Top 5 Kids Friendly Casinos on the Las Vegas Strip

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Back when we were young, we would go to Las Vegas and party for a few days without worrying about a thing. It was like the entire world was on pause. High stakes at the poker tables, wild dances in nightclubs, a continuous stream of excitement… It is the special atmosphere of Sin City.

But having a family changes a lot. When we become parents, the desire to escape the routine to Las Vegas won’t go anywhere. But now we have kids. And Vegas is not exactly a family friendly place. You wouldn’t take your 5-year-old son to play roulette, would you?

This isn’t all that bad, though. There’s a dozen casinos and hotels located on the Strip that actually specialize in dealing with visitors under 21. From babies to teenagers, anyone’ll be comfortable and safe at these places while their parents are having fun on the “adult playground.”

These kid-friendly casinos truly deserve your attention. Although they may be not as popular among tourists as “adult” counterparts, the quality of service they offer is at the highest level. Local prices are quite affordable, too.

Of course, nobody is going to put your children at a mini-copy of a poker table. There are other kinds of entertainment.

Many video game arcade machines (with actual prizes!) surely will be enjoyed by every kid. Then the buffets, lounges, playrooms, amusements, calm peaceful shores, and much more. Everything is cool and safe. And the food courts feature your little ones’ favorite foods — including McDonald’s.

Sure, these Las Vegas casinos also got decent adult gambling halls. Parents aren’t forced to sacrifice themselves to kids. The beauty of family friendly Vegas casinos is the fantastic balance of entertainment for every visitor, regardless of age. Another way out for parents is that they can choose a safe online casino and play in the cafe while the kids are having fun.

We’ve used personal experience and feedback given by other people to compile a ranking of the TOP-5 family friendly casinos. They are all on the beloved Strip. Each of these places provides you with a genuine gambling experience without having to worry about your kids getting bored in a corner somewhere.

We’ve also arranged contact info and TripAdvisor reviews. All the reviewers have kids, or at least they say so.

As we review every casino, we’ll focus on the kids’ fun and entertainment. But be sure — you’ll have fun, too!

5. New York — New York Hotel & Casino

As you see New York — New York hotel from afar, you’ll immediately understand why the venue is fine for your kids. A roller coaster of enormous size winds around the whole hotel.

It gloriously runs around the building. Out and in it runs. The beauty is called the Big Apple Coaster, and we must say that the moniker is quite fitting.

In a single year, the roller coaster proudly serves almost 1.5 million visitors. But one little nuance. To get a ride, anyone must be at least 4’6’’ tall.

But for those who pass the measuring test, incredible fun is guaranteed. It’s hair-raising, honestly. The Big Apple Coaster goes up to 67 mph, turns 180 degrees, and spins in full circles. The ride’s maximum height is 203 feet, which is pretty impressive if you ask.

The coaster is very well built architecturally. Not only its railroad goes around both hotel and casino, but it also goes right through said buildings. It looks amazing.

And once the kid has fulfilled their wish to ride, other amusements are awaiting them. In particular, a seemingly endless array of video games and carnival attractions.

You can find pretty much anything here. From a classic pinball game to the famous Zoltar machine, that one you must’ve seen in the classic film Big starring Tom Hanks. If you’re about to introduce your child to some eternal classic games, different claw machines and much more come to your service.

But there’s also plenty of modern-day amusements. Quests, racing, shooting, adventures… A plethora of all awaits at the New York — New York.

Native New Yorkers will probably love the exhibit called Coney Island Emporium. The area lives up to its name. And the casino’s name, too.

It recreates the memorable sights and sounds of Coney Island, everything that every New York resident is used to. Plus the trademark hot dogs! It’s also worth noting that the pricing here is really low for the Strip.

If your little guys or gals got a sweet tooth (highly likely, to be honest), you simply must introduce them to Hershey’s Chocolate World. We aren’t to judge. But this place looks like only Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory could beat it in the universe of sweets.

This two-story pavilion spreads a wonderland vibes. It features every Hershey’s product kid’s heart desires. Or yours. There’s always something to take pictures with and to taste. Surely, portioned candy and chocolates are offered without a payment. It’s great, isn’t it?

