The 7 Most Expensive Phones in the World

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Cellphones have nearly become omnipresent in our technologically advanced days. While most phones appear to be the same but for a few operational aspects, there are a few that stand out. For the most discerning tech connoisseurs, these are some of the most costly cellphones in the world, combining design and utility in novel ways.

The world is driven by technology, and nowadays, practically every person around the globe has a mobile device. Just like the recent True Blue casino review of 2021, here is a review of the most high-priced phones in the world. Phones are developed for a certain reason, but the major characteristic of all the phones you’re about to see is their price tag. Here are 7 most expensive phones in the world:

  • The Hawk Diamond iPhone 6 
  • Gold iPhone 4S Lite 
  • Diamond 4th iPhone Rose 
  • The iPhone 3GS Supreme 
  • The King’s Button iPhone 3G 
  • Precious stone Crypto Smartphone 
  • Goldvish Le Million 

The Hawk Diamond iPhone 6 ($48.5 million)

This custom diamond iPhone was first created in 2000. The plan was to create a one-of-a-kind device, and this with a 24-karat gold phone also comes in rose gold and platinum varieties. The highlight of this creation is a huge pink precious stone implanted on the backboard.

Gold iPhone 4S Lite ($9.4 million)

This is the creator’s third piece and still makes it to the list of the more expensive telephones and is just a point below the best position. The manufacturer, at this point, is topping the extravagant iPhone market. This masterpiece has 500 gems on its edge and makes up a total of 100 carats. This piece of art is crafted from 24 carats of solid gold and its backboard and Apple logo.

It is a piece of platinum that has cleaned pieces of Tyrannosaurus Rex bone, as well as a number of common gemstones. It comes packing 64GB of memory, and only two of its kind have been released.

Diamond 4th iPhone Rose ($8 million)

Like the two previous high-value devices, instead of the home button, this unit comes with a valuable stone and still boosts stakes by having a pink diamond in 7.4 carats. Diamond iPhone 4 rose edition earns a spot as one of the most costly phones on the planet. Only two of its kind have been released, and this device comes with 32GB of storage.

The iPhone 3GS Supreme ($3.2 million)

For one, British architect Stuart Hughes utilizes 22 karats of gold in this piece, alongside 136 jewels studded around the edge of this telephone. On the back of the apple logo are 53 precious pieces. Once again, the home catch is replaced with a gem. This is an unbelievable 7.1 carat, though.

Moreover, this phone comes in a pack made from a lonely stone and embellished with calfskin and gold from Cashmere. The 4th most pricy phone on the planet is the iPhone 3GS Supreme.

It was produced in Liverpool by an Australian financial specialist Stuart Hughes. Even if it’s more expensive than iPhone 3G, both are quite similar.

Seeking to make it a standout amongst other quality and most costly telephones on the planet, Hughes took a very long time to make this sparkling smartphone.

The King’s Button iPhone 3G ($2.5 million)

The King’s Button iPhone 3G is ranked the 5th phone in the world for a high price with features that includes a blend of yellow, white and rose gold each of this 18 Carat. The white gold colour appears as a stripe running along the telephone’s lines and is studded with 138 jewels. Yes, it’s not something you can see at online slots Australia, that’s for sure. The Ruler’s Button, which is a 6.6-carat gem that replaces the home catch, is another standout element of the smartphone.

This device comes in fifth, as one of the costliest around the globe. As one of the best, even most costly telephones on the planet, its home catch is also made of a 6.6-carat jewel, which draws many individuals’ attention to the smartphone.

Precious Stone Crypto Smartphone ($1.3 million)

The Diamond Crypto, designed by Austrian architect Peter Aloisson, is now the world’s most expensive phone. The telephone is composed of platinum, with a home catch, a crested rose gold logo and quality wood framing, made from Macassar Ebony.

The phone gets its name from two key elements. It is studded with 50 precious stones, including ten exceptionally unique blue jewels. It features modern encryption technology, which keeps every piece of information secure. All these features have earned this phone its spot as the 6th most valuable device. It’s perhaps the most gotten telephone globally due to its scrambled voice and SMS correspondence, a quality that made it extravagant.

The entire framework in Diamond Crypto Smartphone is scrambled, which gives it greater security and edges over different devices. It comprises eighteen carats of rose gold, has a memory of 64GB RAM and comes with a battery capacity of1350 mAH. As a result of its cost, the smartphone has numerous cryptographic qualities that made it remarkable and helped it rank as one of the seven best most costly telephones on the planet. These incorporate encryption processor, crypto Phone call, crypto SMS, crypto E-mail, encryption button, the key force of 1107, a crypto calculation with Symmetric 256 bit, and a key dispersion technique.

Goldvish Le Million ($1.3 million)

Goldvish is back on the list with this incredible blade-shaped phone, which was also the world’s most expensive phone at the time. Rocking an 18-karate gold body, this device looks really classy, earning its spot on our list. The Swedish organization called Goldvish indeed produced the delightful costly precious stone telephone in 2006.

It was designed to rival the best telephones in the world with its quality. The phone has a back camera of 2.0 MP and a camera goal of 1600 x 1200 pixels. Also, it has an inward memory of 2GB and a battery limit of 950 mAH. Goldvish Le Million is made in various tones, including Yellow, Rose, White, and Gold.

Final Note

Finally, we have just seen the seven most expensive phones in the world. Just like the online slots in Australia, few of these phones listed above broke the Guinness world record. And at the same time reached its expectations. Many individuals will be amazed by the features of these phones; others will be eager to buy one of them. The most important thing here is to remember that all your purchases must be well-considered. It’s not a wise decision to buy a phone that costs much more you can afford. Time flies quickly, and very soon, you will want to buy another one that is even more luxurious and more expensive. So, spend your money wisely no matter what other people think about that. Nevertheless, we’re in new times, with multiple technological advancements every day. Who knows what the future has in store for us.

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