customer support which is available  24*7. Customers can share their grievances and concerns via mail, chat, or call and the issue generally gets sorted post-haste. 


EssayR is one of the most preferred online essay writing platforms trusted by thousands of students due to its extremely professional services. With over 6 years of trusted service renderings, EssayR has become a name to bank upon when it comes to writing 100% original essays with a quick deadline. 

The pricing is within industry average standards so that students don’t have to shell out a lot of money. The site also has a dedicated space for authentic reviews and testimonials from students across schools and colleges. 

The usability of the site is another reason why students love to resort to EssayR. The site is extremely user-friendly and offers round-the-clock prompt customer support for any query a student might face. 

The best part about EssayR is that students get to create personal accounts free of cost and can get directly in touch with the writers of their choice. They can keep in touch with the writer throughout the process of their essay writing and update the writer from time to time about and recent changes they might want in their essay. With such unequivocal service renderings, students love to say in consonance, “EssayR, please do my homework for me.”


The world of academics can be an extremely taxing one for students. Haven’t we all wondered at some or the other point in our student life “I wish someone could do my homework for me!” That’s exactly why Whitegrade embarked on the journey to succor students from the easy pitfalls of stress and burden which comes with their homework.

An extremely relied upon name in the world of online essay writing services, Writegrade has a plethora of trained and experienced writers who write essays for students of school and college levels. They are extremely professional, dedicated to deliver on time, and take care of all the nuances as per a student’s requirement. Their expertise in subject-wish knowledge is one premier reason why students love to get their homework done by Writegrade. 

They receive hundreds of essay writing service reviews from students frequently and most of their customers come back to them repeatedly. 

Writegrade is not just a pioneer in essay writing services but is also mindful of the fact that their customers are by and large students. That is why they have some extremely economical price schemes and they won’t be charging you a penny higher than the average industry rates. They even offer some great discounts on your first order. 

Writegrade proudly mentioned on their site that they’ve never had any issues related to plagiarism till now. Jeopardizing a student’s future is a serious offense which many online essay writing platforms aren’t mindful of. Writegrade is highly professional when it comes to providing original and 100% authentic essays to students.

Apart from this, they also provide free 24*7 customer support, free unlimited revisions and much more. 


Another great competitor when it comes to online essay writing services is 99papers.  It is a reputed company when it comes to availing quality services on time, with great customer support. 99papers specializes in various niches like creative writing, school-level essay writing, thesis or dissertation writing and makes it so easy for me to do my homework. 

Students can not only avail of these services at economical rates but can even claim rewards upto 15% in the form of bonuses. Students can get more clarity regarding rates related to school and college level essays, which is elaborately listed on their website. The best part about 99papers is that their services start as low as $9.95 which is literally every student’s dream!

Although the company’s site assures 100% money-back guarantee now but earlier they did not have this scheme. Ever since they started offering this service, students rely much more on 99papers as they now have the assurity to get back the money if they’re unsatisfied. 

Although some students may find services rendered by 99papers to be on the higher side of the cost curve, their pricing is still economical as compared to other service providers out there. Another issue which students might face from time to time is sometimes writers may not comply with more than one-time revisions. The site also doesn’t mention anything about personally staying in touch with your writer through the course of your essay-writing process. This may spawn many students to go for those sites which provide a more personalized touch to their experience. 


Students swamped under their academic burden often find respite in prayer, “Oh god, please do my homework.” But it is rightly said that GradeMiners is a god-sent for students jarred on for far too long by pulling all-nighters to finish their essays. Reviewed by various trusted platforms as well as hundreds of satisfied customers, GradeMiners is another metonym for trust and originality. All writers at GradeMiners are highly qualified with degrees as high as masters and even PhD! At GradeMiners, a customer can choose a writer of their choice and can easily convey their specific requirements. If at all a customer feels their essay is not upto the mark, GradeMiners will provide them additionally with editors to modify the content as per the requirement.

Apart from this, GradeMiners keep your private information like name, year of birth, age, etc completely confidential. They make sure that their client’s data is never handed out to third-party sellers and is only used by GradeMiners for providing top-notch services. 

If after everything a customer still isn’t satisfied with the services, they’re then well within their rights to ask for a total refund.

The only shortcoming of getting your paper written from GradeMiners is that they charge a bit more than their competitors. But for all the amazing services one can avail of at GradeMiners, shelling out a bit extra money wouldn’t hurt!


When it comes to availing versatile essay writing services, one can rely on PaperHelp completely. They will not only write your essay for you but will also grade it and rewrite it if required.  Isn’t that amazing! You may be wondering, “Oh! How easy is it to do my homework with PaperHelp!”

PaperHelp specializes mainly in college-level research paper writing and will also provide any help with already written papers. They will help you out with your term papers as well and if you require any coursework help, you can seek it easily at PaperHelp.

Apart from the amazing services provided, PaperHelp has a very comprehensive FAQ section where you can seek out any query. You can even find information about the hiring process for their writers and how they get their ratings. 

100% confidentiality is something PaperHelp vouches for. Other amazing benefits to customers include timely delivery in just 3 hours, a secure payment process, a money-back guarantee, and customers can even avail loyalty program goodies. 

