Best Online Bingo Sites for Real Money and Bingo Bonuses in 2021

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Back in the day, people would travel long-distances for the opportunity to play fun games with others. Fortunately, times have evolved, and so have we. One of the most significant advantages of technology is that you can do anything through your computer device or mobile without leaving the house—literally the best thing for introverts. 

What could be better than to enjoy your free time playing online bingo games on the internet and making decent cash out of it? Online bingo games have changed everything by offering attractive rewards and payouts to winning players from the comfort of home. 

The format of digital bingo is not too different from conventional old-school bingo. The best thing about this game is that it is loved by experienced gamers along with folks with no prior gaming experience.

The reason remains the easy instructions and simple guidelines. There is nothing too technical or any complicated strategies involved in this game. All you need is a bit of sweet luck and a chance to earn rewards.

In the online world, there are an array of bingo game sites these days. Bingo lovers belong to the clan of most dedicated players in the world. Therefore, the number of registered players on these sites is increasing day by day. 

With the increasing number of bingo sites, it is also becoming difficult to find reliable platforms. Obviously, you want to collect some coins and have fun while not getting scammed in the process. 

Fortunately, you have the complete freedom to choose any website you like. You can opt for a platform with a user-friendly interface, a supportive customer support team, good user reviews, and enticing bonuses.

Some users complain that most online gaming platforms are boring and don’t feature any captivating options; however, we are here to end this endless search for you. We have compiled a list of five websites that offer users unique outlets to play bingo games. These online bingo sites are fun, safe to use, and loved by passionate players and gamers. In addition to that, they are handpicked by our team, who are also some highly devoted gamers. 

You can enjoy several variants with these websites, such as traditional classics, progressive attributes, and theme-centric games. You can go with any site that aligns the best with your preferences.

Just a quick tip, make sure to read the gaming rules, regulations, and website policies before kick-starting this fun journey.

In the end, the games that made it to our list are aligned with our preferences. For a better idea of those sites and their work, keep reading.

List of the Top 5 Best Online Bingo Sites in 2021

After a lot of research, these are the five online bingo sites that made it to the final list:

  1. Tombola – Best Gaming Site Overall to Play Online Bingo
  2. Gala Bingo – Most User-Friendly Site & Mobile Application
  3. Sun Bingo – Best Collection of Exclusive Games
  4. Buzz Bingo – Best Bonus Packages
  5. 888 Ladies Bingo – Best for Ladies With an Aesthetic Sense

Now, let’s dive into the details for each site:

#1. Tombola – Best Gaming Site Overall to Play Online Bingo


Tombola’s journey started back in 2006, and since then, it hasn’t looked back. It is one of the most sought-after bingo sites in the United Kingdom. Undoubtedly, the reason behind its success is the dedication and hard work of its team. 

There are many unique games with engrossing formats on the site, meaning there is something for everyone. Talking about ticket prices, they start from something as little as 1p. The payout options are pretty attractive as they are up to £20,000.

The thing we love the most about this site is its considerate nature. For instance, people can join the platform and indulge in casual chit-chats with other players and courteous moderators. Furthermore, Tombola focuses on offering a pleasant time to the players and taking care of all concerns.


  • Quick cash withdrawals 
  • Colorful themes and layouts
  • Game rules are simple and easy to follow
  • Site also offers exciting arcade gaming modules


  • The moderation could be improved


Tombola tops the list due to the following features:

Eye-Catching Theme: A website’s interface and layouts are the first things you notice after signing up. The pretty pastel colors are so eye-catching and can instantly lift your mood. Firstly, you will have to make an account on this platform. Secondly, they will ask you a few personal and financial questions. Finally, after submitting your responses, you will be able to explore this one-of-a-kind gaming palace.

Available on Phone: Most people nowadays prefer to watch movies and play games on their phones. Luckily, Tombola has a mobile app. You can download the app from the App Store or Play Store. Moreover, it is also available on kindle. 

Friendly Community: Another highlight of this gaming site is its incredible support team. It is available 24/7 to provide full-fledged assistance via live chat, phone, and email. You can also join the platform and enjoy your time by indulging in lively conversations with fellow players. 

Large Variety of Unique Games: Tombola boasts an enormous collection of enticing games to grab your attention. Our favorites are Cinco, Bingo Roulette, The Machine, Picture Bingo Roulette, and Bingo shapes. Therefore, anybody who has never been into gaming can come into this world and leave in a good mood.

