The best casino bonuses at online casinos 2021

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What are you guided by when looking for an online casino? Chances are that the casino bonuses play a big role in your choice. And you’re right, because bonuses can give you a lot of free play money. But which casino bonuses are there? And do you know what to look for before you play for that one nice bonus?

In this article, we will walk you through different types of casino bonuses and what you have to consider when searching for them. However, we want to make your life easier. Apart from giving you the information below, we’ve also listed the best bonuses available on this page

Welcome bonus: a great first introduction

First impressions count. This golden rule, of course, also applies to the gambling world. And that’s exactly why casinos so often sprinkle with nice welcome bonuses. The welcome bonus is always prominently displayed on the website. A text like “sign up and receive a 100% deposit bonus” can be found at many casinos. This welcome bonus is really meant for new players. If you have been a member for a longer time there are plenty of other bonuses you can take advantage of.

There are different types of welcome bonuses. But the best known is the 100% deposit bonus. The casino doubles the amount of your first deposit. If you deposit $50 into your account you will immediately have $100 worth of play money. There is a maximum to the bonus amount that the casino will give away. In most cases it is between $50 and $100. Though there are certainly a few outliers.

To attract new players, a casino needs to stand out. And because the 100% deposit bonus has now become so common, some companies are trying to top it. For example, how about tripling your winnings on your first bet? Or would you like to receive 20 dollars free bet credit in addition to the 100% bonus? In any case, the welcome bonus comes in the most diverse variants.

No deposit bonus

Those who want to qualify for the welcome bonus must first deposit money into their account. There is one major drawback to this. You don’t even know if you’ll like gambling at this casino. The No Deposit Bonus offers a good alternative. You don’t have to make a deposit yet, but you can benefit from a nice bonus.

For the No Deposit Bonus, all you need to do is register with the casino. Once the registration is completed, you will receive free play credit. The amount is considerably lower than with the welcome bonus. For example, you will usually receive 5 or 10 dollars with which you can try out the games at the casino. The profits you make with the bonus money you can simply keep. And if you ultimately choose to deposit money into your account? Then you are still entitled to a welcome bonus.

Free spins for online slots

The No Deposit Bonus is not the only way to try out casino games for free. Because many casinos additionally work with so-called “free spins”. You can use these free spins on the online video slots or slot machines. Don’t expect to be able to test out all kinds of different slot machines right away. The casino often selects certain slot games where you can use this bonus. The game Starburst is a popular choice. However it sometimes happens that the casino wants to promote a new video slot. The free spins are a great way to bring this new game to the attention.

Sign up your friends and get a bonus

Word of mouth is perhaps the best advertising there is. After all, you like to trust the judgement of your acquaintances. If they recommend a particular casino, you can be sure that you will be able to gamble at it comfortably and safely.

Online casinos are cleverly capitalizing on this principle. They have even developed a separate bonus for it: the Refer-a-Friend Bonus. Hereby players are called upon to make colleagues, acquaintances, friends and family members enthusiastic about the casino in question. If they register through you (and actually make a deposit) then they will receive a nice bonus in return. For casinos this is an easy way to recruit new players. People can find their way to the casino without having to advertise. That’s why the amount of this friend bonus can be quite high. For example Unibet rewards you with a bonus of 100 dollars per signed up friend. So it is certainly worthwhile to start convincing people in your area.

Loyalty bonuses for loyal players

Bringing in new gamblers is one thing. But a casino also really can’t do without a group of loyal players. Especially for regular customers, some nice bonuses are available. The Reload Bonus and the VIP Bonus are used by many casinos.

The Reload Bonus rewards players who deposit money into their account more than once. So after you have received a Welcome Bonus, you can benefit from one more bonus. This Reload Bonus often applies to two to five additional deposits. This means that you will receive a nice amount of free play money if you regularly gamble at the casino. As with the Welcome Bonus, the bonus amount depends on the amount of your deposit. But in general, the Reload Bonus does provide more.

The VIP Bonuses go one step further than the Reload Bonus. These are in fact exclusive bonuses that only apply to a select group of players. Do you want to achieve VIP status? Then make sure you return to the casino regularly to play games and make deposits. For every game and every deposit you make you will receive points which will increase your status. At first you will have to settle for a bronze status, but in time you might even reach platinum status. And the higher you climb on the ladder, the more attractive the bonuses become. With this VIP Bonus casinos really show that they appreciate their loyal customers.

Is the highest bonus really the best choice?

Bonuses are a clever way to bring in players. Say it yourself: can you resist a nice extra? However, you should not only be guided by the height of the welcome bonus, for example. The highest bonus is simply not always the best choice. This is because casinos always have certain conditions. And you can be sure that the highest bonuses are also subject to the strictest requirements. So always ask yourself if you can meet the bonus requirements at all. After all, you have nothing to gain from a bonus of which you are ultimately unable to cash out the amount. Sometimes it is just wise to go for a lower bonus amount. Because the conditions are more favorable, you avoid leaving empty-handed.

Don’t forget to look at the bonus conditions

The Gambling Authority keeps a strict eye on whether casinos operate transparently. This means, among other things, that the bonus terms must be clearly stated on the website. The exact terms differ per casino and per bonus. Nevertheless it usually boils down to the fact that you have to clear the bonus within a certain period of time.

In order to unlock the bonus (also called “play around”), you need to wager the amount of money several times at the casino. If the casino is reasonable you may only need to wager six times. For a welcome bonus of 100 dollars you will have to wager at least 600 dollars on the games of the casino in question. If you’re a fanatical gambler, you’ll easily reach this amount. But can you meet the requirements if you have to play the amount more than six times?

Most casinos will give you 90 days to play through the bonus amount. Although there are certainly a number of gambling companies that use a shorter term. For example, you may just come across a term of 60 or even 30 days. And then it suddenly becomes quite a task to play 600 dollars worth of casino games. These requirements do not apply to all bonuses. In any case, reading the bonus conditions will create a lot of clarity.

Tips to get the most out of casino bonuses

A separate promotion page for small bonus promotions

Welcome bonuses, No Deposit bonuses, loyalty bonuses and Refer-a-Friend bonuses are certainly not the only interesting promotions. There are even casinos that have created a separate promotion page where the most diverse bonus promotions are listed. Think for example of an extra bonus for gamblers who play for the first time via their mobile or tablet. In addition there are often temporary promotions around important holidays or big tournaments. If you check the promotions page regularly you will always be up to date with the latest actions of the casino.

This way you take full advantage of all bonus promotions

With online gambling you can win nice amounts of money. But for the most avid players, this is not enough. In order to take full advantage of all bonuses they sign up at multiple online casinos. The most sensible option is to first clear a welcome bonus before signing up at the next casino. This way you won’t lose track so quickly. Is this strategy going a bit too far for you? Then at least sign up at the casino’s social media channels. From time to time bonus codes are posted there which you can redeem on the casino website. Good Luck!

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