6 Interesting Ideas to Spend Weekend with Family

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The more time you dedicate to spending with your family, the more tightly knit your relationships become. Although nowadays it gets harder to allocate some leisure time to spend with loved ones, the importance of having consistent and quality time together increases rapidly. We are all occupied with private life, work tasks, but in the rush sometimes forget about essentials. A supportive and warm environment at home keeps your mental health and emotional resilience. If you have difficulties digging to find some activities which you all can enjoy, from young to adult, check out the page! Here we came up with a catch of 5 fascinating ideas to spend a weekend with family.

Game day

A universal idea that might be adapted outdoor or indoor. Remember that childish excitement of playing board games like Monopoly or Scrabble? Here is your turn to teach. Make it in the format of the competition and prepare some little awards in advance, so that kids are engaged even more. Charades is an active game and it also greatly improves one’s imagination. Or, perhaps, you would like to teach your kids some card games like Uno, or Poker? Whether you aren’t confident enough, give it a try beforehand in one of the most reliable online casinos shortlisted in the realmoneycasinoonline.ca. Dig out some well-known games from the attic and teach a new generation to play.


One of the old good outdoor activities unwinds your mind and gives an amazing pastime with your family. We all get exhausted living in the fast pace of big cities, therefore spending a weekend in the country as a breath of fresh air. Grab a tent, some marshmallows, and sausages to get cooked on a fire camp. By approaching a spot, play a guessing game where you are asked to name an animal/tree/insect or a flower. If you don’t travel with toddlers, play “hidden object”, give instructions during the search, but make sure to abris the piece of land to be searched. It is so much fun and doesn’t cost a fortune. 

Do a jigsaw puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles are a fun and relatively inexpensive hobby that also benefits your brain and improves patience! They build perfect spatial reasoning and logic skills. It is said to be a wonderful family activity, especially when the weather does not please your eye. Combine business and pleasure – have fun and decorate the wall with a common hand-made masterpiece. Apart from a wide range of sizes, shapes, and images that puzzles come in, you can customize a canvas with a personal image of a favorite cartoon character, or your family photo. 

Fix-it-up weekend 

At first glance, it seems weird and not entertaining at all, but one day your kids will surely thank you. Patiently explain step by step how to make common repairs in the house like plumbing, hammering, oiling hinges. Another approach is to cook one favorite family dish together gradually following the recipe. Making a meal by themselves looks more appealing. Nevertheless, they all might be a hard sell but these skills every child should obtain and be able to do independently. As a reward, offer incentives like going to a movie or bowling once all the repairs are done.

Movie day/night

Go to an old school and watch movies all day or night long. When it comes to searching for a perfect film suitable for both adults and children, the final choice sometimes is being made within hours. Simplify the preparation by making a list of cartoons or films to choose from in advance, you will see how much time you save. Grab some snacks, wrap them into a cozy blanket or go further and build a pillow fort in the living room. A great way to make this idea interactive includes watching a film with a controversial message and discussing it afterward. By this approach, the child learns valuable lessons as well. 

Amusement and theme park

Take a thrill from a terrifying roller-coaster of an old-and good carousel. Amusement parks have a bunch of attractions to offer and satisfy every family member. Dedicate the whole day to fun! Bypass every attraction, then choose your favorites and make a few more rounds. You should buy a day-pass targeting all the attractions offered rather than pay for each ride. This way you save a lot of money. When you get enough of the rides, take a shot to play some friendly family competition. Remember, the goal is not to win, but to have a lot of fun. You can even plan for a trip to some world-known theme parks such as Disneyland or Legoland if it suits your pocket. I dare, no matter what option you choose, the emotions every kid remembers for long are guaranteed.

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