Is Canada Another Casino Hotbed Like The US?

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There’s no doubt that online casinos have taken the world by storm, and the best part is that they are continuously growing. According to statistics, their popularity has increased by a margin of more than 70% in recent years, and today, Canada is considered among the best countries in the world when it comes to online gambling. This implies that Canada is another casino hotbed, just like it’s neighbor, the United States. 

Let’s dig a little deeper to learn more about the reasons behind the growing popularity of online gambling in Canada as well as some of the influential factors involved.  

Canada: The Online Gamblers’ Hub  

There are more than 100 different casinos accepting players from Canada currently. This proves that the country has fully adopted online gambling, to the extent that it is among the top countries that cross the mind of gamblers when it comes to casino gaming. The driving force behind the popularity are the mild restrictions imposed by the government on the industry. In fact, a forecast by Statistics Canada estimates that in 2022, more than 65 percent of the country’s population that is above legal gambling age will place a bet in an online casino. Compared to leading countries such as Australia and the UK, this is an extremely competitive figure that is something to keep an eye on going forward. 

The Convenience of Online Casino Gaming  

The Covid-19 pandemic is another factor that has dramatically boosted the popularity of online casino in Canada. It is beneficial and convenient in every way, as it generally makes the lives of gamblers easier. What’s fantastic about online casinos is that they offer players a wide range of games to choose from. They can enjoy multiple variations of sports betting, lotteries, slots, video poker, blackjack, and so much more.  

In Canada, 25% of the population gets involved in lottery games on a weekly basis. Sports betting also enjoys massive popularity, but it’s not legit. However, this has not prevented gamblers from betting more than USD 15 billion on sports events. As a result, the federal government was pushed to think about regulation and legalization measures.  

Over the years, online casinos have gained dramatic fame among Canadians. That’s because they make it possible for gamblers to bask in an authentic casino experience legally and safely at the comfort of their homes. What’s more, they also have the freedom and option to choose their preferred device for gaming. The best part is that everything is just a click away. Not to mention, online casino gambling also enables players to save money and time that would otherwise be spent on parking, as well as other amenities and facilities at a physical casino.   


Beginners who are just starting to explore the world of online casino gaming have a lot of reasons to enjoy it. Most online casinos are free and provide rewards and bonuses to motivate gameplay. There are also chat rooms where players can connect, network, and socialize with people from different parts of the globe. This is by far the most practical thing about online casinos, as it promotes the establishment of a digital gaming community. At the same time, since social distancing is the norm in today’s pandemic-stricken world, the safety of gamblers is not an issue. 


The ever-evolving online casino industry in Canada is becoming more rewarding, advantageous, and user-friendly as time goes by. Thus, its popularity is expected to further grow exponentially through the years. Thanks to Canada’s innovative industry, you can reap the benefits of a safe, secure, and convenient gambling experience. 

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