Best Sports Betting Sites in U.S. of 2021: Top Online Sportsbooks and Legal Betting Sites

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Sports betting is not for everyone, but if you have got the taste of it, you know how fun it can be. However, it is only fun when you are on the right track, which means you need to choose the best sports betting sites to hit the best deals.

To help you make your choice, we have put together five of the top sports betting sites, and we narrowed down the important features and criteria upon which we have made this list of sportsbooks.

Reviewed List of the Best Sports Betting Sites at a Glance 

  1. Intertops: Best Overall
  2. Monkey Knife Fight: Best for DFS
  3. BetOnline: Best for Odds and Lines
  4. Bovada: Best for BTC Settings
  5. MyBookie: Best Bonus

#1. Intertops: Best Overall

One of the oldest online sportsbooks, Intertops is an experienced online betting site in the world. It started in 1983, even before online wagering became a thing, and it was launched officially in 1996 as the first-ever sportsbook worldwide.

They started with a wager from a Finnish bettor Jukka Hunkavarra on January 17th, 1996, as the first-ever bet placed online. Hunkavarra made a very small profit with a few dollars. However, he gave birth to online betting, and thus, it was a big achievement. 

Additionally, Intertops also launched the first mobile betting site in 2000. Monitored by Kahnawake Gaming Commission, Intertops is based in Antigua and Barbuda, and it has a wide international clientele as compared to U.S.-based online betting sites.

Intertops opened up its platform to sign-ups and players worldwide to create accounts from within the United States, but you never know how long they may continue this policy.

Nevertheless, it is best to reap the advantages of the platform while you can. They also operate in multiple international languages, including Italian and Polish, and they allow customers to bet on online casinos and poker. 


  • Unique longevity in the betting market
  • Record holds no slow-pays or no-pays
  • Several year-round promotions and bonuses available
  • One of the fastest online betting sites that consistently pay its customers


  • Odds could be better
  • Betting markets could be wider
  • Welcome bonus is relatively smaller

=> Click here to get more information about Intertops

#2. Monkey Knife Fight: Best for DFS

Monkey Knife Fight is a fun prop game to play, and it offers a platform to bettors in 36 United States to make their bets and earn profits. Unlike many other platforms, it is completely legit and not at all a scam. 

Alternatively, it can also be called a fantasy sports gaming platform that allows you to win money betting on your favorite sports and players. It is a combination of both daily fantasy and prop games. The company started with its betting games with beta testing in 2017. Then, it officially launched the platform in 2018.

Monkey Knife Fight belongs to a single savvy billionaire business owner, who aims to dominate the prop gaming industry. To date, the platform has managed to earn many customers millions of winnings every week that start with six-figure sums.

A team of industry veterans make up the operation department of the company, and its members have eight years of experience in the field dealing with daily fantasy space. They know their job well and can successfully run the business. They store the player funds in separate bank accounts and use legit payment methods for transactions. Therefore, it is not only about fun but also safe profits.


  • Highest bonus paying site in this niche
  • Easy to play fantasy and prop games
  • Quick and easy transactions
  • Unique gameplay primarily focused on props
  • Bettors can earn a bonus for every first deposit


  • Could have better deposit options
  • Has scope for increase in payout odds

=> Click here to get more information about Monkey Knife Fight

#3. BetOnline: Best for Odds and Lines 

If you are a veteran at betting on sports online, you have probably heard of BetOnline already. It has been years since its establishment, and it is known to be one of the best online betting sites in all of the U.S. The reasons are manifold.

BetOnline offers you welcome bonuses that are unlike any other platforms in the industry. Sports bettors of the U.S. are constantly battling to acquire a betting site bonus on this platform as they join it. This is perhaps one of the reasons BetOnline has a wide network of loyal customers.

The bonus amount you may receive can be up to $1,000 on the very first deposit. Once you get over the welcome bonus, you still have the chance of acquiring several promotions throughout the betting journey that can help you earn more.

If you want to earn extra betting online on the web, you can trust BetOnline, as it supports plenty of sports that offers you many options. Additionally, the betting odds in BetOnline are among the highest you will find on the web.

