How Colorado Gambling Laws Compare to Other States

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If you’re a fan of gambling, you’re probably aware that many states have made moves to modernise their gambling laws in recent years. Colorado is one such state that has made changes, but how do the laws in this state compare to many others? 

Well, it seems that states are either pro-gambling or against it completely. Some have allowed gambling at land-based venues but not in an online capacity, others have remained staunch in their views against gambling, while others have enacted liberal laws that essentially allow all forms of gambling. 

Colorado sits somewhere in the middle. You can enjoy most forms of gambling at physical locations, but for now, many forms of online gambling remain illegal.  

Is Gambling Legal in Colorado? 

Yes, gambling is legal in the state, but not for all forms of gambling. As of writing, people within the state of Colorado can enjoy casino gambling at licensed land-based casinos, take part in the state lottery, bet on horses at many racecourses, take part in online sports betting, take part in bingo games and raffles held for charitable causes, and play social gambling games with friends, such as poker. 

Compared to many other states, the gambling laws here are quite liberal. Only online gambling (except for sports betting) is illegal. This means no gambling at online casinos, online poker sites, or bingo sites. You can find details here of online casinos CO and the current laws surrounding online gambling.  

Could Colorado legalise Online Casino Gambling? 

It is a very real possibility thanks to the success of online sports betting since they legalised it in 2020. Particularly because of the pandemic, the online betting scene has exploded in popularity throughout Colorado. While it hit many other businesses and industries hard, this was one industry that enjoyed consistent growth. Although nothing is set in motion yet, it is likely that the state will consider taking the next step by legalising other forms of online gambling.  

It is already legal to play roulette, slots, blackjack, and other casino games at one of the many land-based casinos, so the state is not totally against those games. As long as they could effectively regulate online casinos, it is difficult to see why they would not consider legalisation of some sort. Online security at online casinos has improved too, so this should not prove a stumbling block. 

Where to Gamble in Colorado? 

If you like land-based gambling, you have a ton of options in Colorado. For one, you’ll find 29 land-based casinos situated around the state. Black Hawk alone, plays host to a dozen brick and mortar casinos. You can enjoy all forms of table games ranging from Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette, while the casinos all have slot machines too. You also have the Arapahoe Park racetrack in Aurora while there are also several off-track betting sites you can use for horse racing and greyhound betting.  

Finally, you can bet at home with friends. You could hold poker games, or hold betting pools for sporting events without the threat of criminal action.  

What Penalties are Given to Those Caught Gambling Illegally? 

Colorado has stiff penalties for anyone caught gambling via a form not currently legal. You could even end up in prison for up to six months. However, first-time offenders normally get hit in the pocket with fines of up to $500. So, while it is tempting to gamble at offshore online casinos, you could land yourself in hot water if found out.  

You’re better off going to a land-based casino where it is legal, or just waiting until laws surrounding online casinos change. The latter is surely only a matter of time. Besides, you could go to another state where gambling at online casinos is legal.   


Compared to other states, residents have it quite good regarding gambling laws. You can take part in most forms of gambling without having to worry. It is only online gambling which is still illegal, although with online sports betting now legalised, this is likely to pave the way for online poker and casinos to become legal in the future. 

You also have a ton of land-based locations to gamble at, especially regarding casinos, as there are dozens of them. Compare that to Arkansas, which has just two brick and mortar casinos, and you have to admit that it could be a lot worse in Colorado. It is likely to get better too, as the success of online sports betting is surely a good sign for the online gambling industry in the state. 

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