No Time to Die Online Streaming at Home Watch Free; How to Stream Daniel Craig’s Brand New James Bond Movie

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How can you watch and download the free no time to die 2021 full movie streaming online for free? You may or may not know where the James Bond 007 new movie No Time to Die shows for free. Daniel Craig puts on the dinner jacket one last time for a new 007 action movie already blowing up the box office. The movie is set to release on October 8 in the USA in no time to die at 2h 43mm. The no time to die received a lot of response before it was released.The James bond “no Time to Die” was released in the UK on the 30th of last month. You may not know that it has already been released in other countries of the world and has caused a stir. No time to die has also got a streaming release. New James Bond is Daniel Craig’s. There are also many well-known actors. Now the question may arise in your mind, who is 007? Well, how do you watch a no time to die movie? Do you want to watch streaming while sitting at home? If your answer is yes then the next link is for you. 

Here’s No Time To Die Streaming!! 

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Watch Now No Time To Die Full Movie Online!! 

In fact, there is nothing free in the world, Even then you are my viewers and readers. So thinking about you, I arranged a link for free. Also if you are a little clever you will understand how to Watch no time to die free streaming. Since English is the language of the UK and USA,Since the movie has already been released in the UK. There are various free sites in the UK from which movies can be viewed for free. There is also a link and detailed description of itself. I think you now understand what you have to do  

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Who is the new James bond? 

Who is the new 007 James Bond 2021? Daniel Craig is the bookend Bond, giving 007’s story a beginning and an end. In No Time to Die, Daniel Craig shows us a James Bond who’s gone fishing. James Bond Will Return, as a title card at the end of each of the 25 EON Productions Bond films released since the Kennedy Administration has promised. 

No Time to Die is a 2021 spy film and the 25th in the James Bond series produced by Eon Productions. It stars Daniel Craig in his fifth and final outing as the fictional British MI6 agent James Bond. It is directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga from a screenplay by Neal Purvis, Robert Wade, Fukunaga and Phoebe Waller-Bridge. 

Is no time to die 2021 the last bond movie 

No Time to Die, Daniel Craig’s last movie as James Bond, ends as if it’s the last Bond movie ever. At 53, Craig is five years younger than Roger Moore was when he hung up James Bond’s tuxedo, but he invests his final franchise outing with a sense of physical weariness, almost lethargy. 

Does James Bond really die in No Time to Die? 

Yes, for the first time in the character’s 59-year cinematic history (and 68-year literary one), 007 is killed. The movie’s title lied to us. It’s pretty definitive too; he’d been badly wounded by Safin and the missile strike wiped out the island. But the legendary spy also seemed at peace with his fate. 

Will Daniel Craig be the last James Bond? There are many things Daniel Craig is going to miss about playing James Bond. … “No Time to Die” (in theaters Friday) marks Craig’s last ride in the Aston Martin as Bond, a role he has gruffly played for 15 years and five movies. 

No Time to Die Actress Ana De Armas 

Ana de Armas plays Paloma, one of the most impactful portrayals in No Time To Die. She was only on screen briefly, but she deserves to be in Bond 26. 

No Time To Die briefly introduces audiences to Paloma (Ana de Armas), and her character needs to return in Bond 26 even more than M or Q. The latest James Bond film follows the titular MI6 agent (Daniel Craig) as he once again comes out of retirement to combat the forces of international terror and villainy. Believing that he was betrayed by his love, Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux), Bond goes into hiding in Jamaica, but he is tracked down by his old friend from the CIA, Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright), who requests Bond’s help in recovering a bioweapon and the scientist who created it from Cuba. After learning more about the weapon, Bond agrees to meet Felix’s contact. 

Is James Bond going to be released? 

Image result for when does james bond come out 2021 

No Time To Die has been set for release on Friday, October 8, in the US, and Thursday, October 7, in the UAE, according to MGM. 

Where Was No Time to Die Filmed 

Italy has served as a backdrop in eight Bond films—including nearly all of Daniel Craig’s tenure. London, home to the MI6 headquarters, has played a starring role in nearly every movie. Both destinations, naturally, make appearances in the latest flick, No Time to Die. 

