EssayShark Review & Its Best Alternatives

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EssayShark is an essay writing service that has been operational for quite a number of years now. However recently there has been a great degradation in its performance, and many people have complained about the lack of quality of their articles. We wanted to check the service for ourselves, therefore we have reviewed all its features along with its pros and cons in the article below. Let’s have a look- 

User Interface 

The user interface of the site is quite good. It can clearly be seen that they have invested a lot in the designing and layout of this platform. You can easily access the various services that they offer since the site is extremely navigable. However, this can often be misleading since the site is more about looks than actual services. 


If you would like to know about the writers of this website, then we are sad to state there really is no way to find out. Once you employ a writer, there is no portal through which you can check their Academy qualifications or their credibility.

As a result, the customer remained more or less in the dark as far as the trustworthiness of the services is concerned. At the same time, there is no major tool provided through which you can, later on, check the quality of the paper that you demanded. 


This company offers a range of services. At the same time, we did not really find a reliable source that could stand for the authenticity of these services. It is rather difficult to get a range of writers who can cater to the different needs of students. Regardless here is a list of the services that EssayShark offers- 

  • Resume writing 
  • Essay writing 
  • Research paper writing 
  • PowerPoint presentations 

What Did We Find? 


  • Organized

This company makes sure that everything within the website is highly organized. As a result, for anybody who visits their portal, it should be easy to find the service that they desire. They have provided a customer support number towards the end, and you can easily access that as well. If you would like to know about the company, then there is an about page that you can refer to. Altogether it is a highly organized, and visually appealing site 

  • Timely Delivery

This company is able to stick to the deadlines that have been given. They shall be able to cater to your demands within a particular time frame. Hence if you’re worried about timely delivery, then the people here have you covered. 

  • Grammar and Syntax

This company will always maintain the quality of the paper in terms of grammar, English, and syntax for stop They only hire people who have a good command over English, therefore you will not be dissatisfied with the usage of language. However, when talking about the actual content, we did find some issues within the site. 


  • Expensive Top Writers

The company offers a range of writers. There are some writers that you can easily afford with a little amount of money, however, they will not be able to give you good quality papers. If you buy the top quality writers you will have to pay a large amount of money instead. Therefore, altogether this site appears to be more expensive than most of its rival firms. 

  • Low-Quality Content

As we have already mentioned before, we are not sure about the credibility of the writers within the site. There is a high chance that the people that they employ to write research papers are not experienced but merely students themselves. Therefore the paper, or acid that you get might not rank well in terms of quality content. 

It is possible that the content you get is not well researched but written superficially. Many times we have also found complaints regarding the data, and statistics used, which have proven to be misleading and wrong. 

  • Bad Customer Service 

Although this company has made it a point to provide a good user interface, they don’t do so well in terms of customer service. They have a number given for customer support, however, oftentimes students or clients cannot reach them through this number. Altogether we were not satisfied with how they interacted with us, and the assistance that they provided. 

EssayShark Alternatives 


This is a company that has long been known for the great services it provides in terms of research writing, as well as essay writing papers. It easily comes as one of the best alternatives, and substitutes for places like Grademiners. There are various reasons that this company is known to be the best. Here are some-  


  • First and foremost, this company ensures that all of the texts are 100% original. The writers do not copy from any source, which could lead to the reduction of your paper quality. Once you work with this company, you will only get essays that are plagiarism-free.
  • The company is very thorough with its admission process. This means that any hands that they hire are tested for their qualifications and credibility. They always make sure that writers within a particular field have appropriate academic as well as professional backgrounds. Therefore, the texts that you get through this website are always of high quality.
  • The company also provides a very export set of editors as well as proofreaders. you are not required to check the document again unless it is for your own satisfaction. The company will make sure that they do a double check of everything written in terms of quality as well as grammar and syntax. 


Grade up is another well-known platform for people who would like quality essays delivered to their doorstep. They have a variety of features, as well as facilities that can serve the interests of a variable demographic. Whether you are a student in college or school, they should be able to satisfy all your needs. 


  • A great feature of This site is that they can work within very strict deadlines. Even if you want essays written within a three-hour deadline, these people should be able to deliver. They will try to maintain the quality of the paper to the best of their ability given the time frame.
  • This company is also known for having some highly competitive prices. As a matter of fact, when compared to its rivals it has some of the lowest costs in terms of essay writing. However, you will have to bid for the top writers, and even that will not cost you more than necessary. At the same time, you will always get a return on your investment through quality essays.
  • This company also hires people who are experts in a particular field of knowledge. The people have high qualifications, and they will always do extensive research on a topic before they venture to write on  


No homework is a place that is known for its customized as well as personalized essays. They will always maintain high communication with you, in order to understand your needs perfectly. Their projects are always up to the mark and have received rave reviews from people all across the globe. 


  • As we have mentioned before, this company believes in communicating with its clients. Their main motive is to understand exactly what your project requires along with how important it is to you at the present time. Depending on this they are able to create a perfect research paper for you if you need it.
  • This company has been working for a large number of years now. As a matter of fact, they are one of the fastest-growing platforms for essay writing in the world today. Because of the high experience, and expert writers they are considered one of the best support sites for students.
  • This company offers a range of services. The great variety that they provide includes- essay writing services, thesis writing, Research paper writing, homework writing, as well as speech writing services. 


This is a relatively new company in the market. However, they have done tremendous work in the field of essay writing. They are continuously gaining momentum and becoming one of the best services present within this niche today. Just like its rival forms, it has various features that make it one of the best. 


  • This company has a great team of writers, editors, proofreaders, and researchers. Not only this, they have a very efficient management and coordination team. Because of the export people that they have hired, the quality of the work that they deliver happens to be one of the best today.
  • This company also ensures that every text that they write is completely original and free from all forms of plagiarism. They make use of high-end technology, and the most advanced tools to check if there are any signs or hints of plagiarism within a research paper that they have written.
  • This company also happens to be one of the most affordable services present in essay writing today. They have hired some of the most intelligent, and educated minds within the academic world. Despite this the prices that they keep are very affordable and can be used by people from all around the globe irrespective of their financial constraints. 


Although we have mentioned this company towards the end, it is equally good if not better than the organizations that we have mentioned before. It comes with a range of services, features, and other factors that have contributed to its fast growth. Below we have highlighted some of its most important aspects- 


  • Like some other companies that we have mentioned here, Writegrade can also work with people who have extremely strict deadlines. During the process, they will ensure that the quality of the paper is maintained. At the same time, they will always stick to the instructions that have been given to them and never swerve from the topic.
  • Another great feature of this company is that they can provide excellent customer support. For them, their clients are the top priority, and they always want to make sure that you are able to communicate with them. As a result, they have 24/7 customer support available. Also, they have a great website that is easy to navigate in order to provide a high user experience.
  • The people working here are very much qualified. The company ensures that the right amount of research is done into a topic. Therefore, not only do you get quality in terms of grammar, syntax, and so on. But also, you get thoroughly researched essays with high relevance.

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