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Enence translator is a device which helps you to be able to communicate and pass your message across in languages that you actually know nothing about.

It is a portable voice translator that supports 36 languages, and which the company states uses revolutionary speech recognition technology.

If you’re a traveler, a tourist, a developer, a researcher, a businessman or woman you should know how furstrating it can be when you are not able to express your views or opinion due to language barrier.

There’s alot of language in the world and one can’t possible learn all and so Enence Translator is been brought in to mediate for this problem and others like it.

So now you can do that travel you’ve always wanted to, tour that locality that has always been your dream, take that business you’ve always wanted to but couldn’t because of language barrier because Enence Translator got you covered.

Enence Translator is that lovely device that saves you the time, cost and troubles of learning a new language but still helps you communicate in those languages without you having to drop a sweat about it.



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Where should I Buy Enence Translator



This is a device that helps you communicate with people in languages that you actually no nothing about.

Its easily hand held and its not heavy at all as it can be carried about from one place to the other which makes it very convenient for the user.

It translates into different languages in 1.5seconds that’s like in little or no time and this makes it possible for it to be used in regular conversation between you and others.

It can be used in a two way communication that is, it interprets for you in a language you’re conversant with and when you speak it also translates to the other person in language the person is also conversant with. That’s a really great amazing feature and it makes everything so much easier.

One of the very great amazing feature that comes with this device is that youu can use Bluetooth to connect the device to your phone or laptops and scan documents. This really lets you translate the words that you see on street sign posts and the phrases found on restaurant menus and in documents or even any other word that is being written. Enence Translator translates these words and phrases quickly to help you find your way around town or order your favorite dish while on vacation. When you use this and other translation features, you can get the info that you need in a few seconds or less.


This lovely device can both be used to translate both spoken and written words

In speaking you just need to select the language of your choice and also the language with which you wish the device to translate to you.

After you’ve made that selection then you can speak and after speaking it translates to the other person what you’ve just said in the language the person is conversant with which you’ve already set-up.

Then when the person replies it also translates what the person said in the language you’re conversant with and helps you to understand what the other person said without missing out words on it.

Then in its other feature which is being used to translate written words, all you got to do is set-up the language you’re conversant with and which you will love the words to be translated to you then scan the document or any form in which the words come and them the translator translates it for you without you having to drop a sweat.

This can help you in making business deals with people you don’t even know and with language you can’t even understand as it lets you get rid of mischievous interpreters which might just be after your money and looking for a way to scam you off it.

It also helps you out when you’re in the restaurant and even when you’re in an open play or even when you see an opposite gender that matches you’re energy by so doing language barrier can never be a problem to you once you own Enence Translator.


You can communicate with someone in a different language easily with this device, but you may want to use some simple tips.

Press and hold down on the A button as you speakWait until the device fully translates your words before you continue

Use the B button and let the person speakRelease the button to hear their words in your native languageTry to reduce the level of noise around you to make sure the device hears words clearly


This is a device which can literally by used by all no matter the work field you’re in once you’ve got a need to handle a task in a language you know nothing about instead of looking for an interpreter which by essence you’re putting your fate in another man’s hand then you can easily get an Enence Translator for yourself.

So if you’re a Traveler, Researcher, a Tourist, a Developer, a Businessman or woman or any field that requires you being in talks with someone that you two don’t have a common language then Enence Translator is a device for you.

Age or academic exposure is not a criteria for it as it doesn’t require any high tech knowledge in its usage just some small maneuvers which can easily be learnt by all without any form of stress.


There’s no designed place to use Enence Translator as this is a device that can literally be used anywhere you find yourself no matter where you’re.

Be it at home, office, gym, restaurants, concerts, stadium, in the streets, no matter where you find yourself that you need to communicate or read out what’s on a document in a language you don’t understand then certainly Enence Translator can be used there.

Its also a very fashionable device so you’re definitely going to be a proud owner of it as you won’t be shy at all to bring it out in public.


It has a bluetooth connection: This makes is possible for you to connect it with your smart phones and laptops and every other device that’s got a bluetooth connection on it.

Photo Translation feature: This makes it possible for you to take a photo of something you don’t understand like when you get lost during a hike and happen to see a road sign which you don’t understand, Enence Translator interpreted sick sign for you and helps you get your way back.

