Virtual Gambling

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The Casino is where people usually go when they want to play card games or slots or simply to gamble. An online casino is an internet casino where people also place a bet with the help of the internet using their gadget or laptop or computer. It is quite similar to the conventional bricks-and-mortar casino but with a twist using modern technology. Aside from that, online casinos offer higher odds and playbacks as well as more bonuses compared to the land-based casino which made virtual casinos gain popularity. 

The popularity of virtual gambling is now unstoppable and is patronized by many young adults anywhere in the world. In Sweden, casino gambling reached its peak and the good thing here is it is legal. However, they have the following restrictions: 

·        There is a limit to the amount of money a person can deposit to a gaming site. Swedish are allowed to deposit 5,000 SEK currently on the licensed Swedish casino site. 

·        Swedish casino sites don’t offer many bonuses other than the Welcome bonus. 

·        Swedish online casinos slots are programmed to have a three-second pause between slot pulls. Why is this so? For the players to think if they should continue wasting their money in gambling. 

These laws might be small but troublesome to most punters who only wanted to play casino games and be entertained. However, there is another option which is the casinos without a license which is very interesting because Swedish players have an option to play licensed casino sites offshore according to CUSL. Punters can now have the alternative of whether to patronize Swedish online casinos or online casinos without a Swedish license. 

What are the Types of Online Casinos? 

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There are two types of online casinos: 

o  Web-based casino 

This is also called a no download casino because the software doesn’t have to be downloaded to their computer or mobile phones after depositing to the site. It is supported by the browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera Mini. The graphics and sound quality depend on the stability of the internet connection of the user. 

o  Download-based casino 

This type of online casino requires the players to download the software to play and wager. It doesn’t need browser support because the program is connected to the service provider hence the games run faster and have better sound and graphics quality. 

Kinds of Online Casinos Games              

Ø Virtual games 

This is also known as software-based because the outcome of the games is determined by the Pseudorandom Number Generator or the PRNG software. It ensures the result of the games played be accurate, random, fair, and unpredictable like any casino game played at the land-based casino. 

Ø Live Dealer 

It is the opposite of the virtual game for it mimics the real land-based casino complete with its ambiance and croupier. It is also played live and is streamed in real-time for the player to interact with the croupier on the spot. Communications are done thru chatbots and all transactions and queries are done thru the site’s customer service representatives. 

Typical online casinos games selections: 

·        Craps 

·        Bingo 

·        Baccarat 

·        Sic Bo 

·        Slot machines 

·        Blackjack 

·        Poker 

·        Keno 

·        Roulette 

Fraudulent Operators 

Since this is done online, it cannot be helped for these issues to pop up. Fraudulent behaviors of some casino operators are often documented especially in the forums or website reviews. These casino sites are also called Rogue Casino by the casino online community. 

One can identify a rogue casino if: 

1.     The player’s winnings are delayed or if the site refused to pay. 

2.     The site doesn’t follow the terms and conditions which ironically also given by them. 

3.     The license is overdue or doesn’t have a license. 

How to avoid them? Sometimes it cannot be helped but to fall victim to these fraudulent casino sites especially when you are a new player. However, reviewing and doing research about the site can be a big help. Be observant also to minor details especially the site’s license  

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