Fun on a budget

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There should be no doubt that the Covid-19 crisis has been and is hard on all of us. Whether it be because you lost a loved one, suffered from the disease yourself, lost your job or cannot deal with the social distancing; everyone suffers in their own way. And even though we have no way to predict when this horrible pandemic will be over, we can try and help you with a few tips to have fun on a budget.

Come up with a new recipe

Cooking is not very difficult, but it sometimes requires a bit of patience. However, with a recipe at hand everyone can be a chef. The real difficulty is coming up with a delicious meal from scratch without any help. You can challenge yourself to create a new dish with whatever you have at home, or allow yourself to buy a certain number of additional items. It’s impossible not to have fun with this, especially if you involve the kids.

Invent a new game with the family

You can do this with kids or with only adults. As long as there is a minimum of two people participating. This is a challenge because you really have to be able to think outside of the box and come up with rules that make sense in the long run. Thinking outside of the box is necessary because otherwise you’ll only circle back to existing games and it’s important to have logical rules or you’ll lose sense of what the game is about halfway through it.

Take care of your garden

There is always something fun to be done with your garden. If you have a cat, you can add a pond with goldfish and if you have kids and are handy, you can build a playzone for them. You will easily find a tutorial on YouTube and your children are guaranteed to have lots of fun with it. In case you don’t have kids, you can use old pallets and create new furniture out of them. This is a huge trend right now and will definitely vamp up your garden if it’s done well.

Discover your city

No matter how long you have lived in your city/town/village, there will always be a part that you haven’t explored yet. Or some place you haven’t been for so long, you barely remember what it’s like. You’ll be surprised about how many hidden pearls you’ll be able to discover near your home if you just take the time for it. This is an activity you can do by yourself, with your family or with friends; it will always be fun and will cost you nothing.

18+; try a low budget casino

This is an activity only suitable for when the kids aren’t home. But it may be that much more fun because of it. Lately, more and more online casino’s for 10 bucks have opened up. You will find the casino’s that accept deposits of only 10 bucks under this link. Here you can play all your favourite casino games on a budget. Maybe you’ll even get lucky and win.

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