Gambling as a US Citizen in Canada – What do You Need to Know?

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We live in an increasingly interconnected world, which is why a growing number of US citizens are now choosing to live and work in neighbouring Canada.

In total, approximately 660,935 eligible US voters currently live in Canada, accounting for a quarter of the 2.56 million Americans residing overseas across the world. Incredibly, there are 78,371 US citizens living in Toronto alone, which is currently more than the number who reside in Albany, New York.

Of course, Americans who are living in Canada may be unsure about whether they’re allowed to gamble online, while also being unclear about the most reputable iGaming sites in the country. We’ve answered these questions below, so that you can continue to enjoy your favourites games even while overseas!

Is Online Gambling Legal in Canada?

We all know about the online gambling laws in the US, which are incredibly complex and subject to constant tweaks and changes at both individual state and federal level.

To date, online casino gambling has been legalised in five different states, namely New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Michigan and West Virginia. It’s unclear how many states are likely to follow suit in the near-term, although New York and California have been attempting to push through iGaming bills for years without success.

The outlook is slightly different for corporeal, online and mobile sports betting in the states, with more than 20 local authorities having legalised this practice since the PAPSA legislation was struck down by the Supreme Court in May 2018.

This law had previously prohibited sports betting at federal level, so the decision to reverse it was seen as a huge victory for pro-gambling lobbyists nationwide.

While the regulatory outlook in Canada may feature one or two grey areas, it’s considerably easier to understand than the US alternative. In fact, the iGaming laws in Canada mirror those that are prevalent across much of the western world, apart from particularly mature markets such as the UK.

More specifically, Canada’s online gambling laws don’t specifically prohibit the practice of wagering via the Internet, enabling natives and US ex-pats to gamble freely at a site that’s owned and licensed by a provincial government authority.

However, the lack of specific legislation that prohibits individual players from gambling online has also opened the market to offshore operators from well-regulated jurisdictions across the globe, with more than 1,000 such sites currently offering their services to Canadian residents.

For example, there’s a large number of Malta-based operators currently offering slots and similar casino games to Canadian residents, while UK brands have also continued to claim a viable share of this burgeoning market in recent times.

So, American’s are perfectly free to wager their hard-earned cash and gamble at online casinos when residing north of the border, so long as they focus on reputable oversees operators and avoid domestic gambling sites.

How to Find a Reputable and Licensed Casino as an American in Canada

Of course, identifying reputable international operators represents the first stage of finding the best online casino in Canada, as you also need to compare the market in greater detail in order to ensure that you achieve the best possible value for your money.

Fortunately, independent comparison sites such as Casimoose offer a comprehensive insight into the Canadian iGaming market, enabling you to identify operators that are both licensed to operate within the space and capable of offering an enhanced online gambling experience.

The site provides comprehensive and balanced reviews of the best online casinos in Canada, based on various factors from live welcome offers and security to the quality of customer service providers (we’ll have a little more on this later in the piece).

Not only this, but you’ll also find independent user reviews and an overall rating for each operator, while the platform promotes market-leading casinos each and every month.

What really sets this site apart is the way in which it aggregates information and standardises its reviews, so that you can easily compare different operators and make an informed decision.

This translates into more informed and assured decisions, ensuring that Americans can make the most of their iGaming experience despite being relatively new to the Canadian market.

What to Look for in an Online Casino in Canada?

While you can utilise sites such as Casimoose to compare Canadian casinos and collate important information, it’s important to prioritise this data and base your final decision on the factors that are most relevant to you.

In general terms, however, we’d argue that one of the most important considerations is the level of security offered by each individual site.

For example, all licensed casino sites should feature 128-bit SSL encryption as a way of protecting each customer’s financial information. However, the very best sites in Canada should also have been independently certified by eCOGRA, which means that they’re proven to provide fair, transparent and safe gaming to customers across all verticals.

Another important consideration is the welcome bonus on offer, as this can vary wildly in terms of structure and value. Typically, most offers of this type take the form of a deposit match up to a predetermined value, while it may also be augmented by a finite number of free spins.

The key is to compare real-time welcome offers through the Casimoose site, paying particular attention to the total value of the bonus and the wagering requirements in place.

These requirements create an amount of cash that you’ll have to play through before unlocking any potential winnings, while they’re usually expressed as a multiplier of the total bonus value. So, be sure to calculate this cost ahead of time while appraising the precise timeframe in which the wagering requirements must be met.

The Last Word

In many ways, the Canadian iGaming market is more favourable than the US alternative from a player perspective, especially in terms of clarity and the range of international operators on offer.

Not only this, but online winnings are completely tax-free in Canada, while there’s a 25% levy applied to earnings accrued in the US.

To fully capitalise on these advantages as an American ex-pat, however, you’ll need to objectively identify the best casino operators, using independent data and authentic player reviews.

You’ll also have to compare the metrics that are most relevant to you, while paying particular attention to welcome bonuses and the security measures deployed by operators.

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