The only shortcoming could be PaperHelp’s higher prices than its peers. The rates start at $12 for an essay which could be a little heavy on the pocket for some. Although the pricing is a bit on the expensive side, the versatile range of services provided by PaperHelp aptly justifies its rates.


When it comes to happy customers and reliable high ratings, MyAdmissionEssay fulfills it all. With tonnes of high ratings from customers as well as trusted review platforms, MyAdmissionEssay has an average rating of 4.9/5. 

MyAdmissionEssay has more than a hundred thousand fulfilled orders. Customers get to choose the writer of their choice from a versatile pool of experienced and qualified writers. MyAdmissionEssay has a whopping number of nearly four thousand qualified writers, a rate higher than most of the other online essay-writing service providers. MyAdmissionEssay groups its writers into four categories: basic, advanced, TOP, and specific writers.

Plagiarism is something writers at MyAdmissionEssay are extremely mindful of and strive to provide 100% originality in their services. 

MyAdmissionEssay mostly specializes in helping out students with their admission process to various colleges or universities. But their auxiliary services also include writing research papers and school-level essays and assignments for students. Although MyAdmissionEssay vouches for the best prices, some customers have felt their rates to be higher than other service providers.

Nevertheless, whenever you feel paralyzed by your academic deadlines and wonder “I wish someone could do my homework for me,” MyAdmissionEssay is your next-stop alternative for taking care of every college deadline you’ve ever missed. 


It’s easy for students to get encumbered under the academic burden which often leaves them wondering, “I wish someone could do my homework.”  For some students, availing of online essay writing services can strain them of their pocket money too quickly. Keeping this in mind, CheapPaperWriting offers varieties of affordable paper writing services to students from across schools and colleges. 

As the name suggests, CheapPaperWriting provides services for as low as $6.99 per page basis. Not just that, they also provide frequent discount codes for your first order. They’re straightforward in their services and wouldn’t ask you for a penny higher than what’s shown on the site. Students can get a better picture of their services by reading some authentic customer reviews on their site and FAQs for better understanding. 

Apart from an impeccable pricing structure, CheapPaperWriting has some highly qualified writers, great round-the-clock customer support, and quick delivery. All these amazing features make CheapPaperWriting a popular essay-writing site among school and college-going students. They get about hundreds of essay-writing projects in a week, all year round which speak volumes about how efficiently they do your work for you. 

The only problem faced by customers at CheapPaperWriting is their not-so-user-friendly communication system. Customers can only contact them through a form that can be pretty jarring at times. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Still, got some questions about online essay-writing services? Don’t worry, check out some common FAQs below: 

  • Will I receive a plagiarism-free essay?

Plagiarism is a serious offense and no essay writing service would want to jeopardize the future of their customers as well as their own. That is why all sites listed in this article trusted platforms for some great and original essay writing. You can even test for plagiarism yourself by using any plagiarism checking service or by paying a little extra to get a plagiarism report.  

  • Where can I get a cheap essay writing service?

Students are always on the lookout for affordable essay writing services online. For this reason, we’ve carefully curated a list of some of the most trusted online essay writing services that offer some cost-effective benefits to their customers.

  • Are there any professional essay writers?

All the sites listed in our article provide some of the most professional and top-notch services to their customers. They have a pool of well-trained professional writers who ensure the delivery of quality content to their customers.

  • What are some best research paper writing services?

The internet is swarming with thousands of research paper writing services some of which might not live up to their promises. All the sites listed in this article provide some top-notch quality research papers. They specialize in not just research paper writing but also thesis writing, dissertation writing, term paper writing, and so on. 

  • How much do essay writing services charge?

All essay writing services listed here charge as per average industry standards. However, for essays to deliver within 3 hours, some sites may charge some extra money. Whereas on a normal deadline, it would cost anywhere between $8 to $15. Additionally, you have to keep in mind any extra service you ask for which is going to come at an additional cost. 

  • What are some legit essay writing services?

The internet is full of fraudulent swarms of receptors. Most of the essay writing service providers come with an additional set of shortcomings. They may charge you more than the asking price or not deliver your essay on time and so on.

Keeping this in mind, we’ve carefully handpicked some of the best and legit essay writing services for you where quality deliverance ensured. 

  • Are essay writing services reliable?

There are tonnes of essay writing services available on the internet but not all will provide reliable services. One has to be extremely careful about which site to choose. You can check out some of the most reliable and trusted essay writing service providers in this article. 

Students may have a whole string of questions when it comes to availing themselves of essay writing services online. Is it cheating? Are essay writing services legit? Are essay writing services legal and reliable? And so on. We assure you about one thing, that it definitely is not ‘cheating’. It is very easy for students to become swamped with deadlines and assignments which only adds to their stress levels and may take a toll on their mental health. Keeping this in mind, relying on trusted essay writing providers from time to time can ease the burden off of the shoulders of students and give them more time to relax. 

That said, we’ve done our part by bringing you some of the most trusted essay writing services on the internet. Now is the time to do your part!

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