GradeMiners Review & Its Better Alternatives

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Grademiners Is an essay writing company. They promised that they can deliver quality essays no matter what the purpose is to stop their right for people within the school, as well as universities. However, you cannot tell if any company will be able to deliver what it has promised. In this article, we have tried to create an unbiased opinion of how Grademiners really are. Let’s have a look- 

  • Website

GradeMiners have created a convincing website. Show you will be able to find all necessary information about the services. Moreover, you can learn what this company is offering. They also provide reviews; however, we will not advise you to trust these reviews since they are mostly staged.  

  • Writers

GradeMiners authors staff which includes professional writers at all over 1200 in number for a stop when you go to their reviews page you will be able to see the assessment of some of these writers. After this, you can also pick the particular writer that you would like to work with. However, you need to have a larger amount of money to pay for these top writers.

However, if the best writers are not available then you will have to pick somebody else within the field. There is no great proof provided for the credibility of such writers. 

  • Services

The professionals within claim to offer a wide range of writing services. Not only do they write academic papers, but they will also write non-academic texts. However, most people have not been satisfied with these services. Some papers that they offer include- 

  • Resume writing 
  • Essay writing 
  • Research paper writing 
  • PowerPoint presentations 

To be honest we do not think that any one company can have writers that deal with such a versatile range of essay writing. From the get-go it seems like a scam since hardly anyone has the qualifications to provide all of these things. 

What Did We Find? 


  • No Plagiarism  

One thing you can be sure of is that you will not find any plagiarism within GradeMiners. The writers make it a point to create texts that are completely original. nobody in the team copies content from any other place and depends on research as well as fresh creativity. 

  • Timely Delivery

Another thing about the site is that you would always get the project on time. They can work within tight deadlines and give you your paper within the stipulated time period. However, this is a feature that is provided by most essay writing services today. 

  • No hidden costs 

This company will only ask you to give the amount of money that is showcased on the website. Therefore, they will not try to embezzle you of your money, by adding taxes, or other service charges. Regardless, their prices are very extravagant. 


  • Very Expensive

Although the company will not ask you for any hidden costs; as we have mentioned before, they are very expensive. As compared to other sites the prices that they ask for writing papers are extremely high. Many college students or other researchers will often hesitate before buying since the quality does not match the high prices many times. 

  • Inexperienced Writers 

This is a company that promises that they will always provide you writers with high qualifications. However, they do not comply with this promise and do not maintain the quality of the research papers that they provide. Most of the time the writers who provide are not experienced and do not have the right amount of knowledge. 

For academic writers, as well as university students this could be a big loss since your research papers count a lot. However, if you use this company then there are chances that the research paper that will be written will be of a very low quality. 

  • Bad Customer Support 

Another corner of this company is that they do not provide efficient customer support. There are many issues with the essays that they deliver. After this, if you would like to get in touch with them in order to get corrections, then they are not very friendly and do not respond in an amicable manner. 

Moreover, they do not have any proper forum that can register complaints. We did not come across any portal for refund, or exchange either. 

GradeMiners Alternatives 


Essayfi calls itself the online form for essays. This is a platform where you are allowed to bid for the top writers who can write your desired essay for you.  If you want an ethical, quality service that also cares about its clients, then Essayfi is the place for you. 


  • They only hire people through detailed dust as well as a thorough examination of their qualifications. Therefore, you can rest assured that the people working here are going to be 100% trained in a particular field of knowledge. 
  • The company is the one-stop destination for writing, editing, and proofreading. Not only do they have writers but also seasoned editors who can hone and create the best academic paper. Therefore, your essay will not only reflect perfect knowledge but also perfect grammar and syntax. 
  • They offer excellent customer service, quick results, 24/7 customer support, as well as thorough research on the topic that you have chosen.
  • At the same time, they always make sure that their online services are provided at very affordable rates. Their main motive is not to earn profit but to supply excellent quality of work to all their purchasers.  


Trade up is a platform that has been created for both writers and students. Their main motive is to connect top-notched Akademik, research writers with students who need assistance with paper writing. This platform’s value will have to bid for the best writers within the company.  


  • They also only hire people who prove their academic qualifications. As a matter of fact, the people who apply here have to pass a thorough examination and have to submit an original essay before they can be hired as writers.
  • Unlike many other writing services this company also ensures that you have the best user experience. They have a very exciting as well as navigable website. Moreover, they provide excellent customer support and in case you have any queries regarding the paper that you want to be written then you can get in touch with them directly.
  • This company offers a range of services. For instance, they provide essay writing services, homework writing services, speech writing services, thesis writing services, as well as research paper writing services. 


No homework is an excellent place for students who would like to see quick results on their research papers. This company is able to create custom, unique essays that can serve the particular needs of people within any university slash niche of research. We always stick to the instructions that you provide and deliver top-quality content. 


  • Like other services mentioned above this company also offers proofreading as well as quality editing services. Therefore, at any time the essay that they have written for you will always be double-checked. Hence you can rest assured about the quality of the article.
  • This company has a very vast base of writers. Currently, they are working with over 450 essay writers. Moreover, they provide some of the quickest results in the industry. As a matter of fact, sometimes they can provide you with the essay that you have requested within three hours itself.
  • This company also ensures that there is no form of plagiarism in the text that they have written for you. This means that they will two original research, and put time and effort into the work that they are doing. 


We have already mentioned some of the Best’s writing services in this article. The company mentioned above is also one of those and has proven to be one of the best research paper writing services within the country. Many scholars around the globe have appreciated them for the services that they have provided. 


  • This company will always make sure that they provide the most quality essays in the whole world to you. They dedicate a large amount of time and effort into researching a topic and only then proceed to write on it. 
  • They have a team of experts that currently goes through the article once it’s written. It could be a research paper, an essay, or a simple homework assignment. No matter what it is, the editors, as well as the writers here, will double-check the work that has been written to ensure that there are no grammatical, or theoretical mistakes in the write-up.
  • They also make sure that only qualified writers join their team. As other sites mentioned on this list, they have an extensive test which they set aside for these writers. Only once this test is passed can anyone enroll within this company as a research writer. 


Last but not least is this company called WriteGrade. They have launched themselves in the market only recently, but they have gained a great amount of traction in this period of time. They are quickly becoming the fastest-growing writing service in the world. 


  • In order to compete with other firms, this company has kept some highly competitive prices. Therefore when you work with them you will get some of the most affordable services in the world. Moreover, if you hire a top writer that costs more money you will get a paper or an essay that is so supreme in quality that you will simply have no room for complaints.
  • They also ensure that their writing is free of any plagiarism, or syntax error. They have a team of experts who edit as well as proofread a document once it is completed. hence you should not have to worry about going through the document on your own.
  • Also, this company is extremely timely with its delivery. Even if you are working on a very strict deadline and only have few hours to complete an essay, they should be able to get the job done 


If you are struggling with a load of academic works that comes online, then we highly suggest you go through our article above. Here you will find the review of the famous site- GradeMiners, along with various other alternatives that might suit you better. 

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