What are the Most Unusual Golf Courses?

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The Randa organisation estimates that there are over 38,000 golf courses in the world. The game, often described as exciting and challenging by admirers and players, or elitist and vapid by anyone else ranks first, when it comes to landscaping and the beauty of nature on the sports field. The architecture that goes into designing the most unusual golf courses in the world is simply unique. Appreciating the natural setup can help learn more about golf, similar to playing online casino real money Australia games. One has to familiarise with the layout, understand the rules, and enjoy the best and most unusual natural sports field in the entire universe. Some of these include:

  • The Merapi Golf Course in Indonesia 
  • The Legend Golf Resort in South Africa 
  • The Uummannaq Golf Course in Greenland 
  • The Nullarbor Links Golf Course in Nullarbor Plains in Australia 
  • The Prison View Golf Course in Angola in Louisiana

The Merapi Golf Course in Indonesia 

The most unusual golf course is at the base of Mt. Merapi in Indonesia. The golf course is a sprawling green landscape with a natural feeling to it for all golf players. The golf course is, however, an experience all on its own. Players get to witness the rumble and tumble of lava every three years while engaging in a scorching match. You can see the volcano gasses lifting in the air a distance away every day for approximately 300 days. However, it does not limit the people terming the mountain a “Hot-Head” when reaching the tee. 

The golf course sits around 800 meters above sea level and is approximately 30 minutes drive from Yogyakarta, the nearest city. In its last eruption back in 2013, the golf course was covered in a white blanket made of dust and ash. The cover went and was nearly a mile long, covering every single region surrounding the golf course. All these factors do not deter golf enthusiasts from visiting the golf course and admiring the stunning natural environment surrounding it. However, the government does keep a seismic activity monitor on the mountain for earlier warnings and evacuations. 

The Legend Golf Resort in South Africa 

The Legend golf course in South Africa is a popular destination for golf players and lovers from all over the world. It’s often described as the “best golf course destination” in the world. The course has 19 holes instead of the regular 18 giving the course the name “World in One” according to the Signature Course. What is more alluring for the golf course is that a different legend in the golfing world designed each hole amongst the 19. 

When you take the final step while on the Legend Golf Resort, you will get the 19th hole; however, it is only accessible via a helicopter. The reason is that it’s located on Hanglip Mountain, over 1000 feet from the natural green forest of the mountain. Players refer to it as the “Extreme 19th” Players have to measure and hit the golf towards a small African Continent shaped field from the mountain. According to Sports Bible, only 15 people have made it into a helicopter and up the Hanglip Mountain to make the extreme 19. It remains the most precious thing for players around the world to accomplish. 

The Uummannaq Golf Course in Greenland 

Nothing beats a good lesson on how to spot and avoid frostbite before a sensational game of golf on the Uummannaq Golf Course in Greenland. What many terms as a potential tour destination, I call it the golf the “Frostbite course.” It’s the first thing that comes to mind when exposed to the extremely low temperatures on the Uummannaq Golf Course. 

New gear is low-temperature savvy as regular gear shatters due to the temperatures. However, it is a definite show stopper with unique gaming gear and clear safety instructions. Safety instructions are to limit the chances of developing frostbite. Plus, players must learn how to spot crevasses on the snowed surfaces and seal dens. The aim is to avoid such areas during a golf match. 

The Uummannaq Golf Course holds the championships for the World Ice Golf players. Individuals travel from all over the world to experience ice golfing. You can also visit the unusual course as a spectator, but safety rules apply to all players. 

The Nullarbor Links Golf Course in Nullarbor Plains in Australia is the most comprehensive globally at 850 miles. Any match played on this golf course takes around four days to complete. The main reason is that each hole is approximately 30 miles apart when driving. Players have to pass about two time zones while playing on the Nullarbor Links Golf Course in Nullarbor Plains in Australia. It is a golf match that would require a lot of patience and dedication to complete without getting bored. However, you get to drive on a famous highway across the plains, the Eyre Highway in the south of Australia. 

The Nullarbor Links Golf Course in Nullarbor Plains in Australia is a standard 72 course with 18 holes. The golf course offers very minimal green vegetation and what is available is mainly Astroturf. However, the barren expanse may provide great inspiration for designing or creating free pokies Aristocrat games.

The Prison View Golf Course in Angola in Louisiana

The Louisiana State Penitentiary holds the other most sought-after golf course in the world. Its location is within a state prison is what makes it an attraction for many people. However, the golf course entry and match rules follow strict orders. The prison has a history of being the “Bloodiest in America,” and no one would want to see a repeat of it. Therefore, any golf players and enthusiasts willing to get into the field have to make a reservation two days before arrival. The aim is to ensure the penitentiary conducts ample research (background check) into the individuals coming to play on the field. 

Firearms are not allowed within the Prison View Golf Course in Angola in Louisiana. If you are a convicted felon, you will also not enter the golf course. Players should expect a complete search of their belongings and vehicles before entering the golf course for any match. Also, the prison warden retains the right to suspend a game. The main reasons issued for suspended golf matches often include a statement indicating “due to institutional needs.” Other causes are at the warden’s discretion. 


The above lists contain some of the best and most unusual golf courses in the world. Some make it to the least due to the weird environmental factors surrounding the course, making it a unique experience and must-visit golf destination. It includes the Merapi golf course that sits below an active volcanic mountain, the Legend golf course with a high requiring travel by helicopter to reach it, or the Nullarbor course requiring four days to complete a game. 

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