Cash Withdrawal: Tombola has a well-reputed status in the online gaming world for its rapid cash delivery and withdrawal times. You can rest assured that you will get the money and won’t be scammed. 

#2. Gala Bingo – Most User-Friendly Site & Mobile Application


Gala Bingo’s position as second on our list is more than well-deserved. Gala Bingo has made a big name in the online gaming industry, and all the credit goes to its dedicated team. It has the trust of millions of registered players that enjoy their time on the platform. 

Gala offers an exclusive collection of 47 peculiar games. The variety gives you a lot of room to wander, explore, and choose the one that resonates with you. You can actively start playing the games after signing up and depositing £10. 

If your request gets approved, you are officially free to play any of their entertaining games. Please remember that you have to be over 18 to qualify as a legit player. Upon sign-up, there is a welcome bonus available for qualified users. However, it remains valid for a specific period only. 

On the front page of the official website, Gala emphasizes reading the guidelines and policies of the games. Thus, you can conveniently familiarize yourself with all the rules and package details.


  • Intriguing and enormous collection of games
  • Safe and trustworthy platform with the trust of a million users 
  • Game formats are easy to understand for new users
  • All terms and conditions stated on website
  • Offers a tremendous collection of interactive games, including Bingo Beats, Coconut Island, fluffy favorites, and Rush Bingo 


  • Accepts bets only from the United Kingdom, Jersey, Gibraltar, and Ireland 


Let’s have a look at the most prominent attributes of this gaming platform.

Easy & Fun to Navigate: This website follows a to-the-point structure and has a smooth flow. People who are not tech-savvy and struggle with understanding games can conveniently familiarize themselves with all the modules. Moreover, the platform features pretty colors that give the user a sense of relaxation and joy. 

User-Friendly Mobile App: Gala Bingo has everything planned to provide convenience and ease to its players. As an Android or iPhone user, you can conveniently install the game application on your phone. 

Fast Payouts: Most people complain that websites take forever to deliver payments. However, the case is different here. Gala Bingo ensures that all of its players receive timely payments without any inconvenience. 

Easy to Save & Sort The Games: While going through the gallery of games, you can pick a game you find fascinating and save it in the favorites folder. This way, you can access them later. Moreover, it is pretty straightforward to sort the games. For example, you can sort them according to prizes, players, time, and jackpot.

#3. Sun Bingo – Best Collection of Exclusive Games


Sun Bingo sits in the third seat on this list. It is a famous gaming website owned by a high-profile British news outlet named The Sun. It has gained popularity among the digital community due to the fantastic gaming modules, exciting prizes, and rewarding bonuses.

At Sun Bingo, you can expect to experience a lot of new options like never before. You will have a wide range of gaming rooms, online bingo games, and promotional plans. 

In addition, it runs exciting welcome offers for new users. This plan allows you to have free games access to £50 worth of online bingo games and play 50 spins for free. All you have to do is deposit £10 into your account and get bingo tickets with it. After that, you can have access to this magical game world and much more. 


  • Friendly and welcoming community of gamers 
  • Lively and easy-going environment
  • Plenty of attractive jackpots, promotions, and other chances to win big
  • Engaging and easy-to-use mobile app with impressive ratings and reviews 
  • Cash-out process is rapid and straightforward


  • Users have highlighted having the same winners often 


You are going to straight-up fall in love with this site. From a user-friendly interface to attractive cash prizes, it has everything. 

Exciting Rewards & Prizes: You can claim enticing bonuses even as a novice user. The £50 bingo bonus that we talked about before is a golden offer. At Sun Bingo, you are never too far from your next reward. The best thing about this online bingo site is that it updates its bonus plans regularly to keep the audience engaged. Hence, keep an eye on all the bonus offers, promotional packages, prize draws, etc. Furthermore, the rapid withdrawals and payouts are another plus. 

Learning Room for Beginners: So far, we have loved the courteous support crew of this site. Its ultimate goal is to take care of its novice users, along with the veterans. For the convenience of beginners, Sun Bingo has a learning room to offer essential know-how of the gaming rules. In your membership’s first week, you have the chance to win a share of the cash prize with four hours of free bingo games online every day. 