Credit and debit card options can be used to fund your BetOnline account, and you can also clear your transactions via cryptocurrency and e-wallets, along with other options. They offer quick and secure payouts, which is why U.S. bettors widely trust BetOnline


  • Accepts U.S. players or bettors
  • Enables betting in online sports, poker, and casino
  • Allows fast payouts with payment options like cryptocurrency 
  • Available bonuses and promotions while betting


  • Not available for Australian players
  • Charges fees on certain payout methods

=> Click here to get more information about BetOnline

#4. Bovada: Best for BTC Settings

Bovada is a reputed online betting site trusted by millions of users. Its reputation is built on its fast payout times, secure processes, and transactions, which is why Bovada is one of the most trusted sports betting sites online. 

It has a lot to offer its customers, such as attractive bonuses, safe deposits, fast withdrawals, and 24/7 highly active customer support. It has been almost two decades since Bovada entered the industry, so it knows its job well and can sustain its customers with millions of profits every week.

It has its hands in offshore betting as well. The platform offers a full-service sportsbook, and it is the only one online restricted to U.S. residents only. Additionally, they also have an online casino sponsored by Real Time Gaming (RTG).

However, several U.S. states are restricted from participating in Bovada due to the legal landscape of iGaming in those states. Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Maryland are those particular states. However, if you have accessed your previously made accounts, then it is fine. 


  • Relatively softer odds as compared to other sportsbooks
  • Fastest payouts and processes
  • Amazing sign-up bonus amounts with low rollover
  • Football season calls for strong promotions and bonuses


  • Too many odds for recreational and professional players 
  • Limits bettors in particular markets
  • Minimum card fee for deposits is 5.9%

=> Click here to get more information about Bovada

#5. MyBookie: Best Bonus

Started in 2014, MyBookie is known to be one of the best sport betting sites for residents in the U.S. The sportsbook has many things to offer its wide network of customers, starting from sports and competitions to bet on. 

The betting rates and markets of MyBookie are pretty impressive. Therefore, the customers have plenty of options to win money by betting in these games and competitions. Moreover, MyBookie is a sports gambling site that is easy to use in terms of interface and navigation. 

It is also available on all types of devices, whether desktop or mobile devices, iOS, Android, or Windows operating systems. Additionally, the various options available for the transactions and the juicy promotions, whether for new or existing customers, are extremely attractive, too.

In simple words, MyBookie is a trustworthy online sports betting site that accepts customers from the U.S. With welcome bonuses as handsome as $1,000, anybody will be convinced to start their betting game for the first time.


  • Free credit card deposits available
  • Excellent sign-up bonus
  • Plenty of promotions and bonuses available year round
  • Amazing betting software for mobile and desktop devices


  • Still new to the market of offshore betting
  • Large rollover for bonuses

=> Click here to get more information about MyBookie

How We Made the List of Online Sports Betting Sites

America is the home of plenty of sportsbooks. So, it can be difficult to choose the appropriate sports betting sites for you to gamble on. Whether you are a newbie or a veteran, you should have knowledge about the different online sports betting apps and sites before stepping into the field.

Although you might be interested in making money through online sites, you may not have in-depth knowledge about the various bet types. Sports betting sites should potentially have money lines, teasers, prop bets, point spreads, parlays, totals bet, and live betting markets. 

Additionally, they should allow bettors to bet on multiple sporting events with game lines such as the NBA, NHL, MLB, the NFL, and more. With more options in hand, bettors get excited and want to participate more and earn better. 

With so many gambling sites active on social media, finding the right site for your betting involvements can be overwhelmingly difficult. Even the oldest sports betting websites are no longer prominent and valid, so it is important to consistently update the rankings every month. Here are the criteria we have considered in ranking the five sports betting sites in this article.

  • Sports Betting Market Coverage 

It is your job to choose the market you want to wager on. However, we can only simplify the process by introducing the knowledge required to indulge in such markets. Many bookies lack the quality live betting platform, the props, racebook, teaser, or futures.

Not one bookie is a know-it-all. Some may be extremely close to knowing good knowledge, but no one rules the industry. Therefore, after extensive market research, these sites have excelled as the highly demanded sportsbooks in the industry.

  • Trustworthiness

The reputation of the best sports betting sites always needs to be top-notch. They should balance personal and financial information and keep it safe and secure. They should also maintain transparency at all levels of transactions and processes and, therefore, are very easy to locate. 

Another sign of a solid sportsbook is how long the site has been launched. Additionally, a large number of positive reviews also act towards the usability and popularity of the site. So, we have reviewed only credible sportsbooks that are licensed and regulated in a reputable jurisdiction.

