From Remote Work To a Hybrid Model

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As the Covid-19 pandemic is slowly getting better, companies and organizations are now facing new kinds of challenges: remote work is here to stay, but on the other hand people are also returning to work places. In many companies there will be a demand for a hybrid working model. But how to organize this in a way that will not have negative impacts on the workflow?

Adjusting To New Requirements – Again

In 2020 companies were talking about remote work: how it could be done most effectively, and how to fit the company structure and operations around it. In 2021, remote work has in many cases become the new normal.

Now the conversation is shifting to talks about hybrid models. Companies need to combine remote workers with the ones that are returning to the office. For those companies that have their entire business in the digital environment, such as online casinos and webstores, for instance, this will not be that big of an issue. In fact, these types of companies and industries have been using a hybrid model already long before the Covid hit.

A hybrid model can be seen as a simple solution to the problems organizations are having, simply because it allows the companies to create a working life that both remote and in-office workers are happy with.

One of the biggest hurdles that companies need to overcome when choosing a hybrid model is the leadership and how it works. An important part in making the hybrid model successful is to be sure that the leadership is acting consistently.

Casinos And Webstores As Examples

Online casinos are thriving here and in Europe. In Finland for instance, best casinos, or paras netticasino as the Finns say, are operating fully digitally. This means that remote workers can work from anywhere in the world. Teams can consist of multiple nationalities and no one might be around the actual office. On the other hand there is always a headquarters, which has a physical office space.

Hybrid model has been working great, thanks to the digital environment the companies in the casino industry are operating in. Since there has never been such high requirements to be present at the office, remote work has been easily conducted as well as working in the office.

As workplaces in different industries are now reopening, organizations can learn from the fields that have already been using hybrid models.

Different Styles of Hybrid Model

Workplaces are now reopening, and people are not keen to give up the possibility to work remotely. Not all companies are suitable for a one, specific type of hybrid model. Instead, there are many variations of the model. These are for instance remote-first, office-occasional and office-first, remote allowed.

Usually companies choose the remote-first option, since it seems to be the strongest model of them all.

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