Get To Watch! 2021 PDC World Cup of Darts Live Stream, schedule

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Check all options to watch PDC World Cup of Darts live streaming online. The upcoming 28th edition of the PDC World Dart event is to be played from 15th December to 3rd January 2021. It’s an event that is loved by almost all of the sports fans in the entire world. Further, if you are someone who likes to watch the 2021 PDC World Cup of Darts Live online, we have got you some of the fantastic options. 

Additionally, the event will take place at the Alexandra Palace in the heart of London. Keeping such things in play, you can simply follow up with the article and uncover some of the very best streaming options. 

Watch PDC World Cup of Darts Live Stream Officially 

Location Sparkassen-Arena 
Date 9th September 2021 
Time 1800 BST 
TV Network TSN 
Live stream Watch Here 

Best Ways to Watch 2021 PDC World Cup of Darts Live Stream 

Indeed, for watching almost any of the sports shows online from different regions, there is various options present. 

Taking those things a step ahead, we have got you some of the better live streaming options. 

Without wasting any time, let’s go ahead and unveil each of the options, one by one. 

  1. TSN- Canada 

First of all, if you are someone who lives in Canada, you can choose the TSN services, without an issue. It’s one of the biggest streaming service providers in Canada and it has delivered some of the better and class level services. 

It is the official channel in Canada that will broadcast the entire 2021 PDC World Cup of Darts Live stream online. Plus, it has hosted some of the biggest tournaments in Canada and is on the roll to host another great one. 

Additionally, each of the plans and pricing offered by TSN is on the better end. With that, you can choose their plans, with no sort of issues. 

Also, it is packed with some of the very best gadget support so that you don’t have to think even for a second. 

World Cup of Darts 2021: Format 

First Round Best of nine legs 501 Doubles 
Second Round, Quarter-Finals & Semi-Finals Two best of seven leg 501 Singles matches 
 Nations nominating the order in which their players play 
 . In the event of both nations winning one Singles match apiece, 
 a best of seven leg 501 Doubles match will be played to decide the tie 
Final Two best of seven leg 501 Singles matches 
 with both nations nominating the order in which their players play the first two matches, 
 followed by a best of seven leg 501 Doubles match and then Reverse Singles matches 
 The first team to win three games is declared the winner. 
  1. Fox Sports- Australia 

Going ahead among the streaming platforms, Fox Sports is the one that can offer streaming in Australia. Yes, it’s among those better channels that can offer you quality streaming support from almost every angle. 

On top of that, if you are from Australia, then Fox Sports is the only option you got to purchase. In terms of the plans, Fox Sports plans are next level, without a doubt. Yes, with them you cannot go wrong with the pricing as there’s immense affordability. 

Additionally, even in the streaming support from Fox, it’s amazing here too. In such a case, you can trust Fox Sports for offering you impeccable support for streaming. 

Lastly, you will not get any days of the free trial and testing period. Keeping those things into consideration, you can research on your own and then choose the Fox Sports services. 

  1. DAZN- USA 

Indeed, there are ample of Dart sports fans in the USA and if you are eager to watch this event live, DAZN is a perfect streaming option. 

It’s among those better options that have always offered quality support, each time. Yes, there are ample of packages to be chosen from DAZN without any doubt. 

Additionally, you can easily visit the official website of DAZN and from there you can choose among different packages. 

On top of that, the device support from DAZN is said to be next level too. Here, you can get ample device support, from every possible angle. 

Hence, you can browse different packages offered by the DAZN company. Then, you can choose any good one and you are good to go for watching the 2021 PDC World Cup of Darts Live. 

  1. CCTV- China 

If you are a sports fan who lives in China, then CCTV is among the class and brilliant options. In China, if there is one good streaming service provider, CCTV has to be a good platform. 

First of all, in terms of package options offered by CCTV, it’s limited. Still, you can get valuable deals from CCTV, the better way. 

Additionally, the quality of streaming from CCTV is good one too. Here, you can grab the company packages and you will get better streaming, without a doubt. 

Plus, the support for devices from CCTV is next level too. In such a scenario, you can get better support in this scenario. 

World Cup of Darts 2021: Prize Fund (per two-player team) 

Winners £70,000 
Runners-Up £40,000 
Semi-Finalists £24,000 
Quarter-Finalists £16,000 
Second Round Losers £8,000 
First Round Losers £4,000 

Final Word of Mouth 

Coming at the concluding phase of the article, the better ways to watch the 2021 PDC World Cup of Darts Live are all here. 

Yes, there are ample Dart fans and you also must be willing to look for different options. 

With that, you can choose any of the above streaming options depending on your country. Also, you got to have a good speed internet connection. Once you have that, then you can easily go ahead, choose any options and watch the 2021 PDC World Cup of Darts Live online. 

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