Play Roulette Online at BetBoys! Top Details about the Game!

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Play Roulette Online at BetBoys casino!

Experience the game of roulette online with BetBoys’ collection of free roulette games! Enjoy the mobile casino online! Land-based casinos generally offer you English roulette, French roulette and electronic roulette, and American roulette. 

But at online casinos you will still find many other variations of this most popular casino game. So, play roulette online and have the best experiences!

On our site you can discover all these variations and test these free roulette games without spending a dime to test your methods. And above all you can discover BetBoys that offers 

Live casino roulette

Free roulette

Games with live dealers who spin the roulette with other people present in the casino.

The sensations are guaranteed but this type of roulette on the internet especially helps to practice a game of confidence.

Online Casino Roulette

Roulette is one of the flagship games of many online and traditional casinos. It has several variations although the basic techniques are always the same. Variants of roulette abound, but the most popular are presented in this article.

American Roulette

As the name suggests, this type of roulette is only found in the United States of America. The materials and playing principles remain the same as European roulette. Except that the American variant has a double 0 slot. 

Back in the days when roulette made its debut in American casinos, the owners of these casinos thought that the odds of winning players were quite high. To remedy this, they added this extra box. 

This has the effect of reducing the player’s chances. Because the more boxes there are, the less chance there is for a number to exit. 

However, for players in a traditional casino, the odds of simple odds on this roulette wheel are more accessible. Note that the betting table of this game system does not resemble that of French roulette. 

You might come across some kind of roulette at online casinos, but not every savvy player would come across this variation of the game.

European or French Roulette

This version is frequently encountered in the many hard or virtual casinos in Europe. The rules of roulette are mainly based on this model. The wheel has 37 numbers. And there is only a number zero. 

This detail is important because it decreases the advantage of the gambling house to 2.6%. It is advisable to play on this roulette wheel, because it is less complicated than its American counterpart. 

On the other hand, the advantages of the casino are also less important for this type of roulette because it has a better payout rate.

English roulette: similar to how French roulette works, however the number of players is limited to 7, the players have their own chip colors and if they go out of zero, the bets on the single chances lose half of their value.

Progressive Roulette

The company Microgaming was the inventor of this variation of progressive royal roulette. This one has a lot of similarities with other European roulettes. Indeed, it is built with a single number zero. 

It stands out from the others thanks to a wheel and a design reminiscent of old wheels. This model also offers a progressive jackpot which allows the player to successively win at roulette. This astronomical sum is fed throughout the game. 

A special credit subtracted from the wager goes into the progressive jackpot on each game. To win the jackpot, the player would have to win 5 consecutive games, thanks to the same number. This is a big difference compared to other standard models.

Roulette without Zero

This model is little developed in casinos. However there is. The reason is that the advantage of the casino is reduced with this variant. 

Because roulette does not have a zero square. Instead of 37 boxes, we therefore have one box less. Otherwise, the playing rules and the operation of this roulette are identical to those of European roulette.

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