Is No Time to Die No Time to Die Tickets Available? 

No, This is not possible at the moment. Tickets for all US theaters are currently on sale. That’s why the news is available from the New York Times. Then where can be seen in No Time to Die. 

“No Time To Die” is a movie that has been released in theaters and will be available on Netflix, Hulu, and HBOMAX. The new No Time To Die movie is coming out in October and you can watch it for free with Amazon Prime Video after 6 months. 

Is the No Time to Die Dvd Release Date Confirmed? 

As of yet, the film has no official DVD release date. However, reflecting upon the time it generally takes for a film to arrive on home media, we can offer an educated prediction. 

No Time to Die arrived in UK cinemas on Thursday, September 30th 2021. It usually takes around three months after theatrical release for a film to reach DVD, so it’s likely that audiences will be able to take Daniel Craig’s fifth and final Bond outing home in December. 

Indeed, Film Stories highlights that it’s said to be arriving on DVD, Blu-ray and 4K the week before Christmas. This definitely seems on the cards, as you tend to have distributors putting out big blockbusters like this shortly before the 25th to ensure it’s a popular gift. 

With this in mind, we predict you’ll be able to pick the film up from Monday, December 20th 2021. 

It’s already available to pre-order on Amazon across the aforementioned range of formats. 

The above has been regarding the UK release. In the US, on the other hand, the film doesn’t land in theaters until Friday, October 8th 2021. Taking this into consideration, it may not arrive on home media there until early January 2022. 

Streaming Release: When and Where There Is No Time to Die? 

You may not know that no time to die has already been streamed. Let’s find out where and how to watch James bond 007 new movie no time to die free 😉 streaming.  

😱😱 Streaming Anywhere No time to die (2021) online for free 😱😱 

It’s been a long time coming, but the 25th film in the James Bond franchise, No Time To Die, is finally here. 

Daniel Craig returns as everyone’s favorite MI6 agent, 007, for the fifth and final time in this spy action from director Cary Joji Fukunaga. Also returning to their roles in the franchise are Léa Seydoux as Bond’s love interest, Madeleine Swan; Ben Whishaw as Bond’s Quartermaster, Q; Naomie Harris as Eve Moneypenny; Jeffrey Wright as Bond’s friend Felix; and Christoph Waltz as Bond’s enemy and foster brother, Ernst Stavro Blofeld. 

As for the newcomers, Rami Malek stars as the new villain, Lyutsifer Safin; Lashana Lynch appears as a new “007” agent; while Ana de Armas plays a new CIA agent named Paloma. 

This is the theatrical movie event of the year, but it’s a confusing time for theatrical movies at the moment. While some are available on streaming and in theaters, others are only in theaters. Here’s what to know about how to watch No Time To Die and when to expect No Time To Die on streaming. 

Is No Time to Die streaming anywhere? 

“No Time to Die” will be released in theaters only on Friday, October 8. It will open in more than 4,400 cinemas across North America. Thus far, a streaming release has not been announced, and one is not expected. So the only way to see “No Time to Die” for the time-being is in movie theaters. 

The film has already premiered overseas — gathering a group of magnified fame and celebrity at the royal world premiere in London. Craig’s previous four 007 movies have popped into and out of various streamer lineups in the past. 

James bond cast no time to die 

  1. Daniel Craig as James Bond  
  1. Rami Malek as villain Lyutsifer Safin  
  1. Christoph Waltz as iconic Bond bad guy Ernst Stavro Blofeld  
  1. Léa Seydoux as Dr. Madeleine Swann, Bond’s love interest  
  1. Lashana Lynch as Nomi, another 00 agent  
  1. Ben Whishaw as gadgetmaster Q  
  1. Ralph Fiennes as M, Bond’s boss  
  1. Naomie Harris as Eve Moneypenny, M’s secretary  
  1. Jeffrey Wright as CIA agent and Bond’s longtime pal, Felix Leiter  

Where to Watch “No Time to Die” 

Stream it on Netflix; rent or buy it on Amazon Prime Video, Apple, Google Play, Vudu or YouTube. It will be released on Amazon Prime video in the next six months 

The success of “no time to die” comes just two years after the Korean writer-director Bong Joon Ho had an international hit with “James bond,” a wickedly entertaining, Oscar-winning movie about a family of underclass grifters. But the more pertinent Bong film for this list is his 2021 science-fiction adventure “James Bond 007,” an adaptation of a French graphic novel about a socially stratified train speeding through a frozen post-apocalyptic landscape. Chris Evans stars as one of the poorer passengers, who leads a rebellion, moving the mob forward one car at a time and drawing ever closer to the secrets of those who live luxuriously. TNT’s TV adaptation, which premiered last year, is available to stream on HBO Max. 

