Top 10 Car Brands in Japan

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While most of the world only knows a few Japanese car brands like Honda, Suzuki and Toyota, Japan is actually home to several car manufacturers. The country is the third-largest car producer in the world. Today, we will walk you through the top 10 car brands in Japan, including those that the world already knows.  

1. Toyota 

There is no doubt that Toyota is one of the leading brands of cars in the world. The cars are efficient and affordable. They are durable enough to withstand daily abuse. In Asia, Toyota is the preferred car for businesses like taxis. Toyota makes not only gasoline but also electric vehicles. As of this time, the company has sold over 1 million units of electric vehicles.  

2. Honda 

Honda is one of the middle-premium brands for cars. It is like a high-end casino online in Japan. As of 2017, Honda has sold more than 5 million units. Honda also makes motorcycles and has a presence in major races in the world.  

Honda is one of the richest companies in the world, with annual revenue of $60 billion. Honda, however, has strict rules. One cannot use their cars for transportation business like Uber, as they do not want to “belittle” the company’s image.  

3. Lexus 

Lexus is rather a luxury brand. What many people do not realize is that Toyota is also the company behind it. Lexus is available in more than 70 countries. It is Japan’s number one brand when it comes to premium cars.  

Currently, it ranks as one of the ten most valued Japanese brands in the market. They are located in Nagoya. Although the sales pale in comparison because it has sold only 3 million units, Lexus is still a formidable Japanese car manufacturer. 

4. Suzuki 

People think that Suzuki is just a motorcycle manufacturer, but it is more than that. It also produces good cars, but mostly it produces vehicles for businesses like minivans and trucks.  

The leading car models of Suzuki are Swift and Celerio. For SUVs, the most popular models are the Vitara and Ertiga. Overall, Suzuki has sold 3.16 units. It is a big company, too. There are 35 production facilities for its products, and these facilities are located in 23 countries.  

5. Nissan 

Nissan is something that people often associate with racing. It is the creator of the GTR that many racing enthusiasts have rooted or in the past. Also a big company, Nissan has sold more than 5.77 million units. 

The two most popular models of Nissan for normal use are the Altima and Sentra. However, these are not the only models that they have. Nissan has more than 60 vehicle models sold in different countries.  

6. Mazda 

Mazda is a car that people equate with class and sports. It has sold 1.6 million units and is slowly venturing out to reach new markets. For a time, they only focused on sports cars. 

Today, Mazda is competing against SUV makers like Mitsubishi and Toyota. They also created a better model line-up that comprises the CX5, CX3, and the Mazda 2 and 3. Mazda’s iconic model is the Miata.  

7. Mitsubishi 

Mitsubishi is a flagship brand of Japan like Toyota. Its most popular model today is the Montero. Founded in 1870, the complete name of the company is Mitsubishi Shokai. It means three diamonds.  

Mitsubishi is also a leading maker of all-purpose vehicles like the popular L300. It is a competitor of Suzuki, as it also has its grasp on making big machines for the construction industry.  

8. Daihatsu 

Daihatsu is not popular, but it has a global presence. It specializes in making internal combustion engines. Currently, it is focused on making compact cars. It also has van models. 

While Daihatsu may not be a household name, there are many vehicles that come from this manufacturer. Most of these are work vehicles.  

9. Subaru 

Subaru is a manufacturer of expensive cars, but one can hardly classify it as super-premium. The two top car models from this company are the Crosstrek and Outback. If anything, Subaru is leaning towards SUVs rather than sedans. 

10. Isuzu 

Isuzu, like Suzuki, does offer models for everyday use, but the entirety of its business is for work vehicles. It is popular for its MPVs and trucks. Its most popular model is the pick-up truck called DMAX.  

Most of the vehicles from the company use diesel engines. The company also makes buses that it sells to bus operators worldwide.  

Japan is at the top of the world’s car industry because they are not afraid to innovate. If anything, the manufacturers will face serious competition from creators of electric cars like Tesla. Despite this threat, Japan will surely not get left behind. Big brands will continue to focus on safety, innovation and cost-effective production. 

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