Variant Bingo Rooms & Games: What’s more, is that it doesn’t end at online bingo games. There are a lot more options and online casinos for people who have a slightly different taste in gaming. Some of the games you may encounter in the gallery are Glamour Room, Deal Or No Deal Bingo, Winning Headlines Bingo, Mystic Meg, Fruity Burst, Ocean-Magic, and Rainbow Riches.

Hence, you can wander around and explore the options to find the best one for your preference. In addition, it also offers a session bingo that allows you to book game sessions concurrently and pre-book.

#4. Buzz Bingo – Best Bonus Packages


Buzz Bingo is one of the most widely known gaming sites on the web. A fun fact is that it is The Voice UK’s official game partner.

On this platform, users enjoy incredibly fantastic chances to claim bonuses and win cash prizes. Moreover, there are games with innovative layouts and futuristic designs. You are about to get lost in the world of these modern games.

The process of joining this platform is simple, as usual. Firstly, you have to register yourself as a legit player after answering a bunch of questions. Then, you will deposit £10 to spend on bonuses worth more than £60. This package includes £30 in bingo bonuses, a £10 bingo voucher, and £20 in rainbow riches spins. 

Remember that you can only make a deposit via Apple Pay or debit card. No other payment methods are valid. We recommend you reach out to Buzz Bingo’s customer support if you have any issues. 


  • Offers up to 1000 online bingo games and slots through PC or mobile
  • Has over 1,000,000 satisfied members
  • Up to 22,000 winners each week
  • Grants unlimited entertainment for as little as a penny 
  • Gives chances to win a handsome amount of cash
  • Helpful and welcoming community
  • 24/7 customer support 


  • Does not allow money deposits via Paypal 
  • Some of the pages on the website may lag


Buzz Bingo has plenty of winning features. Let’s have a detailed overview of the highlights of this site.

Enticing Promotional Period: The website runs appealing bonus packages for its players, especially newcomers. The current promotional package is valid through the 4th of May 2021. Note that this package is available to U.K.-based customers over the age of 18. The platform allows the right to use this package once per player. 

Fully Committed to The Customers: Buzz Bingo looks after its players and takes care of their needs. It allows players to cancel or amend promotional deals anytime they want. 

Payment Modules: To qualify as a full-money player, you have to deposit the payment via debit card or Apply Pay. Unfortunately, they don’t allow deposits through PayPal or PaySafeCard.

According to research, Buzz Bingo spends £4M on weekly winning players. Moreover, all Bingo bonus winnings are paid in cash. A minimum withdrawal of 5 pounds applies. 

Exclusive Games Collection: You will have the opportunity to enjoy a bunch of fantastic games, including Deal Or No Deal Bingo, The Voice Bingo, Flash, Buzz Blast, Value Room, and Free Bingo Room. 

#5. 888 Ladies Bingo – Best for Ladies With an Aesthetic Sense


Last but not least, we have 888 Ladies Bingo on this list. It is one of the most enjoyed gaming sites in the U.K. The services on this site are operated by the 888 group, which is an influential gaming services provider in the United Kingdom. 

The journey of 888 Ladies started way back in 2008, and it has been thriving since then. This platform prioritizes the comfort, privacy, and security of customers. In addition, it actively works towards providing premium-quality services and fair play for everyone.

The crew focuses on auditing and testing all games to ensure fair dealings with payments. Hence, we can say that it is one of the most reliable online bingo game sites. 

Moreover, there are many options, including bingo rooms, slots, mega-money, instant, and free-of-cost games. Here, games are running every second, while the ticket prices begin at just a penny. 


  • 888 Ladies Bingo is one of the most newbie-friendly websites 
  • Offers free bingo games
  • Numerous opportunities to win real money through jackpots
  • Simple registration process
  • Easy-to-navigate member’s area


  • Overall speed of the website is slow
  • Withdrawals take some time to process


Several features deserve to be pointed out as highlights of this gaming site. We will try to cover most of them in this section. 

Multiple Games: There is a lot to explore on this gaming platform. Along with simple online bingo games, there are innovative jackpot bingo games too. Some exclusive games are Bingo Roulette, Bingo Deal, Lucky 5, and Mystery Jackpot Bingo. 

Cash Deposit Is Not Mandatory: This one has to be the most prominent highlight of this website, especially for newbies. Newcomers are reluctant to deposit money on an unknown site. However, at 888 Ladies Bingo, they can view the digital gallery freely without spending a penny. Yes, all it takes is going through a 5-step registration process. After that, you get in and can start playing.

