The best ways to deposit in Canadian online casinos

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Canadian online casinos offer numerous payment methods for depositing money to gambling accounts. Most transfers are instant and usually do not include a deposit fee. In this article, we will discuss the top 7 best Canadian deposit methods for online gamblers who are looking for ways to save money and reduce the transaction time. 

1. Visa  

Visa is the pioneer of online banking that managed to make digital shopping easy and fast. That is why the platform is still the leader in the online payment sphere. It offers quick and safe deposit methods. Before approving transfers, it analyzes more than 400 variables and tries to detect possible fraudulent transactions. If you prefer to pay with credit cards, you do not have to worry about not finding Visa at Canadian casinos. 

2. MasterCard 

MasterCard is also considered one of the most reliable and secure ways to deposit money into a casino account. If you choose to use its services, you can enjoy lightning-fast transactions and really low restrictions. MasterCard applies the latest technology that ensures the speed and security of payments for all parties involved in the transferring process. A special six-step technology instantly transfers money to the needed account. 

3. Electronic Wallets 

Electronic wallets are a safe and convenient alternative to bank cards. With them, you can also easily control your funds at online casinos. The main advantage of this payment method is the fast processing of requests. If you use an online wallet, the information about it is stored on casino servers, so you can instantly deposit more money to your account.  

4. PayPal  

PayPal is known as one of the easiest ways to make online payments. For 15 years, since eBay bought the company from Elon Musk, PayPal has been the number 1 choice among visitors of the best canadian online casinos that offer numerous unique real money games. The platform provides users with a range of benefits, from non-disclosure of personal information to a money-back guarantee from many online stores. Depositing funds through PayPal is a fast and affordable process.  

5. Neteller     

This Canadian payment system has been successfully operating in more than 150 countries, but it is the most widespread among English and Canadian gaming websites. Neteller and gambling have gone hand in hand for many years now. After the company was forced to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to conduct more than 80% of all gaming transactions in the U.S., it decided to move its headquarters to the Isle of Man. Neteller’s activity was temporarily blocked, but that did not stop it from remaining one of the best payment systems in the gambling industry.  

6. Skrill 

The Skrill platform, also known as Moneybookers, has been Neteller’s main competitor for many years. This platform has been approved by most Canadian operators and many other international gaming sites. 

Skrill provides the security and convenience of transactions while offering low limits. You must have a registered account or a pre-paid Skrill card to make payments through this platform. Deposits are made instantly. Among the few disadvantages of Skrill are the insufficient number of languages available and the lack of any dispute resolution system. 

7. Cryptocurrencies 

When it comes to online payments, the latest trend is the use of popular cryptocurrencies. Most online casinos have integrated this technology and added bitcoins to their payment methods. Bitcoins provide fast and anonymous payments that are secure and trusted by players in Canada. More rarely, casinos accept payment in Ethereum and Litecoin. Some crypto-casinos accept payment exclusively in cryptoсoins. Thus, they protect the privacy of players and make the deposit process instant. 


There are many possible ways for depositing at Canadian online casinos. All of them have some pros and cons, but in most cases, it is quite easy and convenient to use them. When making a deposit pay attention to special welcome bonuses. The first deposit bonus is issued to attract the attention of online players. The size of such prizes may vary, in most cases ranging from 100% to 500%. But you should always be careful and check the rules and conditions of making deposits and claiming bonuses.      

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