It blocks out background noise: This feature makes it so remarkable and lovely and makes it a very nice gadget to be used for outdoor activities as it blocks out the background noise when you speak directly into it and also when it’s interpreting what the other person said to you.

It’s very handy: Enence Translator can be held just like your iPod or old mp3 which makes it easy for you to take it with you no matter where you’re going and the event you’re going for as it doesn’t need any big bag in its carriage.

Extended number of languages: This device has an extended number of languages which it can translate to, it can translate upto thirty-six (36) languages which will really help you alot if you’re a tourist or a traveler.

Long battery life: This device when in regular use can last upto four days and longer when not in regular use. This makes it a lovely device for anyone going to where electricity is rare or where power supply is a problem.

Easy to use: There’s no high tech knowledge required in its usage and it can easily be used by all without any form of stress.

It has two way communication system: This makes it possible for you to be able to communicate with one who you don’t have a common language with.


This is a very lovely gadget to own and it solves all the problem encountered by language barrier. So whether you’re a businessman or woman, Tourist, Researcher, Developer or whatever work of life that requires you travelling and meeting people that you don’t have a common language with them this is your best bet than employing an interpreter which might be mischievous or lead you astray.

The offers are really limited and you can check it out with the link below



It has a long battery life.

It can be used in a two way communication as it can be used both to understand what the other person is saying and for the other person to also understand you when you get to speak yours.

It has a noise cancellation feature which enables you to use it even when in a crowd of people but all you got to do is bring it closer to your mouth so that it focuses on your own words.

It has a bluetooth connection and it’s also internet enabled.

It’s readily affordable.

It has a decent transmission range.

It’s easy to be carried about as it’s light in weight.


It does not work as well with some languages as it has only about 36 languages installed in it.

The device has a hard time translating when someone mumbles or doesn’t speak clearly, so at all times the user always needs to speak clearly of whatever he or she want to say.

You need a Bluetooth connection when the internet is not available and this feature might not be available to some people

Some users had problems getting the translator to pick up their voices.

The maker of the product needs a very good customer support.

It cannot properly translate the slang words from other languages as this might make the user miss out on expression.


IS IT REALLY WORTH IT? I know we all have our fears and we’ve all bought something before that wasn’t what we really ordered for but I can really assure you that Enence Translator is the real deal and is going to return the value for your money.

DOES IT REALLY WORK? Enence Translator works and it has all the features we told you it’s got, a trial will convince you

DOES THE BATTERY LAST? When in constant use the battery can last upto four days after a full charge and it can last even more when not in constant use and I know that such battery life beats any other gadget you’ve ever seen out there

CAN I USE IT WHEN IN A CROWD OF PEOPLE? Due to its noise cancellation feature which makes it possible for it to pick out your voice no matter the background noise and translate it to your preferred language without you having to stress about it


“I never believed that such a device exists and it was like a joke when I first heard about it but getting to see it work I was really amazed and everyday I get to see it work it keeps leaving me in state of awe” -DIANA LUNDSFORD

“I can’t thank the manufacturers of this lovely gadget enough, I can’t talk about the several deals this device have helped me push through in several languages I know nothing about. I’m so grateful and I can’t thank you guys enough”. -RICHARD

“I really love travelling and exploring new places but language has always been a problem for me but all thanks to Enence Translator as I can now communicate with the locals where I tour without having any understanding of there language”. -RECCE KATE


In other for you to get the high quality and durable device you’ve longed for, you’re being advised to get this device from no other place than from the manufacturer’s by using the link MAKE PURCHASE HERE


We have reviewed Enence Translator which is a wonder working device that lets you communicate in languages you don’t have any understanding about

It has a photo feature which allows you snap up any documents or anything in writing and have the words being translated to you in language that you’re conversant with and have a good grasp of

It is light in weight and it’s handy and this makes it easy for it to be carried about no matter where the user goes

After a full charge when in constant use its battery can last as long as four days and more when not in regular use

It has a noise cancellation feature which makes it easy for it to be used during outdoor events when one is within a large crowd of people no matter the noise in the background all you got to do is bring the device closer to your mouth as you speak so that it can pick out your voice from the rest of the crowd

Its really fashionable and it’s not a device you can be shy to get out in the public

So whether you’re a Tourist, Researcher, Developer, or has anything at all that leads you to communicate with someone who you don’t have a common language with then Enence Translator is your best bet

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