From Business to Entertainment, Indian Influence in California is Growing

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There are approximately 2.7 million Indian immigrants in the USA, with that number rising to more than 4 million when accounting for Americans with Indian ancestry. The largest proportion live in New York, but there is also a healthy population in California. The Indian influence in the Golden State is growing, and it can be seen in business, entertainment, and food.

Indian Companies Create Wealth of Jobs

There have been some huge moves by Indian American companies in the last few years, with the Indian Roots, American Soil 2020 project highlighting the vast amount of investment across the whole country. California had been one of the main areas for this growth. An example of this is the recent news that a huge start-up from India just purchased the Epic reading platform for $500 million. This partnership goes the other way as well. Indeed, California-based firm, Season Two Ventures, has decided to back India’s potential to be a global tech hub by investing in numerous start-ups in the country.

Presence in Entertainment Industry Rising

Aside from business, the influence of India in the entertainment sector is clearly on the up. There are plenty of amazing Indian actors in Hollywood, with Sir Ben Kingsley being the most famous example. Others include Irrfan Khan, Freida Pinto, and Naveen Andrews. Bollywood is also becoming more popular in the West, with various Indian films appearing on Netflix. Indian influence in the online casino industry is apparent. The Genesis casino website in India is popular in its home country, but it has also been marketed to other countries around the world. It features plenty of games based on Western culture but also has several Indian games that are enjoyed by people from the US. One of the standout options is Teen Patti, which is a bit like poker. It certainly appeals to lovers of Texas Hold’em, as the gameplay is not too dissimilar.

Cuisine is Becoming More Popular in the State

One of the easiest ways to see the Indian influence in California is through the number of restaurants in the state that serve up cuisine from the country. Many of these can be found in Los Angeles, where a lot of Indian Americans choose to reside. Some of the top names include Saffron Indian Restaurant, India’s Restaurant, Badmaash, and Anarbagh Indian Restaurant.

Indian food has taken a little longer to boom in the USA than it has in places like the UK. In 2015, it was found that only two percent of the ethnic food market was made up of the cuisine. However, the love of food from the subcontinent is increasing in Americans, and this could be to do with the influence of Indians in other areas of life in the country.

Aside from the increasing presence of Indian offerings in entertainment and investment in businesses, some Americans are also finding a passion for getting involved with Indian culture. One thing that people from the country are famous for is dancing, and there are various places where Americans can find authentic Indian dance classes in Cali.

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