A Guide To Playing Casino Games in Santa Clarita

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Despite California playing an important role in gaming history, residents of Santa Clarita are not spoiled for choice in terms of casino games.

Charles August Fey invented the very first slot machines up the Californian coast in San Francisco. He built the 4-11-44 in his basement, and it became so popular he gave up his job and later made the Card Bell and the more famous Liberty Bell. By 1909, there were more than 3,300 slot machines in San Francisco alone. Sadly, for Frey, slot machines were banned in California not long after and remain so to this day.

However, they quickly became a vital component of casinos across the broader United States, and in the modern age, are more advanced than ever before. Over time, casinos have become incredibly varied, with big prizes on offer across various games, not just slots. Recently, a Santa Clarita resident took $2.4m from a progressive table game, according to the Review Journal, the sort of prize that keeps such games popular. A progressive game is one where the jackpot rises every time someone plays until finally it is won and starts back down at a low figure, and they are popular with online providers. You can find all manner of games with online gaming providers, not only slots but other progressive games, too. Gala Casino is one provider that offers traditional casino games such as Mega Fire Blaze Roulette, along with a range of branded and themed online slots, such as Gargoyle Infinity Reels, and many of those have six-figure progressive prizes. For Santa Clarita residents, that is the only way to indulge in such games without leaving the city, as there are no land-based casinos in the area. California doesn’t allow slot machines in its casinos; it is the only way to play slots unless you travel much further afield.

But what if you are a resident of Santa Clarita and want an authentic casino experience at a physical location? Online providers can offer you various games, convenience and big prizes, but can they truly replicate the feeling of sitting in a hall full of dealers and alive with the excited chatter of other players? No, they cannot, and if you wish to experience that, you’re going to have to plan for a car journey.

Hollywood Park Casino (36m from Santa Clarita)

Hollywood Park Casino and Hotel is a short car journey south from Santa Clarita and the closest gaming establishment for residents to enjoy. There are more than 100 tables offering poker games and games such as No Busy Blackjack, Baccarat and Party Craps. There is also a great range of food at the Century Bar and Grill, helping to make this worth the trip out of Santa Clarita.

Commerce Casino and Hotel (40m from Santa Clarita)

Just a couple of miles further into Los Angeles, you can find the Commerce Casino and Hotel. They offer 12 types of poker, including Lowball and Razz, as well as common variants such as Omaha. There are plenty of other card games, such as Pai Gow tiles, EZ Baccarat and Pan 9. Remember, you won’t find roulette in a California casino either due to being a game of chance. There are three places to eat here, the best of which is probably 323 Bistro, serving such delights as Desayuno Burritos.

The Bicycle Hotel and Casino (42m from Santa Clarita)

The Bicycle Casino has been in existence since 1984 and has a solid reputation in the area as an established and respected venue. As with all the establishments on our list, there are only games of skill here, with the usual poker and card games spread across 100,000 square feet. If you’re staying for the weekend and looking for food, the Phoenix Café serves a range of Chinese-inspired dishes, such as Beef Chow Fun and Kung Pao Chicken.

Whilst you won’t find slot machines in these establishments, you can still play on your mobile device if you so wish and could even do so from the comfort of your suites at any of the three casinos closest to our wonderful city.

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