New Girl Room: As a beginner, the site will add you to the New Girl Room, a beginners’ bingo room. There you will get a chance to play bingo online free for three days straight. 

Welcome Offer for Newbies: There is an exciting bonus plan for new users. As a newbie, you can claim a 400% welcome bonus of over £200. To avail of this, you only have to deposit a minimum amount of £10.

Lady Luck: Lady luck is another exciting option on this platform. All it takes is a £10 deposit, and you can spin these super captivating slot games. You can also use the promotional codes to receive some epic bonuses according to your deposit amount. Besides, there is a chance to win on every single spin. So, don’t miss out. 

How We Made the List

Before composing a piece of a written review, we had to go through a lengthy procedure. The steps include signing up and personally testing a lot of gaming platforms. 

You must know that due to the simple nature of bingo, its popularity has increased extensively over the years. And with that, a large number of gaming sites have come into the scene. It becomes tricky to guess which one is the best, worst, or mediocre.

So, we hopped onto the internet and made a list of popular bingo gaming sites. At first, the list got extended more than we thought as these websites overcrowded the market. 

Then we started checking their bonus plans, welcome offers, promotional periods, privacy policies, terms and conditions, and every other thing we needed to get a glimpse into their world. After that, we also searched for their customers’ reviews. Some of them were seasonal, while others were regular players. 

Keeping in mind the factors that the majority of players love, we started filtering down the list. Finally, we had five fantastic online bingo sites that fulfilled our expectations. We hope that they will live up to your standards too. 

What We Looked For

When we were trying to narrow our lists down, we preferred the gaming companies and websites for the following features:

  • Transparency: The transparency of a website is about its policies, game rules, regulations, ticket prices, and bonus packages. If we felt that the terms and conditions were not comprehensive, we removed them from our list.
  • User-Friendly Sites: We preferred to go for the bingo sites that have user-friendly interfaces so that everyone can quickly join these communities.
  • Beginner-friendly & Affordable: We opted for websites that are newbie-friendly and not too heavy on the pocket. It is a friendly tip not to overspend on tickets when you are just starting as a gamer.
  • Straightforward Sign-Up Procedure: We checked whether the registration process is valid or seems a bit intrusive. If anything seemed suspicious, we abandoned it.
  • Innovative & Interesting Gaming Collection: We looked for websites with various bingo and casino games. These types of websites have large followings as everyone finds something that aligns with their tastes.
  • Reviews & Reputation We wandered over the web to check out legitimate reviews and user experiences of platforms. The overall reputation of a company and customer stories matter a lot. Therefore, we opted for the sites with considerably positive reviews and a well-reputed status in the market.

Things to Know When Looking for Online Bingo Game Sites

Over time, online bingo’s popularity has only increased. Some people find it hard to spot trustworthy bingo gaming sites. Others complain that with too many visitors, these sites have become monotonous and boring.

Remember that you may easily find a bunch of bingo websites on the internet. What’s difficult is to find something that aligns with your specifications. Here, we have invested our time in testing and researching these platforms before presenting them to you.

However, to easily choose from our options, we took it upon ourselves to let you know about some crucial factors to consider before making the final decision. These tips can be beneficial for making the most of the gaming site you choose to sign up on. Let’s dive in and discover the things you should know:

Determine Your Goals

First of all, decide whether you want to have fun or make some easy cash. Acknowledging your goals and objectives will help you in choosing a platform. If your motive is to play games and chat with fellow players, you can select any user-friendly bingo house. 

However, if you want to win big, opt for a website that offers lucrative prizes and enticing bonuses. Thus, keep a close eye on the bonus deals and jackpots. 

Stick to Your Budget

On almost every gaming site, you have to deposit cash and purchase bingo tickets. We advise you to set up your budget in advance and don’t overspend on tickets. If you are a beginner, avoid joining an expensive platform.

Read the Website’s Rules & Regulations 

Please make sure to read the privacy policy, package details, promotional plans, and terms and conditions of a website. It is imperative to be aware of this crucial information to understand the whole procedure.

Analyze Website’s Policies

Notice the transparency and honesty of a company. If you sense anything fishy, try to dig further to clear the suspicion or close the tab right away. For example, check out whether a website has stated everything about deals on its official page. Have they provided complete information about banking options and withdrawals? Nothing of that kind should be hidden. 