When Will No Time to Die Be on Streaming? 

Yes it is possible to watch streaming but you have to be a little smarter. Because this movie has gained so much popularity it has already broken the box office record. Due to which it will not give any company the opportunity to show free streaming. We have managed a link with great difficulty. You can go to the top and watch the streaming from that link. 

Will No Time to Die be released in Streaming platforms? 

The cinematic experience of the fifth and final James Bond film starring Daniel Craig is not yet set to stream on any specific platform. But Unofficially you can watch no time to die now. This means any streaming service, from HBO Max to Hulu to Amazon Prime Video may have No Time to Die available soon after its release in theaters. 

Will No Time to Die Be on Hbo Max? 

No. No Time to Die is a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Eon Productions movie and it will not be streaming on HBO Max when the film opens in theaters this fall because they’re owned by different companies: Warner Media for its content like The Suicide Squad but not MGM films such as ‘NO TIME TO DIE’. 

Is the movie No Time to Die on Netflix? 

Is No Time to Die on Netflix? Will No Time to Die be on a streaming service? Sorry, No Time to Die will not be on a streaming service at the same time that the film is playing in theaters. After the film’s theatrical run has ended, you’ll be able to rent or buy it on digital platforms like Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Vudu, and YouTube. 

Is There No Time to Die on amazon prime? 

Amazon Prime will give you a chance to watch this movie in the next six months 

Some titles that are available for free streaming with a Prime Account include (Originals) The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Tick, Man in the High Castle, Bosch, Hanna, Jack Ryan, The Boys, (Movies) A Quiet Place, Snowden, The Big Sick, and Logan Lucky. 

Is No Time To Die on Hulu? 

“No time to die” is precisely why the company needs to rectify this by finally uniting Disney+ and Hulu as a single service and investing more in adult-friendly content. While customers can subscribe to Hulu as part of a $14-a-month bundle that includes Disney+ and ESPN+, they remain separate apps. 

How to Watch Daniel Craig’s Brand New James Bond Movie “No Time To Die” in Action 

The stunts begin early in “No Time to Die,” the latest chapter of the Bond franchise, and the last with Daniel Craig as its star. 

This scene comes after Bond has woken up from an explosion meant to kill him. He knows immediately that his partner, Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux), is in danger. He tries to race back to her on foot, but gets cornered on a bridge by the same men responsible for the explosion. Deciding the best direction for his escape is down, he leaps from the bridge using power cables that are strung along it. 

Narrating the scene, the director Cary Joji Fukunaga said the locations that he, his production designer, Mark Tildesley, and his cinematographer, Linus Sandgren, found during scouting helped to drive the narrative direction. They used a bridge in the Italian town of Gravina in Puglia. 

The sequence was shot with Imax cameras, which presented a challenge because they’re so bulky. It limited how many the crew could use to cover the action. Scenes with this kind of stunt complexity are usually filmed with as many as five cameras, but often they only had two Imax ones to work with at a time. Fukunaga said they had to be very “surgical” about shooting to make sure they captured all they needed within their time constraints. 

Later in the sequence, Bond is cut off by Primo (Dali Benssalah), who tracks him down by motorcycle. Bond leaps on Primo and knocks him off his ride. To make that moment happen, Fukunaga said he relied on the “Texas Switch”: the camera is first on Craig, but when it pans away from him, a double enters the shot to perform the stunt. 

How can you watch no time to die? 

You’re going to need Netflix to tune in to the nine-episode series. (Read more about Netflix and how to get it here.)  