Overall, trustworthiness is a crucial factor in our list of considerations. So, we will not guide you to using online betting sites with a poor history record that is unsafe and insecure. Each of the five betting sites has been properly vetted and is 100% safe to use.

  • Payout Times and Fees

While it may only require a minute to deposit at an online sportsbook, it is not simple with payouts. The payout time and fees these sportsbooks charge for withdrawals vary from site to site, and there can be no good at losing 20% of the withdrawal to fees.

Therefore, our researchers regularly test the different payment methods to rate online bookies based on the timeframe, ease of use, security, and fees.

  • Wagering Limits

Wagering limits takes you through two different issues. First, we need to list out the betting limits according to the market rates for the bookies to be clear about their bandwidth. Some are extremely short on limits when it comes to props. On the contrary, others have huge limits, so we maintain absolute transparency with the readers about this.

The second issue is we have rated these sportsbooks based on the risk of exposure and their frequency of limiting a winning bettor. This is because some bookies pull off a limit too soon with minuscule sample size, and such sportsbooks are not worth your investment. 

  • Accessibility 

Online betting sites allow you to bet from anywhere, so these top five sports betting sites on our blog are all mobile-accessible. No application is required to make the bets, and you can simply access it from the web app through your mobile browser, such as Google Chrome. 

We also considered the factor of ranking online betting sites with call centers. When such sites have a 24/7 operational call center, you do not need to have an active internet connection to place your bets.

  • Betting Lines Value (Best Odds) 

We have analysed the betting lines of all of the bookies we have ranked and observed their frequency with the best odds in the market. This stands the highly-ranked bookies out of the crowd based on the market betting rate.

Additionally, we have weighed down the payout odds of different bet types across the betting sites we have ranked. For instance, we have ranked the payout odds on parlays and teasers. It is also worth knowing that not all bookies have the same odds on bet types. 

  • Bonuses, Promotions, Contests, or Pools

While we have also considered bonuses and promotions while ranking the online betting sites, we believe these factors should not outweigh the decision to bet on these sites. However, you should have sound knowledge about this. 

  1. Bonuses: Once you sign up, you get to reload bonuses based on deposits.
  2. Promotions: It varies from site to site, but all include free, risk-free sports bets and gamblers insurance.
  3. Contests: The contests constantly pit the handicappers vs. handicappers.
  4. Pools: You get to play in survivor, squares, bracket, and more sports pool formats.
  • Banking Methods (Deposits and Withdrawals)

The focus is more on the quality of the banking methods rather than the quantity, as the quality defines the fees incurred to the customers. Here are the most popular methods of banking in these online sports betting sites.

  1. Credit/Debit Cards: Bettors most often use Discover, American Express, MasterCard, and Visa as the primary payment method. Gifts and prepaid cards are acceptable, too. 
  2. Cryptocurrencies: Cryptocurrencies are one of the safest ways of payment. The most common are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash, among many others. 
  3. eWallets: If you reside in remote access places, you need to pay through eWallets, such as InstaDebit, Neteller, or PayPal. 
  4. Person-to-Person: Western Union (WU) and MoneyGram (MG) are popular person-to-person paying sites in countries such as the U.S.
  • Security and Privacy

Security and privacy are two important factors of consideration while ranking these online betting sites. All of the sites in this review value their customers’ privacy and will not mislead you on unsecured bets. 

These betting sites ensure the security of their clients is well-maintained through secure transactions that are end-to-end encryptions. Such personal information is kept private using the latest technology.

  • Customer Service

You may not require customer service too often. However, with trustworthy betting sites like the ones mentioned here, you can expect available customer service to cater to your problems whenever you have a query to help you solve or face any issue.

  • Usability

A reputable online betting site is responsive and takes no longer to load. The usability matters greatly, as the bettors might be new to the field or may not have the idea to use a particular platform. This is when easy navigation comes to great help. 

The sites should be easy to navigate and compatible to all types of bettors, whether they are new or veterans in the field. Additionally, the sites should be available on all of your devices. This way, you can place the bets from anywhere, anytime, regardless of being home or outside.

  • Currencies and Languages

The best online sports betting sites usually accept multiple currencies. Additionally, they also allow you to view the site in various languages. Although English is the universal language used in most parts of the world, the top-rated sportsbooks have options like Spanish, French, Portuguese, and so on.

  • Additional Features

The best betting sites have many betting options besides sports, entertainment, and politics. For instance, the top-notch online sports betting sites allow you to take part or bet on an online casino, live poker, or racebook according to your interests.

