The Most Profitable Way of Investing a Fraction of Your BTC With Zero Risk

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The cryptocurrency market is experiencing a rollercoaster ride in 2021. Bitcoin and various credible altcoins have seen astronomical growth since the beginning of this year. Many cryptos achieved their ATH values, including Bitcoin, which translated to a tremendous market capitalization of over $2.5 trillion (entire crypto market). Bitcoin’s increased industrial adoption and billionaire investors’ interest over a few altcoins are a couple of crucial factors that contributed to this epic bull run.   

Fifteen days into the second quarter, the market started to struggle a bit, and gradually, the buyer momentum began to fade. Altcoins followed the course of Bitcoin, with many of them losing over 50% of their value in a couple of weeks. Currently, the market is recovering from the dip, with many cryptos undergoing market correction.  

The tremendous bull run in the first quarter has added huge liquidity to the market, with many novice retail traders and investors trying their luck in this space. But with the dip, many of them are stuck with their dead investments and negative portfolios. If you are one of them holding Bitcoin (BTC) and waiting for the market to recover, we have great news for you in the form of RoFx.  

With RoFx, you get to multiply your Bitcoin portfolio by multiple times in just a year. Before going into the specifics, let’s first understand what RoFx is and see if they are reliable.  

What is RoFx?  

RoFx is one of those reliable fintech companies that are pioneers in offering Expert Advisor services for the general public and deep-pocket investors across the globe. Their automated trading bot was a product of immense research done by the programmers and back-tested by a team of professional technical traders with years of industry experience. The RoFx bot has made over 1300% in gains for its users in the past three years, according to the most credible  

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How does RoFx multiply your money?  

The RoFx company has recently unveiled its latest version – RoFx Platform 2.0. This version was limited to specific high-profile clients for a while but starting from 2nd June 2021, and theyAs a result, they have made it available for all. With this version, the profit-sharing is much lesser than their version 1.0 plans while keeping the required capital constant. Version 2.0 belongs to their Advanced Compound plans, but you get to select the package trailing period. That is, you get to withdraw your profits after the first 70 days, 120 days, 160 days, 270 days, or 360 days. As the trailing period increases, the percentage return on your capital also increases.  

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In the below snapshot, you can see more details of RoFx’s Platform 2.0 plans. 

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Let’s consider a scenario where you have chosen the most basic trial plan of RoFx in the Advanced Compound section. You will need to have a minimum of 0.05 BTC to get started with them. Let us see what happens to this 0.05 BTC that you invested in RoFx after the next 360 days.  

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The above snapshot was taken from RoFx’s official website, where we have used the RoFx Calculator to determine our return on investment. As you can see, if we invest 0.05 Bitcoin (about $1800, as of 5th June) with the maximum trailing period (360 days) on the RoFx Platform 2.0, at the end of the year, you get to withdraw 0.2853 BTC (over $10k) at the end of 360 days. We believe that this is the safest and easiest way to multiply your profits. Also, note that these profits numbers are calculated after deducting the performance fee charged by RoFx. Also, please note that the numbers mentioned above are based on today’s value of Bitcoin and the appreciation in its value after 360 days is a clear bonus for you. 

Is RoFx reliable?  

As mentioned, RoFx has been offering reliable Expert Advisor services for over a decade now. There are hardly any auto-trading bot companies that have been in the market for so long. Typically, most Expert Advisor providers go out of business in no more than a couple of years. This is because their trading bot is fed with a set of confined rules based on the market conditions at that time. Their bot will ensure to trade the markets based on those set of rules. But as we know, the markets are dynamic and ever-changing. As a result, the strategies that are set to the bot will eventually get outdated and saturated.  

However, that’s not the case with RoFx. The artificial intelligence engineers at RoFx made sure to embed a self-learning neural network while building the bot. With the help of this, the bot updates itself constantly based on the market conditions. That is, the current RoFx bot is much smarter than what it was a couple of years ago. That’s the unique selling proposition of RoFx and the fundamental reason why it was able to generate constant profits for over 11 years.     

Also, RoFx company has its head office in the United Kingdom and regional offices in the United States and Hong Kong. If you want to visit any of their offices, you can visit them at any point just by making an appointment. RoFx VIP clients (with a capital of over 5 Bitcoins or $100k) get to attend a conference held at top locations every year to network with other high net worth individuals. Clients who hold the Gold package can also visit these conferences but need to take prior appointments by their support team. This explains the credibility and reliability of RoFx.  

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