No Time to Die is a Netflix original drama, made in South Korea, but it’s dubbed into English. And unlike some shows where the dubbing leaves a little something to be desired, this is top-notch work. Viewers never forget the show was originally in Korean, but the voice actors, many of whom are experienced American voice actors of Korean background, are excellent. The show doesn’t suffer when watched in English. But you should read our article about why you want to adjust the subtitle settings on your TV for the best experience. 

How to watch No Time to Die online in the US? 

If you’re an American movie fan and looking for the best streaming website to watch No Time to Die full movie online, there are lots of options available. The following stations are popular with cable cutters including HBO Max YouTube TV Hulu TV  

How to Watch No Time To Die Online in Australia?  

If you’re Down Under, it’s a similar situation when it comes to streaming options available for the 2021 No Time to Die. The highly-rated Bond classic is available for Aussie viewers to rent on various platforms. You’ll find it available on either Fetch, Apple TV, Google Play, or YouTube TV for a rental price of AU$3.99.   

How to watch No Time to Die online in Canada? 

Luckily for Canadian viewers, you’re able to stream No Time To Die with Crave. In fact the entire franchise’s back catalog dating as far back as 1962 and starring Sean Connery is accessible for Canadians!  

One way or another; if watching movies on demand isn’t enough then make sure your account has Movies + HBO at a monthly price of $19.98 tax inclusive before signing up because once signed they will give new users 7 days free access just like what we did here in order check out all that this service offers its members such as accessing hbo content:  

How to watch No Time to Die online in the UK? 

The Daniel Craig Bond films have featured on a few different platforms over the years, and luckily for Virgin TV Go customers, it’s available to watch whenever you like.   

If you’re not a Virgin TV member, No Time to Die is currently only available to rent in the UK.   

Amazon Prime Video currently has No Time to Die available to rent for £3.49 in the UK. Once bought you’ll have 30 days to start watching the film and 48 hours to finish once started.   

How to watch No Time To Die Free Streaming in New Zealand?  

The No Time To Die movie will be released in October and is available for free streaming on Amazon Prime Video. The best place to watch it is by clicking the link below! If you’re not from New Zealand, click here for more information about how subscribers can get their own copy of this awesome film when they sign up as well.  

A new action packed movie entitled “No Time to Die” comes out October 31st at midnight (EST). It stars Fat Joe, B-Real of Cypress Hill among other big name rappers that have been involved with music since before I was born so just hearing these names makes my heart smile because our culture’s history goes way back which means there are lots of stories left untold if we don’t preserve them  

How to watch No Time to Die from outside your country ? 

Geo-blocks are a pain, but if you have access to VPN then your streaming problems should be solved. Top vpn providers offer great Turbo servers that will allow anyone the opportunity of changing their IP address in order for them to watch back home TV programs or movies without any restrictions whatsoever!  

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On Wednesday, palace insiders alleged to Us Weekly that Prince William’s wife, Kate Middleton, has successfully proved to the reigning monarch that she’s prepared to take on the role of queen consort someday. 

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BOND FILMER: James Bond is a fictional character created by novelist Ian Fleming in 1953. A British secret agent working for MI6 under the codename 007, he has been portrayed on film by actors Sean Connery, David Niven, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig in twenty-seven productions. 

JAMES BOND DIES: Daniel Craig’s run as the cinematic James Bond will go down in history. Not only did Craig fully reinvent the image of James Bond for the 21st century, but his five film appearances between 2006’s Casino Royale to 2021’s No Time to Die did something no James Bond film has been ever brave enough to do: Tell the end of James Bond. 

No Time to Die ending explained: Is this really the end of James Bond? 

Daniel Craig set out to make his fifth James Bond film his final performance. But is there still a chance for a sixth. 

No Time to Die’s ending, explained 

At the end of No Time to Die, the villainous Safin (Rami Malek) suffers defeat when his plan to unleash a sophisticated bio-weapon — one that doesn’t activate unless you spread it to those whose DNA has been pre-programmed — is foiled by James Bond. 

But Safin gets the last laugh when he infects Bond with a version of the virus programmed to target the DNA of his beloved Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux), who returns from 2015’s SPECTRE, to succumb to the virus. In effect, Safin forces Bond to forever stay away from the woman he loves — and the daughter he’ll never know. 

