How to use free VPN for Netflix

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Free VPN for Netflix can be a rare phenomenon considering Netflix’s strict and constantly updated privacy policy settings. Netflix developers are pretty crafty, making it hard to penetrate through the rigid blocks set by the streaming service. To watch Netflix from a restricted region without paying the subscription fee might call for a more robust and premium VPN service. However, few (maybe 3) free VPNs thrive to offer the best services for Netflix and streaming devices such as Firestick. 

What is Netflix? 

Netflix is a streaming service that allows users to access online content such as movies, TV series, TV shows, documentaries, cartoons, and more.  The service is popular but restricted based on region license. All streams come with a subscription fee attached, making it difficult for many users to access their favorite content.  The Netflix service is available on various streaming devices such as Firestick, IOS devices, and Android. 

To watch all Netflix channels on Firestick without restrictions. Many online streamers have implemented protection services from free VPN for Firestick.  With the VPN service, the user can bypass geolocation restrictions, hide IP addresses, streaming data, and free access.  

How to access free VPN for Netflix 

The most recommended free VPN for Netflix are NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and Surfshark VPN services. To enjoy streaming service, you need to download a VPN on your streaming device. 

  • First, select your best VPN provider from the internet. 
  • Next, download the VPN on your streaming gadget. 
  • Once downloaded, connect to the nearest server or region server. 
  • Open the Netflix web page and proceed to the VPN server homage. 
  • Now you can select any content: movies, TV shows, documentaries, etc. 

How to watch Netflix using a free VPN 

The user can watch Netflix using a free VPN via three options.  

Using free VPN for Netflix 

There are various free VPN service providers offering free services for Netflix.  The user can settle for the free VPN and stream online. However, the service might not last long since Netflix constantly updates its system.  The free VPN can be detected and blocked, thus limiting the user. The majority of free VPNs are not updated and cannot keep up with Netflix updates. 

Free VPN trials 

The majority of premium VPN offer users free trial periods. The user enjoys complete VPN services for a limited time (30 days or 7 days or more based on VPN provider). One can take advantage of the free trial period and sign out after the respective days.  The provider will request payment data but will not debit any money during the free trial.  

Money-back guarantees  

Most VPN providers provide new user money-back guarantees. The user needs to pay the required subscription fee. However, it’s refundable once the user opts out of the service due to various reasons.  To receive the money, one must send the request before the designated period.  This method allows the user to access all the Netflix streaming channels.  

Why Netflix VPNs are blocked 

A VPN is designed to allow data to flow through a secure channel hidden from the surveillance eye.  The data uses a unique server, thus concealing the actual IP address. All other sites will only get the VPN IP address making it hard to block or access the actual user. VPN also allows users to access different geo-locations without any restrictions. 

Netflix works hard to outsmart the VPN developers by tracking VPN usage and IP addresses.  The developers block the server’s IP address and block users from access the contents.  This prevents many VPN providers from supporting Netflix since it requires more efforts to crack the Netflix security barriers. 

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