Find the Gambling License 

Check out if they have a gambling license, as only legitimate platforms have that. If yes, you are on a safe and secure site. You can find this information on a website’s About Us or Privacy Policy pages.

Consider Checking Services of the Support Team

Explore each platform to learn about their customer support. Which communication medium can you find them on? Consider their availability, accessibility, and the way they respond to complaints. 

Explore & Find Your Niche

Everything is not for everyone. Just because someone likes a game doesn’t mean you will like it too. Therefore, find your niche and prioritize it. You can do so by looking for sites that offer the type of games that you find enjoyable.

Opt for Sites With Diverse Gaming Options

If you have a deep love for bingo games, you may want to dive into a world of diverse gaming options. If that is the case, opt for websites that offer various options, such as jackpots, casinos, and multiple bingo games. 

Brand Reputation & User Reviews

The most important one, check out a brand’s reputation before buying from it. Read about its reputation in the market, user reviews, and consult other players online. 

FAQs Regarding Online Bingo Games

Q. What is the Best Online Bingo Site?

Several online bingo sites make it a bit difficult to choose the best one. After testing, we found most of these sites to be similar. However, Tombola seems to be somewhat unorthodox. It is actively providing ground-breaking services. With diverse gaming options and unique features, it has something for everyone. 

Quick support team, user-friendly environment, design aesthetics, and tempting bonus plans: everything is top-notch. They pay players £8 million a week. In other words, it is a trustworthy site that will pay off your winnings in time.

Nonetheless, we have also listed four other gaming sites that offer various gaming options. So feel free to check them all out to get the best one. 

Q. What is the Best Free Online Bingo Games Site?

888 Ladies Bingo is the best free online bingo gaming site. It doesn’t require its customers to deposit money to start playing bingo online. In fact, you can start playing progressive games right after your account’s approval.

It is a women-centric website designed for ladies who admire aesthetics and sparkles. What’s good is that you have substantial chances to win as there are merely 20-30 players in the game room. In addition, there is a mobile app to keep you connected on the go. 

Q. What Bingo App Pays Real Money?

Getting scammed or becoming a victim of a fraudulent act has become a norm in the cyber world, which is pathetic. With the overflowing number of bingo sites in the industry, it becomes tricky to make a wise choice. However, you can trust these five sites as reliable sources: Tombola, Gala Bingo, Sun Bingo, Buzz Bingo, and 888 Ladies Bingo.

These sites are newbie-friendly and have easy-to-navigate structures. Besides, you can rest assured that you will get the money. However, it is better to keep in mind that withdrawals may take a little longer than expected. But it doesn’t mean that site isn’t credible enough. In such a scenario, please stay a little patient. 

We have written detailed overviews of all these five websites to give you insight into them. We hope you’ll find our provided information valuable and get help out of it in considerable ways. 

Q. What Are the Chances of Winning Online Bingo?

When it comes to traditional and digital bingo, there are no specific written rules as it is a luck-driven game. Therefore, all you need is a golden chance and sweet fortune to win big. However, there are a few strategic tips and tricks that may help you excel at this game. 

First, remember that card selection holds enormous significance. This is because some bingo cards have more chances to win in particular games than other cards. In such a case, choosing a bingo card with a good blend of odd and even digits is a lucrative move. Moreover, try to pick digits with different endings.

Remember to read reviews of a bingo site before investing your time in it. You will get a clear idea about the credibility of a website by its customers. 


Millennials and Gen Z have the privilege to be born in an era where almost everything is one click away. Whether it is doing a task, watching a makeup tutorial, or playing a game, anything is doable from the comfort of your home.

Fortunately, technology has equally benefited gaming lovers. Digital bingo games give you the freedom to enjoy your free time by playing lively games and winning exciting prizes. Before you decide to deposit cash or buy the services of an online bingo games site, make sure that you go through its terms and conditions. For us websites like Tombola and Sun Bingo were the best amongst all.

To avoid a mishap or confusion, read all the policies in as much detail as you can. We can’t emphasize enough the importance of checking the ratings and reviews of any website online. They are equally important. Dedicate some time to reading comments and customer stories. 

Most online bingo games are pretty easy to play, and anyone can get a hand at them. However, make sure that it is something that you want. In other words, join a platform that appeals to your interests and preferences.

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