How not to lose your grip when playing pokies in online casinos

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Good or bad, gambling is the favorite pastime of millions of people across the world. Slots are probably the most popular casino games in all of the world. In Australia, for instance, there are more pokies (that what they call slot machines) per person than in any other country!

But for some people, this hobby may turn into a nightmare. It doesn’t have to, though. There are seven common-sense rules that will make sure you don’t lose control and spend too much on a night of gambling. If you or your friends are planning a trip to Vegas, learn these tips to ensure your time there will be fun.

Change the attitude

This one comes first because it can make so much impact on the quality of the time you spend in a casino. It’s probably the hardest one to master too. The crux of the issue with gambling problems lies in the fact that some people tend to think spinning a slot machine is a viable way of getting rich quickly.

Sadly, it’s not, and even if huge jackpot sums entice you, the odds of winning one are rather slim. What you can get out of a night out gambling is loads of fun. Whether you do this for the company in a casino place or to have an adrenaline rush while you’re lying on your comfy couch gambling away at an online casino, it’s for the fun of it. Sure, money does play a role in why you play, but it shouldn’t be relying on it too much.

Once you develop the attitude towards slots that is about getting fun and having a few wins as a nice addition, you’ll have a much easier time adhering to the other tips from this list.

Set a limit on maximum spending

With that out of the way, let’s talk money. Your key at an online casino is not to win a million on your first day, but to walk away with a result you can be happy with. The first step towards that is to set up a limit of what you can bet in a day or in a week.

There is no concrete line fit for anyone, you should set up that limit for yourself. Make sure that it’s an amount of money you can safely afford to lose without it affecting your life overall. Set it up once and adhere to it.

With this limit in mind, deposit only the amount you’re willing to spend in a casino if you lose it, come back next time. Give yourself a treat after the losing streak to avoid frustration — have a candy bar, do push-ups, or relax in front of a TV.

Set a limit on maximum wager

Since we’re here to have fun, we don’t want to blow through the daily limit in one spin. Manage your gambling allowance to have as long a session as you want. To do that, divide your maximum daily limit by anywhere from 20 to 100. The number depends only on how long you want your session to last.

Once you do that, set up your wager in every game to that limit, and off you go.

Walk away after you’ve won enough

This one may sound weird, but it’s actually very handy as a long-term strategy. If you want to be walking away with more money in your pocket than you came in with, you’ll need to spend a daily cap on winning.

As counterintuitive as it may sound, this will help you win consistently. If you stay at the casino with the money you’ve won, there’s no guarantee you won’t lose it by the night’s end. If you ride the wave of luck and leave before you have the chance to squander it, you’ll end up with a positive balance.

Debit card only

Should you spend a couple of hundred bucks from your credit card on bets knowing that you can easily pay it back once you win? The answer to that is always a no. You should only spend the amount of money you can afford to lose. It would be bad to end up losing money after a gambling session, realising you owe money now is even worse.

Don’t ever play on credit funds. This advice alone can save your family finance a lot of trouble.

Play sober

The best way to make sure you do stick to these tips is to stay sober while you play. A lot of gamblers and slot machine enthusiasts out there love to have all the fun at once. So a night of gambling also becomes a drinking night. While there’s nothing wrong with having a beer while you play, you shouldn’t drink too much.

If you do end up too drunk to control yourself, the odds of you forgetting about the rules you’ve set up for yourself increase quite a lot. It’s totally fine if you want to have a drink after you’re done with gambling, just make sure it’s not at a casino.

Have fun

We’ve already established that gambling, while it has the potential to add some money to your budget, isn’t a viable way to make money unless we’re speaking about professional poker players. The primary reason you go to a casino parlor or on a casino site is to have fun playing.

This is why that’s our last and ultimate tip — have fun. While you are in the process of playing, try asking yourself if you are having a good time. If you do and you’re well within your limits, carry on! But if you start feeling angry or frustrated with the game, you should consider calling it a day and switching to a more pleasurable activity. After all, why’d you want to spend money on a pastime you’re not happy with at the moment?

With these seven tips in mind, you’ll never have another day ruined with your favorite hobby. Granted, some of these may need more time to adjust to than others, but once you do adjust, your gambling sessions will become much better!

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