(Warning) Arctos Portable AC Review: A Scam? Read This Before Buy!

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Arctos Portable AC Review :- Are you casting for the best and affordable air conditioner? Well, you are at the right place as we are going to review a portable air conditioner that is trending all over the internet. The temperature is rising and everyone is looking for the best air conditioners but the fact is air conditioner consumes a lot of energy and that will hit your pocket. In this article, you will get to know about a product that will help you beat the summers and also be friendly to your pocket.  

Arctos Portable AC is a product that is trending all over the internet because of its features and quality. Air conditioners are costly and also need a lot of energy but on the other hand, this Ac is affordable and requires less amount of energy. 

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What Is Arctos Portable AC? 

Arctos is a portable air conditioner that uses ultra-modern technology to filter the air and also to add some humidity in the air. You will use this device in winters too in order to add humidity into the air. In winter the amount of water present in the air is low and results in various problems like bleeding nose, difficulty in breathing, etc. 

The device use evaporation technology to cool the air and offers you fresh and refreshing air. The device is lightweight and requires less amount of electricity. The device can be installed without the help of any technician and doesn’t require much space. The device is portable and the design of this product can enhance the beauty of your room or office. 

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What Are The Technical Specifications? 

Here are the technical specifications of Arctos Portable AC: 

• Model Number: WT-F10 

• Power Required: 1W to 5W 

• Device Material: ABS/Silica gel 

• Weight of the Device: 12lbs 

• Tank Capacity: 500 ML 

• Speed Options: 3 different speed options are there ranging from 2200rpm to 3600rpm. 

What Are The Features/Benefits Of Arctos Portable AC? 

Arctos Portable AC is a complete package that offers lots of features to its users. Here are the lists of features/benefits offered by Arctos AC

Portability: The device is small in size and that enables you to carry this product anywhere you want. The device is made up of ABS/Silica gel and the weight of the product is just 12lbs therefore you can carry this AC easily. 

Easy To Use: You need to follow the instruction manual and the whole process is simple and easy to use. 

Many Functions: The device can be used in both summers and winters. You can use it in summers for cool refreshing fresh air and in winters you can use this product to increase the humidity in the air.  

Easy Installation: You can set up this AC without the help of a technician. Even a child can set up this device without any help. 

Easy To Carry: You can carry this product along with you while traveling because the size of the product is compact and doesn’t require much space. The device is the perfect traveling companion.  

Affordable Price: The price of this product is affordable as compared to regular air conditioners. The manufacturer is offering this product at a discounted price. 

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How To Install Arctos Portable AC? 

You can install this air conditioner on your own and you don’t need to spend any money on its installation. Even a child can set up this portable air conditioner. One of the problems with traditional air conditioners is that they are heavy and need an expert technician to install that device but know you can install this device by following these simple steps: 

1. You need to read the instruction manual in order to set up this mini air conditioner. 

2. Fill the tank with chilled water. 

3. Connect the device to the power source and switch on the device to enjoy the fresh and refreshing air. 

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What Are The Safety Tips You Need To Follow? 

For better and long-lasting performance you need to follow these safety tips. These safety tips not only enhance the performance of this device but also extends its life cycle. Here are a few tips you need to follow: 

1. The device has small components therefore keep away from kids and pets. 

2. Keep away from the fire as the device is made up of plastic. 

3. You need to clean the device in order to maintain hygiene and proper working. 

4. Cleaning the device in order to prevent dust accumulation. 

5. Connect the power source properly otherwise it will result in short-circuit.   

Where To Buy? 

Arctos Portable AC is only available on its official website. You will not able to buy this product from any retail shop as there are no retailers of this product. Only the manufacturer is offering this product at a discounted price and also offers 90 days money-back guarantee. In case you think this product is not for you then you can claim your money back. 

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Summary- Arctos Portable AC Review 

To be very honest if you are looking for an air conditioner that is affordable and consumes less power than Arctos Portable AC is the perfect product. You don’t need to spend money on installation and maintenance cost is also low. The product is lightweight but effective to beat the heat. Just order it and enjoy the summer with your family without worrying about the electricity bill. Visit the official website to buy Arctos Portable AC.  

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