Over 200 Million People In The USA Are Spending Money Purchasing Games

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The future of the gaming industry has been growing consistently for the past five years. Statistics indicate that the growth is approximated to be 5.6% yearly. The beauty of video gaming is that there is something for everyone. Its audience is cut across all ages and gender. 

Approximately 227 million people in the US play at least two games in a week.  

Physiologists say that gaming is essential in the life of a gamer as it helps relieve stress, mental stimulation, or to have fun. All these are likely to bring joy and happiness to the gamer. 

Research has also indicated that during the covid pandemic, 55% of Americans played video games and are 90% likely to continue playing even after the pandemic. Several factors are contributing people to shifting focus from tv and movies to gaming. 

The Percentage Of Games According To Age 

The entertainment software association indicates that 68% of gamers are adults in the US, while children below 18 years are 70%. The popularity of gaming in America is on the rise since, in three out of four households, you will not miss a gamer, which also means there is a gaming device in every family. 

Nearly 60% of American parents play games with their children, believing that gaming sharpens their kids and is educational. 

Gaming Platforms 

Games developers are bringing gaming closer to its users by using devices that are part of people daily. Gaming devices are evolving rapidly. With this diversification, games are not constrained to only consoles. You can now access your favourite game with your browser pc, smartphone and tablet. 

 Smartphones are taking over the gaming market. iPhone and Android games dominate the market, with applications like Angry Birds, Candy Crush, and Pokemon GO! topping app store lists. These games are attractive to younger audiences, but adults are interested in simpler games like solitaire or Tetris for quick, pick-up, and play convenience. This trend has led to an increase in the sale of smartphones, apps for phones, and even retro gaming devices like Atari Flashback, Intellivision.  


The gaming industry has made it possible also for Canadians to play live casinos online; its streams live allowing the gamer to watch both the table and the dealer and other live games. 

Mobile phones gaming has significantly increased their market share to 40%, followed by console gaming by 28%, downloaded games by 21%, tablet 9% and browser pc 2%. 

Gender And Gaming 

According to recent stats, gaming has always been a male-dominated industry, but that’s not  the case anymore. 41% of games are female playing video games these days. And this is excellent news! When you play online games with other people, it can be hard to determine their gender by just looking at them. This gives both men and women the opportunity to connect with other players in a variety of ways. 

Mens are still taking the large share with 59%. 

Us Revenue Generated From Gaming 

In a report released by the Entertainment Software Industry(ESI) and the NPD Group on 23rd January 2020, the revenue collected from gaming in the US in 2019 was $35.4 billion and 2% from the year 2018 as more and more people are willing to spend money on gaming.  

Game developers are also enjoying the benefit of increased game lovers and fanatics. 

Type Of Gamers 

There are many types of gamers. Each one has their way of playing the game. Together, they show that teamwork is essential to winning in any game by working together. If you are a gamer, you will understand this better, and if not, you will not miss a person in your circle who is a gamer. 

Here is a list of types of gamers so that you get to know which category you fall into and whether you are satisfied with the position or you need to make changes. 

Time filler: they are the most with 23%; this type of gamers play when they are free and mainly use their mobile devices. 

The Subscriber makes 21% of gamers. They love high-quality games and will pay if they think it is worth it. 

The Lapsed gamer makes 15% of these gamers have shifted focus away from gaming. 

The Allround enthusiast makes 10% of gamers. They love watching and playing games.  

The ultimate gamer: makes 14% of gamers love gaming and will spend time and money on playing at all times. 


We should applaud the gaming industry in the US and game developers for creating employment and the immense improvement in video games created. Regardless of age, 

gender, gaming device and game choice, one can hardly miss a game that interests them. We can just say there is more than enough for everyone. 

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