The casino’s name is aptly chosen to be fair. As the Big Apple itself, it’s got a thing for every person, regardless of preferences or age. Every visitor, even the tiniest child, faces the ultimate entertainment.

Contact Information

Location: 3790 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Phone: (702) 740-6969

Internet page:

Selected Review

“This casino offers so much for families. They have great food in New York — New York, the kids really adore the video games with arcade, the coaster and chocolate universe! Local workers are extremely accommodating and polite. It’s our home away from home.” — smurph0901

4. Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino

This well-known Vegas casino is located close to another famous one, the Excalibur. While planning to have a look at both, a short tram ride is for your service.

So why visit Mandalay Bay when Excalibur is nearby? The answer is simple. Something truly unique is here for children and adults alike to witness. Yeah, we are talking about the Shark Reef. The truly impressive structure fascinates anyone who sees it.

1.6 million gallons of seawater. Over 2,000 marine inhabitants of several hundred different species. They swim peacefully in the enormous aquarium, which is the one of the USA’s biggest. If someone decided to walk it through without a single stop, it would take no less than 3 hours.

Shark Reef offers a full day of underwater exploration. And by saying underwater, we mean exactly that.

Transparent tubes suited for visitors go straight under the aquarium. Sea creatures are swimming all around you and above your head, including dangerous tiger sharks, hammerhead sharks, and many other animals you have never seen up close before. Isn’t that wonderful?

If your kid is curious, they’ll love it even more than you will. And if your little one is still at the age when fairy tales shape their worldview, then Shark Reef will certainly appear to them as the Little Mermaid’s underwater kingdom.

And you know what’s the best? You’re not limited to spectating. The aquarium provides a plenty of interactive activities and entertainment, including animal feeding. For example, little kids are going to have fun feeding stingrays or giant sea turtles. From a safe distance, importantly.

Teenagers would certainly be fascinated by the opportunity to feed a zebra shark with hand-feeding tongs. Sure, it is 100% safe. But the feeling is extraordinary!

Obviously, it isn’t just the Shark Reef that’s so amusing at Mandalay Bay Casino. An exhibit called Polar Journey: An Interactive Adventure is also here.

It launched not too long ago. This is a beautiful virtual family journey to the regions of the Arctic and Antarctica. And it’s much more than the average interactive movie.

Developed by the renowned Attraktion! company, the journey offers 8 spectacular exhibits with interactive elements. It uses 270-degree CGI screens, touchable walls with realistic Arctic textures, temperatures, motion simulation, and so on.

And then there’s something else. Robotic penguins acting as storytellers and teachers are probably about to impress the child.

Visitors who happen to visit the casino in December can please their family with a special holiday exhibit. The name Santa in the Shipwreck. Sounds epic, right?

This spectacular thing combines the beloved Christmas theme with the special Shark Reef atmosphere. And that combination is no joke.

Besides Santa Claus, you can meet his best friend (according to the authors), Santa Jaws shark. To sit on Santa’s lap is one thing, but to see a bearded guy scuba diving among sharks is quite something else.

The charms of the casino don’t end yet. For instance, the people’s favorite movie, The Lion King, is presented as a live-action version. Plus, for your teenage daughter, Maroon 5 concerts are pleasing as well.

You should pay attention to the casino’s beach as well. The area is dubbed an “aquatic playground”, and for a good reason it is.

There’s a beach under the open sky, accompanied by all the water park charms. 100 cabanas on 11 acres of sand, available for rent. Some unoccupied ones are almost always present.

Interestingly, the water volume of Mandalay Bay Beach is the same as that of Shark Reef. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but if not, the attention to the slightest detail is astounding.

There is some fun on the beach, of course. Often noted by visitors as the most well-designed part of the whole casino are lazy river and the classic wave pool.

Another advantage of Mandalay Bay is its proximity to Excalibur. That’s it. Simply plan your time wisely, so your family may enjoy the best of both venues. Chill beach during the day and epic knight fights in the evening — isn’t it a source of endless smiles and joy?

Contact Information

Location: 3950 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119

Phone: (702) 632-7777

Internet page:

Selected Review

“This casino is amazing! Kids enjoyed the beaches, lazy river, pool, and Shark Reef. Choices of food and easy parking are just made for a great vacation. Our flight was canceled multiple times. But the casino staff went out of their way to help us!” — carsonsthoughts

3. Mirage Hotel & Casino

The design of this casino is just beautiful. It reminds us of the Polynesian islands, which many of us have traveled to and many of us would like to visit.

