How blackjack has remained a staple of online casinos

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Despite being one of the oldest games to be played at a traditional casino establishment, the iconic table game blackjack still has a place amongst the hearts of the gambling community, as it remains a staple for those who use virtual platforms, as well. 

Indeed, whilst many of the best casinos available on the internet continue to provide a number of different variants of classic games, blackjack is one that appears to continually remain at the top of the list alongside the likes of poker and roulette. 

Playing blackjack, roulette or other live games online has surged in popularity in recent years, but why has the game that is also known by the name of ‘21’ remained as popular as it has? 

History of the game 

There is a lot of debate regarding the origin of the classic game, with some claiming it to have come from France after being thought to have been made available in casinos in the country around the 1700s. At the time, the game would have been known as “Vingt-et-Un,” which in English translates to “21”. Indeed, it is understood that the American version of the game is where the name “Blackjack” has emerged. 

A number of different rules have emerged throughout the game’s history, with the different versions of the game having had some slight modifications. However, the main rule has always remained the same: to achieve a score of “21” or as close to it as possible without going over the total and defeating the dealer’s hand. 

Simplicity & Accessibility 

When trying to think about why blackjack has managed to last hundreds of years and even evolve to become a popular online casino game, it is clear that the simplicity and accessibility features of the game will have played a huge role. 

The card game is one of the easiest card games to play and does not require a player to know too many rules. As mentioned, they will want to be able to get the closest to a total of “21” as possible without going over or being under the value of the dealer’s hand. There really is not much more to the game. 

Of course, there are a number of different blackjack strategies and side bets that can be implemented once players who are more experienced at playing the game will further enhance their overall experience. 

However, the fact it is so simple to play and is relatively quick makes it incredibly accessible to everyone, therefore instantly making it a popular choice with all generations of the gambling community. It does not matter if someone is incredibly experienced and has been betting for years, or if someone has only just started to experience online casinos for the very first time, blackjack is a welcoming game that can be enjoyed by anyone. 

Blackjack provides the best chance of beating the house 

When playing casino games online, the one thing everyone will want to do is to beat the house as often as they can. The game of blackjack will actually provide them with the best opportunity to do that. 

Some online versions of the classic casino table game will provide a return to player (RTP) rate of 99.66%, meaning the house’s edge will drop to lower than 1%. This is unheard of with any other game that is available to play, thus, helping the classic game to remain a staple of the online casino market. 

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