Ways to Cut Back Spending on Streaming Services

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Streaming services have changed pretty much everything about the television viewing experience. We no longer have to tune in to different channels to watch our favorite movies and TV shows. The streaming services are giving tough competition to cable TV. But companies like Charter Spectrum Cable are no amateurs and are continuing to provide great services.   

There’s no denying that streaming services have changed the game for viewers. Today, there are more than 200 streaming services and no two are alike. That raises another question. How much do we spend on these streaming services? If it is too much then we should start thinking about cutting our expenses.   

Here’s what to do if you are spending too much on streaming services:   

Keep Record of Your Subscriptions (Put Your Internet to Good Use)  

The best way to know how much you are spending on subscription services is by keeping a record of these services. You don’t need to do some complicated calculations. Even something as simple as a notebook and a pen is enough. I would recommend keeping an online Excel file. You can even use Apace Openoffice or Google Sheets.   

Start by making a list of the streaming services you use. It is advisable to compile the list in Alphabetical order. This way, you’ll be able to put the name of every streaming service you use to paper. Then write down their monthly costs in the next column. Moreover, insert the annual fees (just divided by 12). Also, make sure to write down all extra costs like spending on new releases.   

After you’re done, see how much of your income goes into your subscription expenses.   

Annual Deals are Better (So Go for Them)  

Now that you’ve figured out your subscription expenses, it is time to cut those extra costs. The best way to do that is by choosing discounted offers. Many streaming service providers offer annual deals at discounted prices. It is advisable to compare the pros and cons of annual and monthly packages before choosing a plan.   

Keep in mind that you will be using this service for the next 12 months. If that isn’t what you want then it would be better to opt for a monthly subscription plan. Annual fees, in most cases, will save you several bucks. Moreover, never sign up for a streaming service without checking out their trial period. It is worth mentioning that many streaming services dropped their free trial to minimize losses due to the pandemic.   

Do Not Pay Extra Money for New Releases (Wait)   

I for one do not like to pay extra money for new releases. I just wait until they become part of the regular content. You can do that too. Yes, I know that new releases can be highly tempting. After all, service providers want you to empty your pockets. I mean just look at how Prime Video asks its subscribers to pay extra for new releases.   

While waiting can be frustrating, it is better than spending several bucks on a new film release that will eventually make its way to your subscription plan. There’s no denying that streaming services constantly add and remove content from their library. Just ask Google what new movies are available on Netflix to stream for free. There you go, I even provided the right keyword for you.   

Use Free Streaming Services (Yes, They Exist)  

Most of us take technology for granted. We shouldn’t. It offers comfort and convenience. Now, when I say convenience, I mean using a streaming service without spending a dime. Many services offer great content at no cost. If you are an anime fan and don’t mind adverts, then you should try apps like Crunchyroll.   

Kanopy is another streaming service that lets you access a limited number of titles for free. So, would you prefer free streaming services to the ones that ask you to break your bank? Of course, the options and features are limited with free streaming services. Perhaps the best way is to try different free streaming services before going for a premium service.   

Look for Your Old DVD Box (It’s Gotta Be Somewhere)   

It’s time to clean the dust off of your old DVD box and take out those DVDs and Blu-rays. Back in the day, DVDs and Blu-rays used to come with bonus content, deleted scenes, and commentaries. You might not find that many takes and outtakes on the internet. Watch the old movies as many times as you like. You could even sell the items you no longer wish to watch. Many folks are looking for vintage DVD collections. Fill your pockets with the cash you get from selling your old DVDs and Blu-rays. 

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