List Of Free Download YouTube MP3 Online for Free

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List of Free download YouTube Mp3 Online for Free consists of the three-best downloaders with the best conversion results. All these downloaders are competitors to each other. These downloaders are result-oriented and download YouTube to Mp3 in a few clicks.

YouTube To Mp3:

YouTube to Mp3 is a process of converting YouTube video content into Mp3 Format. MP3 is one of the most common formats for audio files. Converting YouTube to Mp3 enables users to listen to their favourite YouTube songs anywhere without being connected to WIFI. People like to listen to songs while they go on walking, exercising or travelling. 80% of people listen to songs during regular activities. It gives them Goosebumps, and also keeps them motivated during their task. You must be thinking, why convert YouTube songs into Mp3?  As all songs are already available on the internet in Mp3 format. The answer is no; not all songs are available on the internet. The songs of before the 90s are still rare to find on google. These evergreen and rare songs are only available on YouTube in different lengths and qualities. One more thing, it isn’t easy to find your desired song in MP3 format on google. You will keep scrolling down and visiting different sites after seeing numerous annoying ads. You won’t be able to get your desired Mp3 file. To bypass this process, we are here to help you out with YouTube to Mp3 conversion. The conversion process consists of a few steps and takes less than a minute to get YouTube to Mp3.

Need of converting YouTube to Mp3:

YouTube is the platform for video content only. If you want to listen to songs on YouTube, you must be connected to stabilize the internet, and your mobile screen must be turned on. Once your mobile screen is turned off, the YouTube player will stop. To deal with this problem, people convert YouTube video content into MP3 format and enjoy it without having WIFI or Cellular data. The download option of YouTube does not apply to every video. Selected videos can be downloaded through YouTube. In comparison, the Mp3 converter allows every video of YouTube to download in Mp3 format.

MP3 Format:

The acceptability of the Mp3 format is infinite. MP3 formats are accessible through any device. Mp3 format is a compressed and lossy version of the original file. It compressed the original file and lost irrelevant information to make the size of the original file small. Mp3 files are easy to share on different devices and social media platforms. The acceptability of the Mp3 format is very high due to its small size. Thus, the Mp3 file can be downloaded in a second and saved on a device with less memory. People can save 100s of Mp3 songs on their device, and the appliance can still run smoothly.  

List Of Free download Youtube Mp3 Downloader:

There are so many YouTube to Mp3 downloaders available on the internet. All these downloaders are either paid or consist of annoying ads. The free YouTube to Mp3 downloading website does not provide the desired result, and if some of them provide, they want the user to watch annoying ads.

After using several converters, we have selected the best three online YouTube to Mp3 downloaders for free. These downloaders are indeed the best we have seen so far. They are result-oriented and fulfil visitors’ purpose of visit.

“” is our first selection of YouTube to Mp3 downloader. The site is very smooth and fast to load. It takes seconds to load once you type its address bar in your browser URL. The website provides selected conversion services but ensures to give quality results. If you are too much into YouTube to Mp3 downloader online, then this site is strongly recommended. “” is user-friendly to use. The new PC user can quickly get its conversion services for free. The downloader is free to use, and the premium version is also available at a meagre rate for its pro and professional users.

Tools Available:

Directly Search Videos:

This tool allows the user to make the conversion process one step concise. The user does not have to open the YouTube link on another tab; type the video title, and you are ready to go.

YouTube Mp3 downloader:

This is the best and problem-solving tool that allows users to convert any YouTube video into Mp3 format in different sizes. The tool gives the best result and, in a few seconds, it can convert your desired video into Mp3 Format.

Mp3 downloader:

This helps you download the Mp3 file into different formats like WAV, FLAC. The tools allow you to download the various formats files into Mp3 format.

Mp3 Music download:

This can download your favourite Mp3 songs into Mp3 formats. Now you don’t have to buy bulky software that slows down your computer; go online and download your favourite Mp3 songs.


The second-best downloader on our list is “freedownloadhq.” The website features a basic layout and several conversion tools. The downloader concentrates on converting YouTube videos to MP3 and finishes YouTube’s unfinished job. “freedownloadhq” gives you choices that any YouTube viewer might want. “freedownloadhq” is user-friendly and does not have as many intrusive advertisements. It has converted over 178,300,999 files totalling 8,108 TB. The figures demonstrate how frequently individuals utilize it. To all of its visitors, the downloader delivers a rapid and accurate result.

Tools Available:

YouTube To Mp3:

This is the essential instrument in the “freedownloadhq” arsenal. “freedownloadhq” has a significant focus on YouTube to MP3 conversion. With only a few clicks, you can convert any YouTube video to MP3 format. The downloader provides you with a variety of sizes and formats to choose from. It produces the most refined and most smooth YouTube to MP3 conversion. There aren’t as many irritating advertisements on this site.

YouTube To Mp4:

This allows downloading YouTube videos in Mp4 format. As the YouTube offline mode is not sustainable. The “freedownloadhq” provides the downloading of YouTube content in Mp4 format.

YouTube Converter:

YouTube Converter enables you to convert YouTube videos into almost all available formats of videos.


Last but not least. Github with other YouTube conversion options placed at no three in our best YouTube to Mp3 downloader. This site also focuses on YouTube to Mp3. The site has an attractive theme and does not have so many annoying options. The site is ad-free and offers premium YouTube to Mp3 downloading services. The site also plays a vital role as one of the best music search engines. It allows users to search music without opening the second tab directly.

Available Tools:

YouTube Search Engine:

The site offers one straightforward step procedure of downloading YouTube to Mp3. Just enter the keywords and let the search engine do its work or can check this post.

YouTube To Mp3 Converter:

The tool extracts audio from video in Mp3 format without any software support. It allows you to download Video files into WEBM, M4A, HQ-Quality, and MP3dl with just a few clicks. The site is very fast to load and perform your given task. It also allows you to download Mp4 video from 144p to 1080p without any restriction.

YouTube Playlist to Mp3:

This helps in downloading the whole YouTube playlist into Mp3 format.  Once the playlist is downloaded, you don’t have to worry about the internet connection to play your playlist.

Video/Audio Cutter:

This feature is available free of cost. You have to pick up the time frame by setting the two milestones of your desire, and in just a few seconds, you will see your desired crop video available to download.

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