Keeping pace with the tech world – latest developments

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The world of technology grows at an incredible rate. You only have to look at the way that the internet has expanded over the last 20 years to see how technology can have an impressive impact on the world. We’ve taken a close look at some of the latest news in the tech world to keep you up to date with what’s going on.  

Online gambling continues to grow 

This is an area that has had a lot of focus from the tech world over the last few years. Online casinos have seen large amounts of growth and a lot of this is due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It has also led to a large number of different movements in the tech world for online gambling.  

One of the biggest movements is the increase in e-wallet usage. A recent study has shown that the pandemic has caused a significant increase in the number of e-wallet payments that are made at online casinos. Obviously, the ability to make lightning-fast payments has had a large impact on this, but the number of players who have been unable to leave the house has also had a big impact.  

The use of payments is something that is likely to continue to evolve for online casinos as cryptocurrency becomes more popular and players choose to use the fastest and most convenient ways for them to pay.  

Another piece of news for the gambling world is the news that ARK has invested into Genius Sports. The data provider recently came under fire for misrepresenting its potential customer base. However, ARK stepped in when the stock price was falling due to the controversy surrounding this. As a result, the Genius Sports stock price has rallied slightly. It’s likely that ARK will attempt to rehabilitate the company and make a profit in that manner.  

Improvements in cyber security 

Cyber security is without a doubt one of the biggest industries in the world at the moment. Almost every day, there is a new scam being developed by criminals in an attempt to get access to your funds. Of course, this does lead to a number of issues with users. It’s especially prevalent with more naïve users – normally, tech users who aren’t as comfortable with modern technology – as they can often be taken in by the scams and from there end up actually sending money to scammers.  

What has helped users recently is an increased drive to make cyber security an important aspect of the internet experience. A new development in the UK has seen a single button plugin be added to Outlook in order to send suspicious emails to the National Cyber Security Centre. This will make it much easier for companies to learn when potential phishing scams are being used as well as making it easier for the authorities to track scammers.   

This kind of technology is something that many other authorities across the world are looking into, and it’s something that could be seen on email providers everywhere in the near future. Cyber security is something that everyone should take seriously, and it’s even becoming a high-quality potential career for a number of people.  

Apple settles lawsuit against Corellium 

Corellium has long been an important part of the tech security world. It created a number of virtual iOS devices that allow security companies to detect potential flaws in the iOS software. This then means that app developers can code in their own protections against these flaws when creating apps for their own products. This is vitally important for app developers who create financial apps such as banking apps.  

Apple attempted to acquire Corellium in 2018, but the company refused the approach. When it was knocked back, Apple decided to sue Corellium instead. The initial lawsuit was filed in 2019 and was aimed at forcing Corellium to stop creating and hosting the virtual iPhone software. 

However, in December 2020, this initial lawsuit was thrown out by a federal court. The court decided that the use of the software was fair use. The court disagreed with Apple’s claims that hackers could use the software to try to expose flaws in iOS and that the copyright that Apple held was being infringed upon.  

The court felt that some of the arguments that Apple was making were puzzling and, in some cases, disingenuous. The copyright claim was allowed to be continued, but this has also been dropped.  

A number of campaigners have spoken out against Apple, saying that the attempts to stop Corellium were trying to stop legitimate research into the potential flaws of iOS. This is something that the campaigners claim is dangerous, especially when taking into account the issues that Apple has had with security in recent years.  

After settling the lawsuit, both Apple and Corellium have remained tight-lipped about the details behind the agreement. Corellium has, however, said that it will continue to offer the virtual iOS software to customers.  

Criminals seize opportunity to launder crypto through Dark Net 

Crypto has long been seen as the last bastion of privacy for people. However, recently governments have shown that they are able to track crypto payments using new technologies. It means that criminals are having to learn new ways to use crypto if they want to keep using it as an anonymous payment method.  

The new service that’s offered is called anti-analysis. It allows criminals to check up on their crypto holdings to see if there are any links to illegal activity that can be tracked by authorities. From here, the criminals can continue to launder their crypto until any associations have been removed from the coins.  

It’s an extremely advanced technique that will provide criminals with another weapon in the fight against the authorities. The technique currently doesn’t have a hugely successful strike rate, but as it improves in the future, it’s likely that it will become much more effective. This will in turn make it a lot harder for authorities to track illegal money.  

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