(Side note: That’s right. One of the biggest bombshells in No Time to Die is revealing an offspring of James Bond: Mathilde, a five-year-old girl played by child actress Lisa-Dorah Sonnet. For the first time in Bond history, James Bond is a daddy.) 

Why is James Bond a father in No Time to Die? 

Rumors that Bond has a daughter have swirled since 2020, when a leaked call sheet from the set of No Time to Die appeared on eBay and spoiled the film’s plot. At the time, an inside source told Daily Mail that the leak was true. 

“Daniel [Craig] wanted to make this Bond film the most surprising and entertaining yet,” the source told Daily Mail in 2020. “Daniel is older and his Bond is maturing and looking at life through the prism of fatherhood. But there’s a lot more to it than that.” 

KATE MIDDLETON JAMES BOND: Daniel Craig has some doubts about Rami Malek playing the role of Mary Poppins for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s three kids. 

Malek stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Oct. 5 to promote his new James Bond film, No Time to Die, and told the late-night host that during a chat with Middleton at the 2019 BAFTAs, he jokingly mentioned that if the royal couple ever need time off, he could make himself available to babysit. 

“That seems quite forward to me,” Craig jokingly told Jimmy Kimmel about the Bond villain during his own Oct. 6 appearance, adding, “What was he gonna charge an hour?” 

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge both stunned with their appearances at the film’s premiere in London on Sept. 28—and as Malek mentioned during his tale to Kimmel, it was pretty easy to strike up conversation this time since he had some “familiarity with Princess Kate and Prince Will.” 

RAMI MALEK JAMES BOND: Even with an Oscar on the mantel for transforming into rocker Freddie Mercury in “Bohemian Rhapsody,” Rami Malek was understandably intimidated entering the hallowed halls of Bond villainy in “No Time to Die” (in theaters Friday). 

Some of the greatest villains in cinematic history have achieved cultural immortality facing off against James Bond across 25 films.  

 “It is, of course, daunting thinking about the rich legacy,” says Malek, who was given license to create his eerily contained Lyutsifer Safin, working in collaboration with director Cary Joji Fukunaga. 

“One thing we both wanted was to avoid creating a cackling megalomaniac,” says Malek, 40.  “I kept saying to myself, let’s make him meticulous, fastidious and precise in his kills and his methodology.” 

So who is Lyutsifer Safin, the new supervillain who threatens the world and James Bond in Daniel Craig’s last ride as the super spy? 

The last 007 dance: Daniel Craig on why he almost quit Bond before ‘No Time to Die’ 

No time to die reviews: hen the most intense moment of a James Bond film exploits the potential death of a child — and Bond’s child, at that — it’s time to give up. No Time to Die (series sequel 24) proves that the decades-old James Bond franchise has reached a dead end. The turn toward sadism that began with Daniel Craig’s angry, sinister interpretation of 007 has reached an unconscionable level of heartlessness. Does anyone believe in the series anymore? Even the producers have forsaken the ethical delight that once guaranteed a Bond movie’s insouciance and thrills. 

They’ve made the Bond movies, which began as Cold War caprices, hideously woke. Bringing in TV’s Fleabag star Phoebe Waller-Bridge to apply fiendish-selfish #MeToo script-doctoring merely inhibits entertainment. She forbids sexual humor (no Pussy Galore or Xenia Onatopp), which is a serious loss to the important idea of mutual attraction. The overplotted script starts with young Madeleine’s abuse and her vengeful, gun-slinging prowess, like the little girl in Kick Ass. That means Bond enters the story as a secondary figure, a meaninglessly violent toxic male unmotivated by patriotism. 

Bond’s emotional reeducation includes racial solidarity with Jeffrey Wright’s black mercenary Felix Leiter. (“I had a brother, his name was Felix,” Bond laments.) Next comes a female sidekick (Ana de Armas); then he’s challenged by a black female replacement 007 (Lashana Lynch, essentially a sullen chauffeur packing a badonkadonk); and a pointlessly gay househusband, Q (Ben Whishaw), supplies Bond’s digital intel. 

