Popular Online Casinos in Japan

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The world of online gambling has done nothing but boom in the last few years.  And as a certain pandemic continues to disrupt and annoy the populous, more and more players are looking for that fun and excitement from the comfort of home. 

From some great new casino sites to the introduction of cryptocurrency deposits, better mobile apps and more secure software, it’s certainly a fast changing time that we live in. It’s great news for players the world over and the latest country to go online casino mad has got to be Japan. 

For a look at the most popular online casinos that Japan has to offer, just visit Mrcasinova Japan. where players can find not just a healthy dose of fun, but some decent offers too. In the meantime, here’s a look at what’s new in the land of the rising sun. 

  1. Gambling in Japan 

Many people the world over may not think of Japan as much of a nation of gamblers, and as a whole they would be right. Casinos have been banned and although gambling is frowned upon in general society, there is still a decent selection out there. Horse racing is nothing when compared to their Asian neighbours but is still worth well over $25 billion a year.  

But their main fix over the last few decades has been the game of Pachinko, which you’ll find on many a street corner. Similar to pin-ball, Pachinko Parlours are packed with players the year around where punters win balls that can be exchanged for prizes which in turn can be sold at nearby shops. This has been the way the Pachinko has navigated its way around the gambling laws for years and has become a $200 billion a year industry. 

But it’s the last few years that online casino gambling has seen a distinctive rise that really has the  dollar signs flashing in Japan. The coming law-changes that will see the legalization of the casino industry has been a sign of the times and COVID-19 has certainly helped push the online era. 

  1. Online Casinos in Japan 

There seems to be no corner of the globe that hasn’t seen the online casino boom over the last few years and Japan is certainly one of them. The most popular online casinos are by far the sites that have adopted anime and manga into their themes; both being extremely well received throughout Japan. Three of the standout sites include: 

  1. Gambola 

Fully licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority with an inviting and colorful backdrop of pleasant pinks, Gambola has been made especially for the up-and-coming Japanese market that crave fun and excitement. You’ll find over 1600 games from big name providers like Microgaming and NetEnt, a Pay and Play system that eliminates a lot of the new player red tape, but best of all are the bonuses. 

Their unique welcome offer will see a refund of your deposit if you don’t win within the first 24 hours and plenty of cashback returning to seasoned players. A great choice for Japanese and American players alike. 

  1. Mystino 

Don’t let the cute school girl and fluffy rabbit sway you; this is a casino for serious players looking for great games and decent winnings. If you love free spins and the winnings you can make off them, there’s plenty on offer here. 

Add to that a great selection of games, great customer support and one of the best VIP programmes around and you certainly won’t be disappointed. 

  1. Casitabi 

If you love gaming then this RPG-style casino site will certainly keep you entertained. You start by developing your own hero before moving through the site, completing quests along the way that will earn you reward points.  

A plethora of top rated games, plenty of excitement and a great welcome bonus awaits anyone whom is fluent in Japanese. 

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