Legality issues are important to pay attention to when it is about betting or gambling. In fact, it has been a hot topic of discussion among U.S. players. Online sports betting is a global industry that legalizes betting in many different jurisdictions.

Central America and the Caribbean have been the oldest participants in the game, which led to the emergence of offshore sportsbooks that started from online betting in the U.S. market illegally. However, with the decline of the PASPA act, some states now have regulated and legal sports betting. 

VegasInsider promotes legal online sportsbooks with legit licenses in certain areas, and you can check their info pages for more details on that matter. However, be mindful of the fact that legal sports betting is broken down on a state-by-state level.

The federal government has an issue to pick with bookmakers on the books regarding certain laws, and different states reserve the right to determine the legal status of sports betting within their borders. While some states are more progressive, Utah, Alaska, Hawaii, and Vermont have laws imposed on books prohibiting state-regulated sports wagering.

But, with today’s flexible sports betting environment, such elements are subject to change. Nevada used to be the only state in the U.S. with legal status for sports betting. But, things changed in May of 2018 with a landmark decision taken by the U.S. Supreme Court, which allowed more states to join the mix.

How to Bet on Sports in the U.S.

Now that people are aware of legal sports betting in the U.S., an increasing number of online sports betting sites are available with attractive offers and betting markets. Before stepping ahead to make your bet, you should consider the following factors to be on the safer side.

The Laws in Your State

Before heading out to make your first bet, ensure the legal status of online sports betting is updated in your particular state. Some states may legalize betting at a retail sportsbook but not online betting. Some may have the options available, while others still have to carry out the legal procedures.

Choose Your Sportsbook

Legal sports betting is still on the hang to gain popularity in the U.S. states. As a result, you may have options of sportsbooks online but not too many. So, research for yourself and find the best sports betting sites to start your betting games. Check if each of the sites has the following essentials.

  • Welcome bonuses
  • Payment options
  • Range of sports available
  • Terms and conditions

Register with a Sportsbook

You may require visiting the physical casino of the origin of an online sportsbook since some states have no online registration option. Otherwise, you can register online by entering all of your personal details on their site. 

Additionally, the sportsbook may ask you to verify your identity. However, it is a standard process required for legal sports betting.

Fund Your Account

Select your online sportsbook account from the long list of available payment options. Whether you choose to pay by debit or prepaid card, e-wallet, or otherwise, make sure you activate the possible promotions and deposit bonuses offered. You would just have to enter the promo code, and you will be done.

Some of the payment options are Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, etc. However, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are among the most popular ways of making deposits on these platforms. In addition, these transactions do not involve any personal information and require additional fees.

Place Your First Bet

Choose a sport and match from the list of available options. Next, you should locate the betting slip. Normally, you get to see the slip on the right side of the screen. So, enter the bet and follow the screen guide accordingly.

Betting is supposed to be easy, however, avoid finalizing your bet without checking the slip. This ensures you have entered and followed the details correctly. You can then submit your wager and note the winner.


When the matter is about withdrawals from online betting sites, most of the methods followed by such sites are almost similar. So, bettors should be thorough with the banking sections of the online sportsbook to understand the various options available to them.

How to Deposit Money and Get Paid Out at an Online Sportsbook

Before placing a bet, you need to start with a deposit in your sportsbook. Each of the online betting sites has its decided amount of deposit and methods of payments. The most common deposit methods are wire transfer, Bitcoin, credit card, or debit card.

Once you have made the payment, you can wager your bet. But, each of the deposit methods has its pros and cons. Your choice of method will determine the benefits you may incur, and your requirements influence your choice in the betting ground.

The most common benefits of using Bitcoin at your sportsbook account are increased bonuses, fast transactions, enhanced identity protection, etc. Whether you withdraw or deposit any funds, the same transaction method is followed, except for the credit card option. 

You will always have the available option of getting the payment through checks and expediting the payout as well. The sportsbooks we recommended here have excellent payout options, and you can expect your cash within 10-14 business days. However, using Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies reduces the wait time significantly.

Before deciding upon the deposit method, it would be wise to check over the fees charged by the sportsbook and the ones charged by your banking institution. This may vary depending on several factors. So, compare the fees with the waiting duration for each deposit method and decide accordingly. 