So, let’s get down to business. At glance, the Mirage Hotel & Casino doesn’t look like a something appealing to family, especially the kids. But it’s only until the volcano erupts!

You got it right. It really is a volcano. But it’s nothing like the age-old school experiments with baking soda plus vinegar. Your chemistry teacher would’ve been shocked!

Every night at 7 and 8 pm, the unforgettable eruption happens at the casino. On weekends, at 9 pm as well. Many call it the most unique experience of Vegas. And we have no right to disagree.

The Mirage volcano is located near to the main casino entrance on Las Vegas Blvd. A gargantuan structure, a creation of human hands, looms monumentally over the desolate beauty of Vegas.

The volcano rests peacefully amidst the palm trees. But only until stars light up the sky. Then it erupts with a thunderous roar and an almost primal fury.

It must be said that it begins rather peacefully. As in reality, though. Smoke rises from the crater, and a quiet drumbeat plays. As minutes pass, the smoke becomes increasingly noticeable. Drums grow louder and faster until they culminate in a climax.

The volcano’s mouth bursts with flames and fake lava. It all goes up to the sky. The dark sky fills with smoke, illuminates with explosions, while dramatic drums sound the alarm. Quite sick for a free attraction, right?

May your kids not know about the volcano, we’d recommend keeping it a secret. Simply go out a few moments to the scheduled eruption, as for a simple walk to admire the Vegas views.

It’ll be fun! Every Mirage casino visitor has seen the little ones’ faces light up in wonder and fascination as the sky is getting ignited.

That’s how the Mirage makes you know. It’s not just a gambling house, which the Vegas is full of.

Besides the volcano, there’s much more to admire. There is an impressive-sized saltwater aquarium right at the reception. 53 feet long, with 20,000 gallons of water. It’ll surely charm your kids faster than you even check-in.

Over 1,000 different species of sea creatures are in the aquarium. And best of all. You won’t have to say no to the kids when they ask if they can play with the animals.

The Mirage was once famous for its legendary Siegfried and Roy’s show featuring white tigers. In 2003, the show was shut down. But the venue has maintained its strong connection to wildlife. Children and adults are still fascinated by exhibits like Dolphin Habitat and Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden.

These are part interactive exhibits and part zoos. Right inside the casino, any visitor can touch wildlife, or at least get as close to it as possible.

Visitors are completely free to explore the beautiful jungle. Lions, tigers, and leopards live here, all with their fur dyed white. Yeah, the animals are kept behind a fence, ensuring your safety.

Exploring the zoo is fascinating, sure. But the dolphin attraction is even more fun! Kids here can act like a dolphin trainer, swimming and frolicking along with these graceful creatures.

A very interesting activity is painting with dolphins. Bottlenose dolphins, armed with custom-shaped brushes, create unique paintings on canvases. And it looks impressive.

There’s also one of the best family friendly pools in the entire Vegas at the Mirage casino. The lagoons, rafts, waterfalls, and rentable cabanas create a truly Caribbean feel.

Just one clarification. Keep your kids away from the Bare Pool, where adults may (and will) swim topless.

As for restaurants, the Mirage highly favors haute cuisine. But some California pizza place is also there. And the Blizz Frozen Yogurt is fantastic for dessert.

And the last thing. If the kids hit their teen years, they may enjoy the LOVE show. The staging created by Cirque du Soleil uses The Beatles’ hits as its basis. It’s completely free from the risque components that are typical for most Cirque shows. That’s why it’s potentially great for teenagers.

Contact Information

Location: 3400 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Phone: (702) 791-7111

Internet page:

Selected Review

“Workers are fantastic, and rooms very clean. The location is also great as it’s right on the Strip. My little kids were fascinated by the volcano, enjoyed both tigers and dolphins. If something, we’ll 100% stay here again. It was nice that all the staff is very helpful and accommodating.” — Harlem27

2. Circus Circus Hotel & Casino

This casino can be proudly regarded as the ancestor of family friendly entertainment in Las Vegas. Circus Circus opened in 1968 and became the first casino that consciously avoided the adults-only concept.

