Many Payment Options: The Reason For Problematic Gambling?

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Certain factors are often associated with problem gambling but addiction can arise when someone has lost control of gambling behaviour. Gambling can provide a high degree of fun but can also be harmful chiefly for vulnerable gamblers. Several features must be taken into account in the goal to enjoy the best gambling experience. Among these options are the payment methods that occupy a prominent place when playing the games for real money. As a large number of efficient and modern payment solutions can be chosen on gambling websites, they are thought to negatively impact gamblers. Is this variety of payment options the reason for problematic gambling?


Considered to be the most popular e-wallet, PayPal has invaded the online gambling industry. The firm was created in 1998 and has increased its reputation in 2002 after acquiring eBay. PayPal is omnipresent in the renowned online gaming sites and has continued to live up to its reputation despite the appearance of various online banking options. The fact that it provides a high level of safety and security makes this digital wallet well-used among worldwide gamblers. In addition to that, not only does this payment method offer both deposit and withdrawal options but the fees are affordably promising smooth and convenient transactions.


One of the mobile payment solutions that are winning the heart of the players is Boku. The company was founded in 2009 and has quickly become well-appreciated in the major online casinos and iGaming sites. With this payment method for online games and applications, the players are able to transfer money through their mobile devices. Boku is headquartered in San Francisco in the USA and can be accessible in 68 countries and on more than 250 mobile networks. As this reliable payment system is seductive for its straightforward, trustworthy, and affordable service, the leading betting websites and web-based casinos unsurprisingly accept it as the common payment solution.

Pay By Phone

Probably, Pay By Phone is considered as the top mobile payment method in the online gambling market. As this mobile payment solution only requires phone numbers, it ensures an instant deposit. With Pay By Phone, the users don’t need to provide their personal information and bank details enhancing their gambling experience. For that reason, the best Pay By Phone websites for bingo acquire this quick and efficient payment system as the common deposit solution. Although this mobile gaming payment only provides a deposit option, transferring money only takes less than a minute. All they have to do is to download the app and can make a deposit at their online gaming account.

Visa and MasterCard

Considered as the traditional online payment solution, Visa and MasterCard have remained the most popular method in online casinos. These two options have expanded across the world so the popular gambling websites accept them as the common payment systems. It is undeniable that several services have been launched to facilitate the gamblers’ transactions, but Visa and MasterCard have always been the most used in online bingo sites and other gambling platforms. Historically, Visa was created in 1958 by the Bank of America and registered as the common depositing option. Concerning MasterCard, a group of Californian Banks in 1966 released this card, and since, a sizeable share of players uses this most popular card.


The payment options and the online gambling sites are like rain and water as they come together. The growth in popularity of internet gambling activities pushes different businesses to progress and among them are the online payment companies. The parallel increase of the gambling industry and payment services enable the players to have fun in a safe and convenient environment. In the UK, these gamblers can have a wide choice regarding the banking options for depositing and cashing out. To answer the question “Can these payment methods cause problem gambling?” The answer is evidently no because, on the contrary, these options permit the gamblers to move money quickly, smoothly, and safely. But one thing should be kept in mind, everyone should gamble responsibly.

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