Frequently Asked Questions: Sports Betting

Q. Is it possible to make money by betting on sports?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to earn money by betting on sports. However, bear in mind this is not a shortcut to becoming profitable by betting on sports,, as even the experts in the field lose by betting wagers regularly. 

The most important job here is to develop a sports betting and bankroll strategy to help yourself earn the opportunities of making money through a long haul of online sports betting careers.

Q. How can I get started betting on sports?

If you are a newbie at betting on sports, you have nothing to worry about. All you need to do is look for sites that guide you through the processes of betting on sports, which usually categorize the instructions based on your expert level.

In this case, you would be counted as a beginner. Accordingly, you can research beginner’s guides to help you get started with your sports betting career like a natural.

Q. How can I sharpen my sports betting skills?

Regardless of your history records or whether you are old or new in the betting field, you should know there is room for improvement, even for the veterans. The key to sharpening your betting skills is to learn your advancement level.

Since there cannot be one answer to this question, you should know it would differ from individual to individual. Perhaps, if you are an amateur, you can look up how to step up in the game from the beginner level as an amateur and to the advanced level.

Q. What is the best online sportsbook for U.S. players? 

Bovada, BetOnline, and Intertops are some of the most popular and highly-rated online sports betting sites or sportsbooks in the U.S. These sites are open to players within the U.S. and are highly demanded in the country. The reason is mostly because of the high-grade service each of them has to offer.

These sites are specifically meant for U.S. players. Therefore, you can expect to spot UFC, NHL, MLB, NCAAB, NBA, NCAAF, and NFL covering all of the attention. Additionally, all of these sites have attractive bonuses and odds for their bettors. So, you can visit their official pages to learn about them in detail and their various areas of expertise.

Q. Are offshore sportsbooks safe?

Not all offshore sportsbooks are the same. Nevertheless, several long-standing offshore players have resorted to getting themselves licensed in regulated jurisdictions because of their business’s undying popularity and success. However, there are a few notable offshore sportsbooks to consider if you can research well.

Q. Why do odds vary between different online sportsbooks? 

The reasons for the different odds at various online sportsbooks are manifold. Sometimes, the odds compilers are unsure about the progress of a game and, thus, provide distinctive odds accordingly. On the contrary, others might offer attractive odds to bolster the new business and occupy a place in the market.

Additionally, the odds of a sporting event may also be reflected in the money wagered on the team. Some sportsbooks may not react immediately compared to others, which offers bettors the opportunity to gain a better edge soon.

Q. Is a bookmaker the same as a sportsbook? 

A bookmaker and a sportsbook are exactly the same. The world’s first bookmakers established themselves with a shop in the United States in the 1790s. The British still fancy the term “bookmaker,” referring to an individual or establishment that accepts wagers. 

Over time, however, the term “sportsbook” came to be more widely accepted in the United States to distinguish between a racebook, which is an establishment for horse betting, and a sportsbook, which is an establishment for betting on sports. But today, both are used interchangeably across the world.

Q. Which sportsbook has the quickest payouts? 

The cryptocurrency option has enabled online sports betting sites to offer their customers the freedom of quick payouts. Bovada is one such sportsbook providing the quickest payouts in the business, and it has records of sending over Bitcoin within 15 minutes of approval. 

Other platforms like BetOnline are equally rapid at payout options, and you can expect to receive your crypto withdrawal the same day of your request.

Q. Which real money sportsbooks offer the earliest odds?

BetOnline is one such online sportsbook known for offering the earliest and attractive odds in the business. Most of the competitors did not even step foot on the game until experienced oddsmakers like BetOnline started with their numbers. 

Some witty bettors prefer placing wagers when the line is set before the public has made it move. Therefore, these bettors typically open accounts with sportsbooks like BetOnline.

Final Thoughts

Just like any other choice of entertainment requires prior testing and knowledge of the field through resources you would preferably gather through research, online sports betting sites need to be selected in the same manner.

You need to balance out the betting experience with the deposits of the various online sportsbooks. In terms of these, the difference between the cost and the bonuses they have to offer plays a major role in the process.

So, think about the reason you are into sports betting and your need to participate in online betting sites. While some sportsbooks may prioritize value, others may be meant exclusively for experienced sharp bettors in the field. And, there are others that intend to provide you a fun, simple online gambling experience.

So, take your time to learn the purpose of joining these sites and explore each of the sites and their reviews. The criteria you read earlier can help you decide the best sports betting sites for you.

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