How have smartphones impacted the casino industry

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Technology as a whole has significantly changed the casino industry. But have you ever considered what impact smartphones and smartphone development have had on casinos? This article will look at how smartphone development has changed how online casinos are presented to people. 

1.  Smartphones have increased the casinos’ market base. 

Technology made it possible for people to access casino games from their mobile devices. Statistics show that there are 6.3 billion smartphone users in 2021, and this number is expected to grow to around 7.5 billion in 2026. This translates to more people accessing online casino games and casino applications right on their devices. 

This increased smartphone device use has made it easier for the average user to access some of the best online casinos from around the world, which has contributed to the growth of the casino industry. 

2.  Smartphone development has brought better game quality to users. 

These days, users are not just interested in finding an online casino. After all, they are practically spoilt for choice. Instead, to compare the various available online casinos, they have to consider factors such as the casino’s User Interface and the User Experience. After all, why would anyone choose a casino with mediocre games when casinos like Sloto Cash online casino exist and offer high-quality games? 

What are casino players looking for in online casinos? 

When evaluating online casinos, there are a lot of factors that casino players have to weigh. Two crucial factors are the User Interface and User Experience. Let’s look at each of these individually. 

What is User Interface? 

When you visit an app like Whatsapp, the User Interface comprises the three menus, the three dots at the top right corner, the search button at the top, and more. Simply put, the User interface comprises the point of human contact between you and the application. 

Users want a casino website or application that is visually appealing and serves its intended use; in a casino’s case, to allow players to sign up and play games. Poorly designed UI can be off-putting to users and make them not want to interact with you. 

What is User Experience? 

While UI refers to how the casino application or website appears to the users, User Experience refers to how well the application or website allows users to do what they want to do on an app or website and how it makes them feel. It refers to the experience the casino application offers to the plates. Some factors that affect UX include how responsive the website is to commands and how easily navigable it is. 

These two factors work together to attract and keep players, and casinos understand that they need to improve both of them if they want to attract and keep players. 

3.  Smartphone development has led to higher quality games. 

Have you heard of the Apollo 11’s guidance computer that enabled it to go to the moon in 1969? Today’s smartphones are hundreds of times more powerful than that computer. In fact, one Apple developer has argued that today’s USB-C charger has more computing power than that guidance system. But you probably do not need anyone to convince you of the power of any of today’s smartphones. Just looking at their graphics quality, camera quality, and more is enough to show that many people are walking around with powerful small computers in their pockets. 

Game developers are taking advantage of these developments to deliver high-quality games to players today. First, they use Artificial Intelligence’s powerful computing capabilities to understand what their customers gravitate towards in the current games. They then create games that attempt to combine these attractions so customers can enjoy the newer games even more. Couple this with the scientific research studies that show how to hook humans, and you end up with robust, high quality, and near addictive games at the tap of one’s fingers. 

4.  Smartphones allow people to pay from their devices. 

Unless you are playing demo games, you often have to pay to play in casinos. In the past, it may have been necessary to find a way of transferring your money from your account to the casino’s account. Today, you can easily make all your payments straight from your phone. You can even add your credit/debit card information to third-party payment platforms and have them transfer the money instantly to the casino. These no-hassles payments make it so that new players can join online casinos, deposit their money and start playing in a short period. 

5.  Smartphones have helped casinos improve their security. 

One of the biggest concerns many people have when dealing with online casinos today is the security of their information. Statistics today show that there is a cyberattack every 39 seconds. Since it is almost impossible to play casino games without giving out some personal data, many players are often wary of how secure their information is with the casino. 

Using smartphones, casinos are improving their security systems. This is especially through 2-factor verification. Now, players can sign in to their accounts then confirm their identity through biometric verification on their smartphones. Being forced to verify their identity by confirming their fingerprints or scanning through facial recognition reduces the chances of wrongful admittance to an account, making the account more secure. 


Smartphones have greatly impacted the casino industry. This article elaborates on some of the effects of smartphones on this industry. Hopefully, this can help you appreciate your smartphone more the next time you play your favorite casino games on it. 

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