Why Does the House Always Win? A Look at Casino Profitability

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Are you looking at playing the odds at the casino? While there are always people who win, the house is the real winner in the end. After all, for a casino to continue operating, they do have to take in more money than they give out. Most people likely know this already but are betting they’ll be the lucky one. 

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Dominic Andreasson has been writing about the casino industry for years. He brings a wealth of experience and deep insights into his writings. 

The Casino: Things to Know

Before going to any casino, there are some things a player must know. In the long run, you’re likely to lose. The casino always has the advantage, so while you might win initially if you keep playing, the casino is sure to be the real winner. Let’s take a closer look at a concept known as house edge and a few other essential details.

House Edge

House edge is something a lot of players are unaware of or don’t know much about. The house edge represents the advantage the casino has over you. While casino games are based on luck, the casino has better odds of winning than you do.

It has to be this way, of course; if the odds were truly 50/50 either way, the casino couldn’t operate for long, they would go broke. House edge, however, varies from game to game. The advice to players is to always try to play games with a lower house edge.

The game of roulette is one that illustrates house edge nicely and often comes up in these conversations. The roulette has the numbers 1-36. Players who bet odd or even have the highest chance of winning since it covers half of the wheel. The only problem is this isn’t entirely true.

There’s one more number on there, the “0”, which doesn’t count towards any bet. That extra number makes your odds of winning slightly less than 50%. This is the house edge. The casino’s odds of winning are slightly above 50%, so the odds are always on their side. With American roulette, things get even worse for you as there’s an extra double zero, so avoid that one at all costs.  

In slot games at casinos, you have something called RTP (Return to Player), which is a very similar concept. The idea behind RTP is how much of the money the player wagers on the games will be eventually returned to them. 

Imagine RTP is 95%. If throughout the game, you bet 20€, the idea is you will win back around 19€. That means you still lost 1€, which the casino gained. So it’s a net profit for the casino. In the short term, you could score a decent win. RTP is about the long term, however. 

The Casino is Designed to Make you Gamble Longer

A lot of research and effort goes into designing casinos. What colours will be used, where the lighting will be, and the kind of music that plays are all factors considered. Nothing at a casino is a coincidence or an accident. Casinos want to keep you there for as long as they can and for you to spend as much as possible. 

The casino has a multitude of systems in place to keep you gambling for longer. All the lights, sounds and drinks aren’t there just for your pleasure. Research has even shown that certain kinds of music can increase gambling intensity or duration. The flashing lights on the games, the sound of “winner!” going off in the distance and the pleasant hosts are all designed to make you get more comfortable and in the gambling mindset. 

We’re all also familiar with the effects of alcohol. People who are drunk tend to make poor decisions, and that’s precisely what the casino wants. This is one important reason why you should really avoid drinking when at a casino. At the very least, do it after you’ve done your gambling but certainly not before or during. 

If You Win, It’s Time to Go 

If, after you bet your money, you happen to get a big win, it might be the time to call it quits. Many people who win will, unfortunately, end up gambling it all away. As we’ve mentioned a few times, in the long term, the casino always wins, even if you do manage to get a win early on. 

The problem is people who win think they will win again, and yes, very rarely some of them do. When you win, you get a certain thrill and want more, so you bet again. You end up losing, so bet repeatedly in hope of getting it all back, and still lose. In the end, you’ve lost everything you won initially and more. 

The scenario above is an all-too-common one. The important thing to remember is that should you win big, it’s time to cash out and call it quits for the day. 


Hopefully, you’re a bit more prepared for your next time at the casino, whether in person or online. Gambling has always been based on luck, but the casino is always a little luckier. Hopefully, with some of our tips above, you can come away with at least as much money as you went in. 

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