The building has a unique design. It looks like an enormous circus tent. It is currently the largest permanent big top building on the planet.

And the casino completely lives up to its name. It really is a circus, although in a gambling house wrapping. You can spot laughing clowns performing magic tricks, inflating and blowing up animal-shaped balloons at every corner.

But even if your little one is not very fond of the circus, Circus Circus hotel still offers something awesome for them. We are talking about Adventuredome, of course.

An indoor amusement park spreads over 5 acres. From Canyon Cars go-kart racing one to the Canyon Blaster roller coaster going to 55 mph, you’ll find everything you could ever want here.

Not only can you see kids having fun at Circus Circus, but also adults having fun just like kids. All the beautifully designed retro attractions contribute to that. Particularly, you can test your strength with a hammer or try to hit a ping pong ball into a fishbowl to win a plush toy.

And if your kids are passionate about superheroes and comic books, you simply must take them to the Batman Laser Challenge. It’s an attraction that successfully combines two worlds. The Batman comic book universe and laser tag have teamed up to delight kids with the opportunity to defeat the almighty Joker himself.

And then The Xtreme Zone. Quite a location, it is all about extreme activities, specifically indoor mountain climbing and bungee jumping.

Next to The Xtreme Zone is a mini-bowling alley called Highway 66. Why mini? Because it is designed specifically for kids! Isn’t it, like, great?

Besides the aforementioned Canyon Blaster, Circus Circus’ Adventuredome has another roller coaster. It’s the gravity monster El Loco. It slowly rises 90 feet up and then falls with 1.5G of power.

Other rides include Sling Shot, Lazer Blast, Disk O, the Inverter. All of them are going to please your kids. And for SpongeBob enthusiasts, something very special exists, named SpongeBob SquarePants 4D: The Great Jelly Rescue!

And if your kid is not yet 4 feet tall (that’s the limit for most rides), they still won’t get bored at Circus Circus. There’s something cool for them to do here. Besides the classic Frog Hopper, the Thunderbirds and Miner Mike rides are also designed especially for kids between 33 and 58 inches tall and their parents.

Even if you spend an entire day at Adventuredome, you still won’t be able to try all the games, rides and attractions. Therefore, allocate your time in Vegas so that your kid has at least 2 days to do everything they want.

And of course. How can be a Circus Circus casino without a real circus? Every day at 11:30 a.m. an impressive show begins on the Carnival Midway center stage.

Everyone can find something for themselves in the performance. A trapeze troupe called the Flying Poemas, the incredible strongman Hossein and the juggling duo Pei Pei & Wang Jing, who ride unicycles and juggle with their feet.

Also, don’t forget the world-famous clowns Rocco, Dave, Tonya, and Huel. Many children are frightened by clowns. But not in this case! These guys’ makeup and behavior are very friendly.

The food in Circus Circus is also great. The pizzeria and snack bar labeled Horse-a-Round are very popular among the kids. There is some truly superb cooking in here.

The Circus Circus’ gastronomic classics include McDonald’s, Subway, Auntie Anne’s, Krispy Kreme, and many more. And, of course, traditional circus treats like popcorn and cotton candy are also available.

Contact Information

Location: 2880 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Phone: (800) 634-3450

Internet page:

Selected Review

“Clean rooms, friendly staff, excellent restaurants, spacious hotel with lots to do right there! Vast variety of activities to help keep kids and adults of all ages occupied. Great family friendly place to bring your little ones too.” — Sandra A.

1. Excalibur Hotel & Casino

If you don’t know where the Excalibur is located, it’s not a problem at all. You don’t even need to know an address. Just drive south through the Las Vegas Strip, and soon you’ll hear the excited shouts of kids. That’ll be the Excalibur Hotel & Casino.

The whole place is designed like a medieval castle and maintains its medieval theme in almost every detail. The first thing you’ll see are the blue, red, and yellow spires towering over the white brick frontage. A real castle, no less!

The Excalibur’s unique color scheme and architecture clarify it’s the perfect place for the kids and their vivid imaginations. And when you step inside, the feeling only intensifies.

Even the doorkeeper is dressed in a traditional medieval style. He’s wearing a hilarious hat and leggings that hark back to Shakespeare’s time. And he talks like that as well.

