How Indians in America can Play Casino Games in Rupees

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The global iGaming market peaked at a staggering $66.72 billion at the end of 2020, while further, incremental growth is forecast for the next decade or so. 

Interestingly, this market has also become increasingly intertwined in line with its increased growth and value, particularly with countries such as India only allowing natives to wager through international casinos and sportsbooks. 

This is borne out by any top 10 online casinos list in India, which features a host of renowned names including Betway, LeoVegas, ComeOn! and Royal Panda. 

However, the situation can become decidedly more complex when trying to wager between countries and in different currencies. In this post, we’ll ask how Indians in the US can wager in rupees in online casinos, while appraising which option is best for each individual punter. 

Finding an International Brand That’s Accessible to Both Indian and US Customers 

There are some similarities between the Indian and North American markets, with both sectors legalised (and regulated) at individual state level as part of a wider, federal system of governance. 

As we’ve already touched on, however, the Indian marketplace prohibits domestic operators from targeting customers, although the archaic nature of the country’s gambling legislation (which dates back to 1867) makes no provision for iGaming and therefore does not prevent players from wagering with international casinos or sportsbooks. 

In the US, just four states have legalised online casino gameplay to date, while more than 20 have now made sports betting legal following the decision of the Supreme Court to overturn the controversial PAPSA legislation in May 2018

This 1992 law had previously banned sports betting at the federal level, while the ruling has enabled a select few domestic and international operators to claim a share of North America’s burgeoning marketplace. 

This creates a slight issue for punters in the states who want to wager in rupees, as many of the international casino brands active in India simply aren’t licensed to operate in the US. 

However, there are some that fit this bill, with the internationally renowned William Hill offering a relevant case in point. Because of this, you can wager as an Indian in the US while directly using rupees, negating the need to exchange currencies and incur any associated transaction charges. 

Other examples include Paddy Power, and there’s no doubt that this type of platform offers the most convenient and cost-effective method of wagering in rupees as an Indian overseas! 

So, while there may be many things to keep in mind when searching for an online casino, this is undoubtedly one of the most important when hoping to wager in rupees in a specific US state. 

Are There any Other Options? 

As we’ve touched on, another option for US-based Indians who want to wager in rupees is to exchange funds from one currency into another.  

This can be costly, however, depending on where you choose to execute an exchange and the timing of the transaction in question. 

If you review the best and most popular online US casinos such as Bovada, you’ll also see that such entities tend to accept both US dollars and Bitcoin. Now, while BTC may not be for everyone, this asset is increasingly commonplace in the iGaming market and offers an incredibly convenient and cheap medium of currency exchange. 

Theoretically, you could exchange a fixed amount of rupees in a BTC holding, with this type of transaction typically instant and only subject to minimal fees (although these will vary depending on demand and the size of the transaction).  

The one potential downside here is that a single BTC token currently costs a staggering £23,893.56. This is despite a crash that has seen the asset shelve nearly 50% of its total value in barely two months, so the fact remains that Bitcoin may only be accessible to the wealthiest Indian gamblers in the US. 

Of course, some online casinos in the US may offer access to more affordable crypto assets such as Ethereum (Ether), but such entities are much rarer and harder to locate. 

However, the good news is that there are some options when looking to wager in rupees at an online US casino, so long as you’re willing to search and compare the market in detail. 

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