Gambling in Santa Clarita California

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In general, gambling in California is an outlawed activity in this state so it is most likely that a resident from CA still needs to travel outside the state and look for the nearest land-based Casino to enjoy gambling.

There are popular casinos near the area and one of them is Hollywood Park casino Los Angeles near Inglewood municipality. It is near the airport so local visitors and foreigners in LA can drop by the casino first before heading to one’s destination in California. The city of LA itself offers a variety of gambling and wagering places where local tourists and foreigners can enjoy.

In online gambling games, online casinos, online poker gambling, and online sportsbook are considered outlaws though there are also a few online gaming alternatives that are considered available for California players like DFS or Daily Fantasy Sports, Sweepstakes online poker, sweepstakes online casino and horse race betting. Since the acme of online gambling started, many online betters in California not only started waging online gambling sites offered by nearby states but also ventured and enjoyed European Casino online sites Bogdan Casino and some Asian online sites.

Online Sweepstakes Casino and Poker for California

Sweepstakes sites offer cash prizes to online casino games and online poker. Players can win cash prizes by playing their favorite casino games like craps, roulette, blackjack, and slots. The best part with sweepstakes gaming is that you can get free play by signing up and get additional credit with mail-in entries. You also have the option to purchase gold coins and are given free sweep credit. The player can also purchase gold coins and they will be rewarded with free sweep credit.

Online Horse Race Betting in California

This type of race is rather unique in California because it is land-based and happens on four tracks. Compared to traditional wagering real money and a chance to win real money, a bettor has a possibility of winning small amounts on micro-bets as well as enormous payouts on long-shot bets like the pick-six.

Horse racing in California has four full-time tracks along the coast: Santa Anita Park, Del Mar Racetrack, Golden Gate Fields, and Los Alamitos Race Course. A bettor can place a bet on these tracks themselves or from legal horse race betting websites.

Why are these websites so popular? Two reasons:

  1. Traveling to the track isn’t always possible
  2. Excellent promos

Just like any traditional sportsbook, these horse racing sites are guaranteed legit, offer no deposit bonuses, risk-free betting, and loyalty programs.

Daily Fantasy Sport (DFS) in California

The Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) are legal in most states and are acceptable even in California because operators were able to convince legislators that it is skill-based and not luck-based. Thus, playing Daily Fantasy Sports is not gambling and does not violate the law.

California Online Bingo

Bingo has been an all time favorite game of most people. Bingo is considered a game of chance because each player matches numbers printed in different arrangements on cards with the numbers the game host (caller) draws at random, marking the selected numbers with tiles. Now, when a player finds the selected numbers that are arranged on their card in a row, they simply call “Bingo!” for the host to check the winning card. It is an entertaining game and California has lots of Bingo parlors to offer. However, it is prohibited in the state to offer real money therefore, winners are offered physical prizes or in a form of material such as furniture, gadgets in any form equivalent to the cash amount.

Online Sports Betting

As mentioned, online sportsbooks are illegal in California and the state does not permit land-based sportsbooks. This type of bet has been illegal since 1992 under the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. Those who wish to bet on sports have to travel to New Jersey, Nevada, or any state where sports betting is permitted.

Online Poker in California

Online poker is illegal but due to the pandemic, there is a big chance that it might be legalized soon. The state legislature passed a bill seeking to legalize online poker in 2020 but it was halted temporarily due to the CoronaVirus. For now, players enjoy poker at retail casinos.

A Ray of Hope

However, one can always play and wage on any gambling site online and there is no law for that but, your base operation must not be in California or the entire United States because it is illegal so, all apps that a player can play must be based from other countries like Europe or Asia.

Now let’s talk about Santa Clarita. Santa Clarita is a city in northwestern Los Angeles County, California. It is considered as having the largest population in Los Angeles with a total population of 220,000 and the 21st-largest in the state of California. Unfortunately, there are no casinos anywhere in Santa Clarita and are still prohibited.

So, if you happen to be somewhere around this area in California and you might want to try betting online, one can have an adventure in this Romanian site, the Bogdan Casino because they guarantee the safety of their bettors online and they introduce online the best online casino apps for their clients’ delight.

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