Other employees speak with an Old English accent and wear long beards. It all looks very natural. If your little one knows the King Arthur universe, it’ll be the first association coming to their mind. So before you choose the Excalibur for a vacation with kids, make sure they are well familiar with the knights and stuff.

And speaking of knights. One of the most prominent and impressive exhibits is the Tournament of Kings. The spectacular show features an entire cast of medieval characters. Special attention is paid to the costumes.

In front of the audience, which can number 900 people, a real knights’ tournament unfolds. Armored men are riding actual horses and fighting with long lances.

It all looks just cool! And no violence is featured, not even a staged one. That’s why the show is accessible for all ages.

A ticket to the performance costs only $55. It might have been a little pricey if it was just for the show. But Tournament of Kings is an entire universe carefully crafted by talented hands.

Right during the knights’ battle, the audience is treated to a full 3-course meal. It includes traditional Cornish game hens. No cutlery is served because in the Middle Ages, people used to eat with their bare hands. You’ll have to stock up on napkins. But what can’t you do for the fun and atmosphere?

The arena in Tournament of Kings is as cleverly designed as the casino itself. It’s completely round. That way, every spectator has a wonderful view of the jousting, sword battles, pyrotechnics explosions, and other delights of the show in the smallest details.

All the actors do their best. Of course, they are fully protected from potential damage. But that does not prevent them from pointing spears directly at each other and galloping at breakneck speed.

The Tournament of Kings creators have thought of everything. Absolutely everything, we’d say. Many people that were lucky enough to see the show mention the titanium swords. When the knights come together in a sword fight, some genuine sparks lighting up the air.

But it’s not just a show about fighting. A story is being told. Flags fly in the air, horses kick their hooves, beautiful music creates an authentic atmosphere, and an entire cast of characters, from jesters to maids, enter the arena. The atmosphere of old England is 100% recreated.

In fact, the Tournament of Kings is like Cirque du Soleil for kids. And in terms of epicness, the shows are comparable.

And when the sound of swords is gone, you can move on to the next beauty of the Excalibur. It is the Fun Dungeon. A huge slots and arcade video game center, accompanied by carnival games and other wonders.

With pockets full of quarters, your kids can spend hours exploring Fun Dungeon and trying every game or searching for their favorite games. But there’s something for grown-ups, too.

Among the 60 arcade game machines, some games would please people born in the 80s and cause a wave of nostalgia. Among the attractions are impressively sized air hockey and the world’s biggest Pac-Man machine.

In the Fun Dungeon games, you can win real prizes. For every successful game, your kids will get tickets. Once enough of these have accumulated, they can exchange tickets for a plush toy, a trendy anti-stress, or anything else so dear to a kid’s heart.

And once kids have built up an appetite, they’ll be happy to see Orange Julius and Dairy Queen, located just steps away from the Fun Dungeon. You’ll be happy to see these, too. All the prices of fast food is quite low, especially as for Vegas.

One delight of the Excalibur is its affiliation with MGM Resorts. Because of it, the venue is equipped with walkways. They lead directly to sister venues like Luxor.

A wonderful feature of these alleys is the air conditioning system. If you come to Las Vegas in the summer, you and your children won’t have to experience the exhausting heat of Nevada thanks to these alleys.

And finally. For those staying at the Excalibur with children, the M&M World is a must-see. The enormous store, dedicated entirely to M&M’s products, is located a 6-minute walk from the casino.

In the store, children and adults may take a bag and fill it with various sweets. In the end, the bag is weighed and allowed to be taken with you. It’s like Halloween all over again!

Contact Information

Location: 3850 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Phone: (702) 597-7777

Internet page:

Selected Review

“Nice place to kick back, relax, enjoy the sights, shows… And variety of fare to eat! There is no other place where kids and parents can a blast at the same time. The kids loved medieval times. Eating with your fingers was messy, but delicious.” — larryjpb


It may look like children don’t get along well with gambling. But on the Las Vegas Strip, everything is possible. Whenever you come to Vegas with your family, at least 5 casinos are to your choice. All of these will be as fun and exciting for your kids as they’ll be for you.

The list of kid-friendly casinos was compiled by Tiffany Cutting (she is a staff writer for the web platform Slotsspot) when she researched them during her family trip to Las Vegas.

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