Craig’s craggy scowl always suggests a street fight, which makes his Bond an ideological punching bag. This Bond succumbs to Tarantino’s white-boy sadism through indie director Cary Joji Fukunaga’s post-Obama biracial liberal guilt. Despite the pretense of Fukunaga’s drama Beast of No Nation, bemoaning third-world political savagery, here he replicates trite, Bondish violence (killings for killing’s sake) without social or moral principle (only interoffice squabbling with Ralph Fiennes at MI6) and without the panache that Chad Stahelski brought to the John Wick movies and that Tom Cruise oversees in his Mission: Impossible films, which have assumed Bond-movie expectations. (Only one action scene featuring an Aston Martin car tank spinning in 360-degree lethality achieves slapstick mirth.) 

Reduced in stature — like the cynical, demoralized West — the intrepid Bond is tested by Safin’s chemical-warfare project Herakles, an ethnic-cleansing weapon using Dioxin and DNA-targeting nanobots. The COVID-like threat is so unimaginative, it rots the movie. 

We know from the dreamy-dreary Billie Eilish theme song that NTTD has no moral compass. That’s why its nearly three-hour overkill includes an extraneous nemesis, Christoph Waltz as Blofeld. But Waltz, Millennial Hollywood’s favorite Nazi (and notably the creative force behind Georgetown, the year’s canniest political farce), can’t match previous Bond villains. Even when introduced à la Hannibal Lecter, he’s still less than Robert Shaw’s evocative Red in From Russia with Love, Harold Sakata’s Oddjob in Goldfinger, or the ultimate baddie’s baddie, Gert Fröbe’s Auric Goldfinger, which Collider aptly described as “a rich asshole with plans of world domination or corruption.” 

NTTD needs what all those earlier villains provided for their times; it needs a George Soros figure (or maybe a Xi Jinping) to set the bar for an appropriate James Bond antagonist — if we still fantasize that Bond is the Western world’s savior. But NTTD indicates that Bond and his audience are tired, exhausted, and defeated. No wonder the rave reviews wallow in the biological-warfare plot as if COVID never happened. It proves that the partisan, brain-washed, propagandizing media (including the Bond franchise) are selling fake amusement. 

James bond no time to die ending: In the franchise’s storied 58-year history, 007 has never actually died. Bond movies usually end with the successful destruction of a villain’s lair, and the camera panning away as the hero beds a Bond girl—on a boat, in space, on a balcony, often with his would-be rescuers looking on. The next movie may star the same actor or a different one, but rarely does anything of real consequence—romances, villainous encounters—carry over from film to film. Even when Bond’s wife was murdered on their wedding day in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969), she’s never even mentioned in the film’s sequel, Diamonds Are Forever (1971). Even when Bond hunts down Blofeld, the man he presumably holds responsible for his wife’s death, he never even mentions Tracy’s name. 

That refusal to establish Bond film continuity changed in a big way with Casino Royale (2006), the first to star Daniel Craig in its title role. That film ends with the revelation that Bond’s first true love, Vesper, was being blackmailed by a villainous figure. At their behest, she worked to entrap Bond but later sacrificed her life in order to save his. In the final scene of Casino Royale, Bond begins his journey to discovering the man responsible for Vesper’s betrayal and death, and subsequent movies follow him down the rabbit hole of exposing the evil organization Spectre and its leader, Ernst Blofeld (Christoph Waltz). In 2015’s Spectre, 007 finally finds Blofeld and learns that this man was in fact the “architect” of all of Bond’s pain throughout the entire movie series. Everything is connected, alas. 

No time to die locations: Filming locations included Italy, Jamaica, Norway, the Faroe Islands and London, in addition to Pinewood Studios. In March 2019, production commenced in Nittedal, Norway, with the second unit capturing scenes at a frozen lake. On 28 April 2019, principal photography officially began in Jamaica, including Port Antonio. 

No time to die spoilers: In the franchise’s storied 58-year history, 007 has never actually died. Bond movies usually end with the successful destruction of a villain’s lair, and the camera panning away as the hero beds a Bond girl—on a boat, in space, on a balcony, often with his would-be rescuers looking on. The next movie may star the same actor or a different one, but rarely does anything of real consequence—romances, villainous encounters—carry over from film to film. Even when Bond’s wife was murdered on their wedding day in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969), she’s never even mentioned in the film’s sequel, Diamonds Are Forever (1971). Even when Bond hunts down Blofeld, the man he presumably holds responsible for his wife’s death, he never even mentions Tracy’s name. 

And so No Time to Die, released in theaters Oct. 8, endeavors to bring this arc to a close with an actual finale. And, despite the movie’s title, James Bond—as played by Craig in his last outing as the famous spy—does, in fact, die. Here’s why 007 had to sacrifice himself and what it means for the future of the franchise. 

The path to Bond’s demise starts with the movie’s first major twist, another departure for the famously unattached spy. Halfway through the film, Bond discovers that he has a daughter. It’s a first for any 007. 

At the beginning of the movie, Bond finds himself deeply in love with Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux), whom he met during the events of Spectre. Swann says that in order for the two of them to have a future together, Bond needs to let go of the memory of Vesper. Bond visits Vesper’s grave in Italy, only for the tomb to explode in an attempted assassination by Spectre goons. 

Bond, of course, escapes the explosion relatively unscathed only to be greeted by the aforementioned goons. During a fight scene, one such thug insinuates that Madeleine betrayed him—just like Vesper had. A wounded Bond kills the bad guys and puts Madeleine on a train, planning to never see her again. He then heads to a remote island to live out his retirement in teeny, tiny swim trunks. 

Five years later, Bond is dragged back into the spy game and collides with none other than Madeleine, who is now working as a therapist for MI6. And, surprise! She has a daughter. (MI6 apparently did not know about this child, which makes one seriously question the abilities of the Brits to gather intelligence. A dozen megalomaniacs have vendettas against Bond at this point. Maybe they should keep better track of his possible offspring, who would be obvious targets for kidnapping?) 

Madeleine claims the child is not Bond’s. It’s a pretty obvious lie. As Bond points out, they share the same intense blue eyes. Madeleine will, of course, later in the movie confess that his suspicions are well-founded. Predictably, the movie’s villain, Safin (Rami Malek) kidnaps Madeleine and the child and takes them to his lair, an island where he harvests a bunch of different poisons because, well, he’s a creepy Bond villain. 

Safin is mass-producing a bioweapon, a poison that is programmed to people’s specific DNA. If the targeted person is exposed to that poison, they will die, even though the carrier of the toxin will remain unharmed. He wants to use the poisons to target specific people and throw the world into chaos for vague bad-guy reasons. 

With the help of another 00 agent, Nomi (Lashana Lynch), Bond gets Madeleine and their daughter off the island. Bond stays behind to open a bunch of missile silos so that the Brits can blow the place to smithereens, only to encounter Safin on his way out. Safin poisons Bond with a toxin that will specifically kill Madeleine and their daughter if Bond goes anywhere near them, which means Bond can never touch his love or child ever again. Tech genius Q (Ben Whishaw) tells Bond that there’s no way to remove the toxin once it’s been applied. How he can possibly know this—and whether some experimentation over the course of years could lead to a cure—is unclear, but Bond accepts this fate quickly. 

Bond shoots Safin dead, and then calls Madeleine to wish her farewell as he watches several missiles approach the island. And then, boom, Bond is gone. Whether you’re a fan of Daniel Craig’s portrayal of Bond or not, it’s a rather poetic ending to the era. The five films that starred him successfully pivoted the franchise from one-off romps filled with fast cars, cool gadgets and, yes, the Bond woman, to a brutal epic of a hitman trying to find his soul. 

Does James Bond die in no time to die? 

No time to die spoilers: You could say No Time To Die is the Bond movie to end all Bond movies. Already a hit in the UK, the 25th official 007 movie closes Daniel Craig’s 15-year tenure as James Bond with a bang (just don’t expect a post-credits scene). 

“In Daniel Craig’s final outing as the suave superspy, James Bond finally gets a life,” Richard Trenholm said in No Time to Die review, which is out now in the US and in Australia on Nov. 11. “The result is an epic, explosive and emotional swan song that throws everything it has against the wall for a genuinely unique entry in the series.” That’s especially true of the bold and unprecedented ending. 

I wish you all the best for watching the new no time to die 007 james bond movie. 🙂 

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